Sonia Poulton Interview with Rosalinda Hutton – Transcript

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SONIA POULTON  Welcome back. I apologise for the brief break in transmission. Now, the Madeleine McCann investigation continues to enthral people globally and I’m constantly amazed by the sheer volume of people who express various interest into the disappearance of the British child. I’m joined today by Rosalinda Hutter (sic), an author and respected voice on the case of Madeleine McCann.

SONIA POULTON  Hello Rosalinda, are you there?

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Hello Sonia. Good evening.

SONIA POULTON  Thank you for joining me. Now I do avidly read your blog. (RH Oh, I see?) I do, I do because I, in common with many millions of people around the world I am eternally fascinated about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. I’m equally fascinated about the fact that we don’t talk about all the many hundreds of thousands of other children that have gone missing. But I feel that this is a sort of hinge case. Its a very interesting one so please, for the benefit of our viewers, share with us, you know, your take on the situation.

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, it, it, it is indeed a very, very intriguing case. Erm, I, I became, became drawn to it when the news first broke back in May 2007. And, erm there were so many things that didn’t ring true. Er, er, and, I, I’m an inquisitive sort of person. So I, I got online and I looked up, erm, you know, the difference, for example, between the Tapas and the, and the apartment and none of them seemed to tally.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Er, er, I also found that, erm, what we were reading in our own mainstream newspapers wasn’t tallying with what I was reading online.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, this, this, led me to sort of dig a little bit deeper and er, you know, it, it really is a sort of rabbit hole once you start digging.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  And it, it, is er, a puzzling case.

SONIA POULTON  I mean my first take was as you say what we were reading in sort of mainstream media and what we were discovering weren’t tallying. You know and sort of the comments that, obviously Gerry McCann was making such as its no different than dining in your garden and then you look at the distance and you go, “OK, it might not be any difference than dining in your garden if you happen to live in a mansion. Erm, because it is, it was obviously a considerable distance. So how did your, you know, obviously I mean I started out from the get go and I was a, I was highly questioning what I was reading because I, just like you my gut and my just common sense were not adding up. They weren’t correlating on it. So how did you then progress further from that?

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Well, it, it was a very strange situation. Erm I, I found that, that, you know, I asked questions. Erm, you know, I, I then came under the most vicious attacks online, many of which are continuing as we speak by the way. Erm…

SONIA POULTON  Indeed, I see them.

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Simply for inquiring. Sorry, I interrupted you.

SONIA POULTON  No, no, you were talking about the vicious attacks on, on line. I mean I see them and er, you know, it really… I find it quite interesting and something that you and I have talked about before and that is that the moment that you question the official story you are somehow deemed a wicked person.

ROSALINDA HUTTON  It’s quite bizarre.

SONIA POULTON  It is quite bizarre because, because the way I understand it is what you want is justice for Madeleine.  So I’m not quite sure how that can make you or anybody else who questions the official story a wicked person. So what sort of stuff have you been on the receiving end of in terms of that? Because people talk obviously about smear campaigns, about shills, you know, paid people who are p… and we don’t know if this is absolutely true but I have to say some of the people who come after me when I go I question the official story. I have to say they, you know, they, they’re so earnest in their fighting that you have to wonder whether they’re salaried.

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Its, it is, it is very, very strange. You know its almost as if they’re quite prepared to say that black is white or, or vice versa…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  … and, and defend it to the end. Erm, I, I can’t, I, you know, I, I can’t explain their their motives. Erm, I, I suspect that possibly they are paid shills as they’re known online.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, but, er, you know the, the campaign has been nasty from the get go.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Which is, erm, which again adds to the mystery because, you know, you wonder why do they need to be so vicious…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  … erm, against people who are merely asking questions. That, and, you know, lets face it there are a lot of unanswered questions.

SONIA POULTON  Tell me some of your unanswered questions.

