Fiona Bruce Interview with Kate and Gerry McCann 01/05/2014


Presenter – Seven years ago while on holiday with her family, three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve.  Today on the eve of the anniversary her parents gave an emotional interview to the BBC’s Fiona Bruce.  They spoke of their frustration that the Portuguese Police have not agreed to a joint investigation with Scotland Yard.  They also talked of their sadness as their daughter’s birthday approaches, a milestone that doesn’t get any easier for them.

Kate McCann – To us it makes sense that the two police forces should work together.  I mean to have a more streamlined approach, to avoid duplication and basically to progress the investigation at a faster pace.  I’m not sure myself and I haven’t been given a reason as to why a joint investigation team has been knocked back.

Gerry McCann – The concern that we have and I think that the Metropolitan Police also have is that at the minute there’s almost a parallel investigation going on which just doesn’t make sense.

Fiona Bruce – Would you ever go back?  I mean I remember going to Praia da Luz along with so much of the media around the time when Madeleine was first taken.

Kate McCann – I mean I do go back. I mean I haven’t been since last April but I do go back for personal reasons.

Fiona Bruce – And I guess for you it’s a chance to be close to her.  Is that how it feels.

Kate McCann – It is.  It’s obviously the last place we were with Madeleine and I’ll still walk those streets and I guess try and look for answers, or you know, so…  It helps me, most of the time.

Fiona Bruce – It’s the seventh anniversary on Saturday.  How will you mark that?

Kate McCann – Well usually it’s very quietly.  We usually have a small gathering in the village which we’ve done for the last so many years.  Erm, we’ve always said it’s actually Madeleine’s birthday which follows soon after really which is a more difficult day.

Fiona Bruce – And she would have been eleven.

Kate McCann – Eleven, yeah!

Fiona Bruce – I mean how do you mark that?  How do you mark that for a child who’s not there?

Gerry McCann – It’s hard.  It’s really hard.  It’s not ???…  She’s not there.  You should be celebrating.  It’s by the toughest day of our year I think.  Every year.

Fiona Bruce – And you find it just as hard every year?

Kate McCann – Oh yeah, definitely.  You know and you think, eleven and, you know, she’s due to start secondary school in September which is just, you know…  It’s a long time.

Fiona Bruce – What’s your best hope of where Madeleine is now because you’ve always maintained she could be alive?

Gerry McCann – I suppose the scenario, and it’s not been ruled out, is that Madeleine was taken by someone who wanted a child and that she has been loved and cared for.  That’s I think the best scenario but, of course, there are many others.

Fiona Bruce – It’s a long shot, but if Madeleine is alive, if she could hear you, what would you say to her?

Kate McCann – We love you Madeleine.  We miss you every day as we did that very first day and we’re waiting for you.  We’re never going to give up.  We’ll do whatever we can to find you.



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