How much more???

Hdenise-welchave you ever watched DIY SOS the Big Build.. well if you haven’t a simple synopsis is the DIY SOS team go to a family in dire straits, either through illness, loss of a partner or having disabled children, and adapt their home to suit their needs.

Sometimes, in one of these families is a child, who has to take a back-seat because their parents are dealing with their disabled sibling or siblings or having to give one of their parents 24 hour care.  The Team aided by locals do extensive work on this family’s home, in order to make their life more tolerable. If there is a child that is taking a back-seat the Team sometimes arrange a special treat for that child.. either they go to the theatre like one little girl did and see Billy Elliot, or they go and play football at their team’s ground… Sometimes they are given a ball signed by players.. but the reason this is done is so that child, gets something.. a small reward for what they do to help their parents and for them to be number one for just a little while .  It gives that child a sense of worth and goes a long way to bringing that child a little bit of extra happiness. 

Can you imagine, being a parent of one of these children and having to say to someone.. please don’t offer my child a gift as to appear on say a show for instance, because to do so would entail us as a family getting more hate mail through the post and more horrendous remarks made on Twitter and Facebook especially if we, as parents were seen smiling as our children enjoy the show?

You see that has what has happened to Kate and Gerry McCann, they have had to refuse a kind offer for their children (Sean and Amelie) to see Dancing on Ice.  Denise Welch writes in the Birmingham Mail back in October 2013 the following:

During my time on Dancing On Ice after a conversation with Susan, I invited the family to bring the twins to watch the show. Susan said how grateful they felt for the invitation, but that it was difficult for Kate and Gerry to be seen to be enjoying themselves in any way because it led to such bags of hate mail if they were seen smiling in public.

Can you imagine? Knowing that their day-to-day lives can never be the same again, that some people deny them any slight chance of a normal life.

Two little kids were denied a little enjoyment because of mindless friggin thugs.  People who spend their entire lives seated at a computer, spilling their bile all over Twitter and Facebook.  Why?  Because they loathe the parents of a missing child.  And because they refuse to see that the McCanns were not involved in what happened to their daughter.

These people proclaim they care about children… sorry for the swearing but that is  f**king bullshit.. Because if they cared about children.. they wouldn’t want to deny this family a chance of a little bit of happiness.  They wouldn’t make it so impossible, for them as fa family to have a little bit of happiness. And for the parents to feel that they have to turn down kind and genuine gestures, because of the consequences of what these mindless thugs are capable of.

Yes they will shout, well we don’t send them hate mail.. maybe not.. but you tweet and post on Facebook your hateful, vitriolic comments for these children to stumble upon… and for the friends and family of the parents to read. ..  Whether you make that comment in a letter or on social media.. you are all as bad as each other.

And as for the jackass who said, I wonder how many bags of supportive mail they get, it doesn’t matter how many they get.. one hate mail letter is one letter too many..

I cried last night thinking about this.. I cried to think that two little children were denied something because of the thugs of Twitter and Facebook.

Well all I can say to them.. I hope your f**king proud of yourselves.  These little kids have a missing sister.. they miss her and they know that their mum and dad are doing all they can to find her.. and there you are, you cretinous creatures denying these little kids just a little bit of happiness in their lives.

So I ask how much more does this family have to take?.. before this persecution is stopped.

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