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Well, it, it, its something, that you know, that I started delving into and erm, and so, so many things didn’t make sense. Erm, that, you know, I, I’m going to be called cruel for concentrating on the par… parents’ behaviour but it, it really is quite odd, erm. I studied psychology for, for more years than I care to remember, erm and er, nothing sort of adds up. It, it, it just… I. I actually, you know, it, it was as if the nation was divided. It was as if you have have the sort of, you know, how dare you, you know, how cruel of you to pick on these poor grieving parents.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  And, erm, you know, you had this ferocious defence around them which sort of makes, you know, sort of gave birth really to the myth of the hater…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  … and of the pitchforker.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, which, which is a complete myth, you know, the people that I discuss the case with online, on the *** ***** forum, for example or the Facebook groups erm, you know, that sort of behaviour simply isn’t tolerated. Not, not by anyone. Not by myself, not by the admin.

SONIA POULTON  No, I mean, I have to say my experience of people who are just questioning the official version is not that they’re awful people. They’re just questioning the official version. And there’s this idea that if you don’t accept what Crimewatch are trotting out or what the mainstream media are telling us then there is something wrong with you and you’re a bad person and you hate this child ( RH laughing) and you don’t want her to be safe and all of that is an absolute nonsense. And I find it, I find it quite reprehensible really because I think what it does is, it, it murkies the water doesn’t it, you know, when we’re all really just looking for the truth on this? So, I mean, you know, in terms I do have my own questions, you know, and I know that you’ve really delved into this in quite some detail. For example, the, the one question that many people say to me is why if you’re searching for your child, why didn’t Kate McCann, for example, answer all the questions put to her by the Portuguese Police? Is that an issue that you’ve questioned yourself?

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Well, I, I think it’s an issue that, that everyone must question. You know, it, it’s got to ring alarm bells. Erm, you know, I, I don’t know the motivation behind it. She was advised by her lawyer not to, not to answer the questions. Erm, but as the mother of the lost child, erm, I thought that, that should actually overrule what the lawyer says. You know, you see its imperative to find the child. You know, even, even, if you are locked within a cell, you know, you are still there with the police and cooperating.

SONIA POULTON  Yes, I’ll tell you what I always found quite interesting and that is, the parents of a missing child set up a fighting fund to find her which even one of the closest people, Brian Kennedy, in the early days said that it, it was, it would be used for legal fees and I. I tried to get my head round that ‘cos it’s like why would parents of a missing child need to have legal fees? I, you know, so those are the kind of questions that I have about it that don’t quite make sense to me and I’ve never found a good answer to it and Clarence Mitchell, their spokesman is not supplying me with one, because I’ve now approached him twice (RH laughing), erm, about an interview and please, Clarence, I mean, you know the truth is that we’re the People’s voice. We are happy to give everybody a voice in this. You know but the thing is Rosalinda you know this and as we’ve already talked and that is as soon as you raise the issue of Madeleine McCann, it’s like, oh be careful because this is a really litigious issue and it, it’s like you can’t discuss it at all. Well that seems outrageous to me and it’s like we’ve been cowed into silence. You know, and, and I know there’s lots of discussion about this issue and obviously within the sort of bounds of law, ‘cos neither you or I want to be sued but what’s your sort of take on this, this sort of silencing of any dissent to the official story?

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Well, er, it adds, adds to the pot really, erm,


ROSALINDA HUTTON  and makes it all, all the more suspicious.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, I, I believe at one point they had 24 cases on the go.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, of people that they were suing or threatening to sue.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, and I, I, you know, you must ask why, why the desperate need to, to bury this information. You know, why not just, erm, challenge what’s been said


ROSALINDA HUTTON  and say, you know that, that’s wrong and I can prove it?


ROSALINDA HUTTON  And whatever. You know, just I, I, you know there’s been a real lack of honesty surrounding the case.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, and I think that’s what, that’s what bugged people, buggs people. But there was something that I did want to say, actually Sonia…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  And that is that that, erm, there’s a sort of, there’s a, there’s a distaste about discussing the case…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, Its almost, you know, its taboo.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  And, erm, you know it’s, as I said before, it’s almost as if you’ve got fifty percent of the population who say “Oh my God how could you think that?” and then, then you’ve got the other half who are sort of, you know  “Oh I thought that too.”


