Nothing like a good old pitchfork …

Nvoodoo dollothing like a good old pitchfork.. is there? You know what I mean.. find some tragic case and instead of helping you sit there spilling your vitriolic comments all over the place.

You know I have to ask if some of these people have a tin of pins and a couple of voodoo dolls on their desks next to their keyboards in hope that they can just inflict another lot of pain into a family who are suffering the most horrendous trauma ever.. a missing child.

Wait for it.. wait for it, wait for the pitchforkers to turn on me.. wait for them to hit twitter and Facebook and wherever they manage to post to have a pop at me.. go on.. give it your all.. you see how I look on it.. whilst you are attacking me you are not able to attack the McCann family.

Yes the ramblings of some will be.. ah but you doubted the McCanns.. so I did… I have never denied that.. I thought why would a Police Officer lie about people he has never met?  Why would he make out the parents were involved when they were not.. no police officer would lie, would they?  No Police Officer would put their honour above the task of finding a missing child, would they? No Police officer would turn out to be nothing but a thug, who doesn’t care who he threatens, would they?..  No Police Officer would lie in order to try to cover up a crime would they?

The Officer I am talking about is Goncalo Amaral, who was removed from the case… the man whose wife had to turn to his boss in order to get her daughter back.. the man who is convicted of perjury.  The man who never ever bothered to meet the family of a missing child during his time at the helm of the investigation.. the man who excludes all other lines of inquiry when he makes his mind up that this is what happened.

Under the leadership of this ex-detective there were errors after errors in the Madeleine McCann investigation… and what does he do.. oh yes he blames the officer who replaced him for not following up certain leads.

He was the co-ordinator.. it was his job to make sure the investigation was carried out in a professional matter.. But alas no.. even the failure to secure any CCTV images that may be in the area.. he couldn’t even blame himself. Indirectly it was the fault of the officers underneath him, for not getting to this hotel sooner.

Pray I do ask when did he actually ask for the CCTV to be collected.. was it after The Smith Family came forward… or when Madeleine disappeared?

You see the reason I ask is because Robert Murat became a suspect on the 15th May 2007.  And Martin Smith when talking to the Sky News said:

Initially the Smith family thought nothing more of the encounter – and even the next day when the story broke they still didn’t make the connection.

“We were home two weeks when my son rang me up and asked was he dreaming or did we meet a man carrying a child the night Madeleine was taken,” said Mr Smith.

“We all remembered the same recollection, and I felt we should report it to the police.

“We’ve all been beating ourselves up that we should have made the link sooner, if only we’d remembered the next day.

“But the Portuguese police said you see these things on holiday all the time.”

So the burning question is this.. what date did Amaral actually ask for the CCTV to be collected, was it:

  • Day after Madeleine disappeared – 4th May?
  • Between the period of the 4th May and the date that the Smith’s contacted the Police (2 weeks)?
  • After Robert Murat was made arguido?
  • On after the 26th May 2007 when the Smiths were interviewed?

Because as far as I am concerned I do hope it was the day after Madeleine disappeared… because surely the Police must have known there was CCTV in the area.. and one of the first priorities of anyinvestigation would be to collect any evidence that could have shown any person acting suspiciously in Praia da Luz.

But no.. this man was the initial co-ordinator and it was under his leadership that mistake after mistake happened.. but that doesn’t stop people from blaming the McCanns… does it?

Even the lackadaisical methods used for the fingerprint failings was normal.. He stated that in September 2008, so it was the fault of the PJ for not having a big enough building and officers qualified enough to deal with a missing person’s case.

There were also weaknesses in taking fingerprints. It was normal, we were a small police station without specialised personnel in an investigation of this nature. – G.A. September 08

And we mustn’t forget in the same breath, the photographer was also to blame.. for not taking pictures of the people in the apartment

I do not intend to blame any colleague, although the photo report left much to be desired, by not collecting any person in those photos, when there were a lot of people in the house that night, it would have been important to have that.

Do these people who hero worship this man ever blame the person who took Madeleine.. the abductor or the Police for the errors in the investigation?  No.. the pitchforkers are convinced that the McCanns played a part in what happened to their daughter and that poor little Madeleine is dead.  These people won’t even give the child they so proclaim to care about … her basic right.

The right being, ‘Right to Life’.

And Goncalo Amaral does nothing to stop the horrendous innuendos levied at the McCanns, in fact he adds fuel to the fire, with his missing blanket theories along with lost fridges and cold sheet metal… he fuels the conspiracy theorists into over-drive with his inane ramblings on Portuguese TV along with his book where he categorically says that Madeleine is dead.

