Retirement date confirmed – Martin Grime

There has been much said by anti-McCanns that Martin Grime was in Praia da Luz under the supervisions of South Yorks Police.. however it is clear form the files that NONE of his statements are on Police Official headed paper.

Martin Grime states his deployment in Praia da Luz was from August 1st – August 8th 2007.

According to the Wiltshire Report – Operation Havern.. it is stated in this report that Martin Grime retired in JULY 2007.. This was confirmed by the NPIA.

grime retirement july 2007

I would say ANOTHER MYTH BUSTED, wouldn’t you?

Actually the forfeiting of accreditation is the key point as that would not have happened while he was working his notice but only at the end of his actual work contract.

Plus the fact that the dog’s accreditation would not have been allowed to slip whilst still under contact to the Police, just in case there had been an emergency and he and the dogs were recalled (as cops sometimes) from holidays.

Wiltshire Report – Operation Grange

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