Just a little about me

First of all I would like to say this blog has absolutely nothing to do with Headlines-Today or JJP. This blog is about my regrets and my ramblings.

Throughout our lives we all make mistakes, none of us are exempt from making them and by making those mistakes, each and every one of us hopes to become a better person.

I have made mistakes in my life, just like you have, and today I write this blog with a very heavy heart for the pain and suffering I caused the family of a missing child.

Yes I was the owner of the renowned 3arguidos forum.  A forum that should never in this world been given an inch of cyberspace.

But like many people, I truly at the time thought the McCann family did have something to hide and like others classed them as being guilty.  Which was wrong, nothing I do or say will ever take away the guilt and pain I personally feel for allowing that to happen.

Kate and Gerry McCann made a mistake as well and it has cost them dearly.  It has cost them losing their daughter.  We all know they should never have left those children, none more than them, but it is wrong to batter them daily with a stick, there is a child missing at the end of the day and that is who we should all be looking for.  Just like we should be looking for every other missing child in this world.

Whether Kate and Gerry McCann can ever forgive me for creating that monster of a forum, I don’t know.  But one thing I do know is that I am finding it truly hard and difficult to forgive myself.

I allowed people to post the most horrendous accusations possible.  I allowed people to conduct themselves in a manner that was not acceptable.  Even though I could not control what they thought and what they wrote, I could control whether it appeared on that forum or not.  I failed miserably and to this day I wish I could turn the clock back and never ever have entered into the world of forums.

People have asked why did I change my mind?  It is simple really, it was just being able to read and comprehend that there was no evidence to support the many allegations pertaining to the theory that Kate and Gerry McCann were involved in their daughters disappearance.

Sometimes in life we put our faith in people, and believe me, putting your faith in people you don’t really know is one of the most catastrophic things you can ever do.

I have learnt so much, and one thing I have learnt, and that is never believe anything anyone tells you.  And if someone ever says to you “never doubt so and so”, let those alarm bells ring loud and clear and listen to them.  There is always some reason or another why people want to guide you to believing someone.

Do your research, listen to those niggling doubts and above all don’t feel committed to listening and believing others because in reality if those alarm bells ring there is a very just cause for that.

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