There is no evidence to prove that she is deceased and like any parent who has a missing child.. they never ever give up hope that one day their child will be found.  They cling on to the barest of threads in hope that they will never get that phone call or knock at the door from the Police, saying they have found their child’s body.

The anti-McCanns don’t care this was an abduction, simply because to believe that Madeleine was abducted means having to pin blame on the person who took her.. and not her parents.

Of course hindsight is a wonderful, if the McCanns could turn the clock back I am positive they would.. They would have never eaten in the Tapas restaurant and left their children sleeping.   If they could turn the clock back they would done a whole lot of things differently.  But they can’t.   And they can’t forever blame themselves.

All those people who condemn the McCanns, pray do tell me, do you run upstairs and check your child every 30 minutes?  Have you never left your sleeping child in the car whilst you pay for petrol?  Have you been so perfect that no accident has happened to your child?  Have you never had a moment where your heart is in your mouth and you thank the Lord that nothing tragic happened due to you thinking something was OK, when it wasn’t?

Kate McCann sat there at the Crimewatch appeal looking like a broken woman… My heart went out to her, because the cold stark reality is this.. if the Crimewatch appeal and Scotland Yard do not find Madeleine, then what for the McCanns?  How many years have they got to get through before they find their daughter or what happened to her.  Even if the news is not the news they hope for, at least they can have some sort of closer.

Being in limbo day in and day out, having to deal with your darkest thoughts and not knowing where your child is, is a place that no person ever wants to be.. For the McCanns they don’t have any choice.  They can’t flick a switch and this nightmare will end.  They can’t start a new day or a new chapter of their lives without the memory of Madeleine and how she is missing playing an integral part in their feelings, thoughts and actions.

They daily have to deal with dread of hearing that Madeleine might not be alive, they have to live with the prospect that she could never be found and they have to do this, whilst trying to maintain as near as normal life for their other children.

They don’t need, internet armchair detectives defectives analysing their movements and actions.  They don’t need people to be nasty to them.. This week I have seen the Official Find Madeleine Facebook page inundated with trolls and  pitchforkers posting some of the most cruellest of comments ever.  They have condemned the McCanns and posted some of the most disgusting comments ever.

Even when I was an anti-McCann, I never ever posted on their page.. It was the official page, even though I didn’t agree with the McCanns at that time, they still had a right to have their page solely for those who support this family and the search for the Madeleine. And I respected that by not voicing my opinion on there.  It was a support page.. not a battleground or a place to stick the knife in and twist it one more time.

Since Crimewatch, people have photoshopped Kate and Gerry McCann’s faces onto the mug shots of Hindley and Brady and they used that picture as their avatar or profile picture.

Twitter is abuzz with comment after comment condemning the McCanns.. how does this help Madeleine McCann? How does this help the Police to find her?

Just after the Crimewatch programme I saw a tweet

I know exactly how that person felt.. I too felt so ashamed for those many months I doubted this family.  I just wanted a hole to appear in the ground and swallow me up.  But I made a mistake, just like the McCanns did and I have found there are people, who have empathy, people who show compassion and people who have a heart that is big enough and strong enough to forgive.

In this world I have learnt that there are some very nasty people around.. in real life you would avoid them like the plague.. but in the virtual world they turn up uninvited, and trying to provoke a reaction from you.. I won’t succumb to their level and I won’t interact with them.. purely because their agenda is different to mine.  Their agenda is not to do the right thing and put a missing child above their feelings for a family.

Just like in real life.. some people are so nasty you won’t walk on the same side of the street they do.. In both worlds there are people who remind me of Brighton Rock.. if you could snap them in half.. they would have heartless cowson imprinted through the middle instead of ‘Hi from Brighton’.

Some people in this world really do need to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves, if this was my child, how would I feel if some on the internet was playing judge, jury and executioner and found me guilty of something I know I never did.

The world is made up of all kinds of people, unfortunately the internet can bring out the worst of some of the most vilest people ever to exist.

Additional Comment with regards to what Denise Welch said today in the Birmingham Post.

And today the above has proven yet again the sheer nastiness of some people, because today Denise Welch speaks in the Birmingham Post, about what the McCanns have to endure because of people who spend their entire lives loathing the family of a missing child.  She says:

During my time on Dancing On Ice after a conversation with Susan, I invited the family to bring the twins to watch the show. Susan said how grateful they felt for the invitation, but that it was difficult for Kate and Gerry to be seen to be enjoying themselves in any way because it led to such bags of hate mail if they were seen smiling in public.

