32 days and counting..

32 days and counting

In a little over 32 days time.. we will be sitting amongst family and friends and enjoying the Christmas festivities.  Plenty of food.. enough drink to sink the Titanic all over again.. and plenty of snores coming from Uncle who is sleeping off his 2nd helping of Xmas pud.

Yes the Turkey’s been carved.. people are sloshed and we are all sitting waiting for the Queen to tell the nation how wonderful we are and what she hopes for the future.  Mind you, not as if we pay too much attention to her, as we lift that glass of alcohol to our lips.

As we spend our cosy Christmases full of the trimmings in this world there will be families who will be spending their Christmas, just going through the motions.  Yes they will provide a Christmas that is joyful to others, but at the same time, they will be dreading the festive season and wishing it would soon be over.

Families who sit there, with an empty chair.. families, who don’t know whether their loved one, who is missing, is alive or dead.  Families who pray that this Christmas will be the last Christmas they spend without their loved ones.  Families who would trade all the tinsel and turkey in the world just to have their loved one back home… where they belong.

Families who are not complete… and no matter how much people tell them life has to go on.. it doesn’t go on as it should do.  Yes they will play the games, with their kids… they will carve the turkey and they will greet their guests.. and they will go through the motions of Christmas.. But their Christmas is and never will be complete until they are reunited with their loved one.

As we sit there, getting sozzled, laughing because granddad’s false teeth are making a whistling sound as he knocks out those zzzzz’s, none of us can imagine the pain that families of missing kids and adults go through, especially at Christmas.

But in amongst us that revel at Christmas, there are those who are so bitter and twisted inside that even on Christmas Day they will venture to Facebook and Twitter.. just to spill another load of  vitriolic words at a family of a missing child.

In amongst the Merry Christmas greetings they send to their co-conspirators, will be the tweets condemning the family of a missing child… Some tweets undoubtedly will be of the nature that these people wish this family a rotten Christmas… and how they hope they are suffering.

When it comes to hating the McCann family, even Christmas Day is not sacred… Yes for the past six Christmases, the sheer loathing of this family has been evident on many social networking sites, forums and blogs.

Christmas and the goodwill to all men will be totally ignored as some people vent their anger at a family of a missing child.  The turkey will be hacked to death because they can’t wait to get online and bash a missing child’s family with another stick all over again.  Their Christmas pud is probably being scoffed down and they batter those keyboards for the millionth time…  Dogs, Lichen, Inconsistencies, Acid Baths, Volcanos, Freemasons, the same old mantra will be hitting a monitor near you at any time.  That is if you bother to login to view.  Personally I won’t even be switching my computer on.. yet alone posting on Christmas Day..

As for me.. well I will spend Christmas Day with my family.. and I will think of all those families who are not complete.. and I hope and pray that one day soon… that family will be reunited with their loved one and once again.. Christmas can be what it should be for them.. fun, laughter and a bloody good time.

As for those that want to hit the social networking sites.. nothing I say or do will stop them..  but neither can nothing they do or say.. make me want to be like them.  If they are lonely at Christmas then it is bloody evident that people have seen them for what they are… a bunch of vindictive, nasty and sometimes hypocritical human beings.. who are a disgrace to mankind at times.

As they bash their keyboards, spilling their vitriol.. I do hope that they remember this little girl.. Madeleine McCann who went missing from Praia da Luz on the 3rd May 2007.    And should anybody know anything, no matter whether they think it is irrelevant, please contact Operation Grange… because you little piece of information might just be the key that completes the jigsaw.. and helps find this little girl.

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