ROSALINDA HUTTON  But it’s something that you dare not say out loud.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Because, erm, you know, the, the McCanns have adopted the mantle of victim.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  And to, to be seen to be saying anything that might criticise their behaviour…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Or their refusal to cooperate with the PJ…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  For example, is, is, is seen as, as abusive and its, its seen as, erm, hate. Erm, when of course, you know, its, it’s a perfectly reasonable question.

SONIA POULTON  They are perfectly reasonable questions. There’s a couple of things I want to address with you including what’s going on in Lisbon at the moment but I, I mean I see often these hate tweets that are directed at you because…

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Oh dear. Laughing.

SONIA POULTON  they include me in them as well.


SONIA POULTON  And I go, Oh that’s very nice and they’re like “You’re going to go on and tell your rubbish now to Sonia Poulton are you?” And its like, you know, allow me some intelligence, you know, that I can make up my own mind (RH lauging) about whether I’m being told rubbish or not. Like you I just think we can afford as adults, as intelligent adults to actually have a debate without it being a Crimewatch PR number that, that’s done on all of us because if that was interviewing then I, you know, I’m, I’m lost on it really. But how does it affect you? Does it affect you  being vilified for, for wanting to raise questions in terms of this?

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, well to, to a certain, to a certain extent. Erm, because, you know, they, they, they attack my personal life and they attack, erm, a book that I wrote, Cry and Cry Alone, and erm, you know, I’m accused of being a liar…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  …I’m accused of making up this…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  …and accused of making up that. Well, you know, which is all absolute rubbish.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  You know I could disprove what they say a hundred times over…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  But it’s like banging your head against a brick wall. You know, they, they’ve made up their minds, you know, I, I am this, this witch and I, I think you’ll be surprised but one of the recent things that I stumbled on, on one of the, er, I call them hate sites…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  … because they do in fact have a hate list…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  … of, of people who have spoken out about ..




ROSALINDA HUTTON  And, erm, you know, its, it’s a bit like McCarthy in that, you know, if you’re on that list you’re blacklisted.

SONIA POULTON  Yeah, there’s a witch hunt going on isn’t there. I totally agree. Now look just before you go, can you update us at all about what’s going on in Lisbon? Just obviously for the benefit of viewers who may not know can you just sort of fill them in briefly about what is taking place?

ROSALINDA HUTTON  I can indeed. Erm, the trial in Lisbon is actually, you know, it’s a long drawn out case. I think it started about four years ago. We’ve now reached the stage where the trial is going on…

SONIA POULTON  And the trial is between whom?

ROSALINDA HUTTON  The, the trial is between the McCanns are claiming damages for erm, for suffering, for, for depression, stress etc. And the claim is against Goncalo Amaral, the, er, the coordinating detective from the PJ investigation.

SONIA POULTON  Right. Right.

ROSALINDA HUTTON  He, he wrote a book shortly after the, erm, after the case was shelved.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  And the McCanns actually took him to court for libel. The book was banned.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, then after a series of appeals, erm, the case went to the Supreme Court where the ban was overturned so that the book is now on sale.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  Erm, I’m not an expert on Portuguese law but it, it seems strange to me that one court has ruled, erm, you know, its not libellous. But the trial that’s going on at Lisbon at the moment is about money.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  They’re claiming damages. They’re claiming, erm, that Goncalo Amaral’s book, erm, it, it wrecked the search…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  That is stopped people…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  .. in Portugal…


ROSALINDA HUTTON  From looking for Madeleine. And it basically turned people against them. So…

SONIA POULTON  Right. So its ongoing? It’s protracted.

ROSALINDA HUTTON  Its protracted.


ROSALINDA HUTTON  But we’re very near the end. The final day of trial is on the 7th of January which is…

SONIA POULTON  Oooohh, would you, would you come back prior to that and after that and, and just kind of update us on that because we are actually running out of time this evening. We’ve had so many wonderful guests on including yourself and I welcome an alternative voice on this, Rosalinda, to be honest with you, you know and everybody is welcome to ring in and, and have their piece on this situation. This is not a witch hunt against the McCanns. Indeed the only thing that we are hunting is where is Madeleine McCann. So, Rosalinda Hutton, author for now thank you so much for joining me on Skype. And I hope you’ll come back and join me and, and, and update us more. Would you do that?

ROSALINDA HUTTON  I will indeed.



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