Can you imagine? Knowing that their day-to-day lives can never be the same again, that some people deny them any slight chance of a normal life.

And this is what the pitchforkers do on a daily basis… they deny this family on a daily basis, a smidgen of happiness. They deny this family the chance to have a near as normal life as possible.  And whilst the pitchforkers are getting at the McCanns, the pitchforkers actions are also having an impact on two small children, who love and miss their sister.

Can you imagine what it must feel like.. having to deny your other children a pleasure, you know damn well they would enjoy and they would be ecstatic about?  And why do the McCanns have to deny their other children this pleasure?

Because of Pitchforkers and how they would subject this family to even more hate mail… How these people sleep at night I don’t know.  But one thing is for sure.. there are people out there who support this family, people who want Madeleine to be found and people who stand shoulder to shoulder with the McCanns in their fight to find their daughter.  I am proud to be one of those people.

Madeleine needs every person’s help.  Madeleine needs YOU to do what YOU can to FIND her.  Madeleine needs to be found.. not tomorrow, not next week, but today.  So if you can help, please find your inner strength and have to the courage to do what is right.. contact the Police and end this nightmare.. not just for the McCanns but for Madeleine…. Please find it in your heart to do the right thing… for Madeleine’s sake.

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5 comments on “Nothing like a good old pitchfork …

  1. A very sad case made much much worse by sad little people who have so little in their lives that they can find time to houhd and harass people who two police jurisdictions have investigated and cannot find evidence against.

    A thought crossed my mind while reading. You gave a date and yesterday or the day before I read somewhere that the Tanner sighting was announced at the same time. I’m not sure whether that was announced on the 25th or 26th but for the purposes of my thinking it doesn’t matter.

    My thought is that by 25th May, Amaral and his team knew about the Smiths and that they were about to give statements about a possible abductor. Amaral knew (if he was even the most basic of coordinator) that would look bad for him and his team as they had sat on the Tanner sighting for three weeks and done nothing with it.

    He wouldn’t know precisely what the content of the Smith statement would be but perhaps the chain was put in motion to get a public briefing of the press on the Tanner sighting out in the open in case it looked bad for the PJ having sat on the Tanner material and not made it public for so long. Was it all done in a rush?

    • Very interesting comment Anon.. the more that transpires the more I am getting to think there is far more arse-covering going on than we dare imagine. Could this be why the Public Ministry is dragging its feet over re-opening?

      I really don’t know what Scotland Yard have to do to force the hands of the Public Ministry to re-open this case.

    • No parent Will ever be perfect and will always make mistakes there are many “individuals who are Lurking in the background” waiting for that chance to do what evil they can do I remember Looking at photo on corals & Paul Jones profile that was put up on the 25th of April of 3 family members Sitting there Happily not knowing what was around the corner & making these comments on the Photo Smith + Jones Family.
      25 April 2012 at 20:29
      D :If the devil could cast his net………………..
      25 April 2012 at 20:59
      L: Just as well he can’t

      how those words rung true on such an Evil act and he did cast his net and he was just Waiting for that Chance to be able to take her & I see no Difference in the McCann’s events She was Chosen & taken..I don’t think there would of been anything they could of done to prevent it Even if they was there, I truly believe that if they was there that night they would of been Killed, Who’s to say that the person or people who took maddie was not coming back for the other two? but kate got back and raised the alarm before they could grab the other two.. we will never know until she is found but Finding her is way more important than taking Digs at the parents for leaving her on her own its not going to change events that have happened and Sadly we can’t turn back the clock the only thing we can do is try and Find her and not rest until we do at the end of the day its been 6 years since its happened but Until any evidence is Found otherwise there is a 10 year old Little girl out there somewhere Who needs to be found Who may or may not be being hurt who needs our help Who needs her family and her siblings but most of All needs us all not to give up on her..

  2. Very possible regarding the dragging of feet. I think there will have to be something very conclusive like a potential arrest, more witnesses with good recall or something along those lines.

  3. I truly hope madeleine is safe I never doubted the mccanns and followed the case from day 1. U just dont fight as long and hard as they have if u have hurt your child. I too have seen the vile comments and even had a virtual row with ppl who claim madeleine is better off wherever she is. How can they say that. For me the emphasis is a missing child and a innocent young girl who cannot recognise herself or get justice for what has been stolen from her. A brother and sister growing up in the shadow of a big sister and seeing her all over the media. This fanily need answers and soon this this should never have got to 6 years. I prey Scotland yard are able to discover what happened to madeleine and the family can get closure. The portuguese police had one massive cover up makes u wonder why? What they hiding? Fantastic blog.

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