Crimewatch – so what have we learnt..

Crimewatch – so what have we learnt..


part from the fact by some of the comments on Twitter some people are more concerned about attacking the parents than finding a child.. we learnt a lot from that Crimewatch appeal.  And I have to say some of the comments that were posted on the #McCann hash tag on Twitter, were nothing but ghoulish, sick and showed the worst of mankind.

Irrespective of what your feelings are about the McCanns, at the heart of that appeal was a missing child.. and for her sake people should have been united in finding her… not apportioning blame.

JT's sightingWell the first thing we learnt was this – Jane Tanner IS NOT a liar and fantasist as many people have called her.  She did see a man crossing the road and she did see him carrying a child that looked like it could have been Madeleine due to the likeness of this child’s pyjamas.

Will those who have condemned this woman, have the decency to apologise to her? Somehow I doubt it.

Through proper police work, and talking to parents who had children in the creche that night and making appeals… the sighting of a man that Jane saw turned out to be a father walking his child home, the Police even asked this man to dress in the clothes similar to exclude him.. there was a photo of him (with his face blurred) and Scotland Yard are of the opinion that this man is not part of the investigation and therefore have eliminated him from their inquiries.  It doesn’t make Jane a liar at all.. it just shows that the Portuguese Police would have eliminated the man she saw a lot earlier if they had concentrated on finding Madeleine instead of suspecting the parents.

Last night’s appeal highlighted the burglaries that happened in Praia da Luz as well as the Charity workers who were asking for donations…  The appeal also asked for information about people who had been seen in and around Praia da Luz.  Not just in the week that Madeleine and her family stayed there but the week before.. when a person approached some other holiday maker staying in Apartment 5A.

The appeal is also concentrating on trying to find the man who was seen carrying a child towards the beach…

Casting our minds back to 2010 the Express ran this story, Madeleine McCann – Did camera hold vital clue? In which Goncalo Amaral stated:

Mr Amaral believes the person would have crossed a road leading to a poorly lit road alongside waste ground.

Standing at an entrance to the waste ground, Mr Amaral said: “This area was thoroughly searched.”

He walked a few steps and looked up at a CCTV camera and sighed loudly. The camera belongs to the Estrela da Luz resort hotel. “I believe that the person carrying a child in his arms was captured on film from that very camera,” he said.

“I asked my officers to gather all the CCTV footage in Luz but, by the time they got to this hotel, the film from this camera had been wiped over. It was a mistake and I will always regret it. I do feel Madeleine was let down.”

Let Madeleine down?  To bloody right you did and as Fleetstreetfox put it yesterday in a brilliant article:

3. The local police, once informed, made the Keystone Cops look like Poirot. They didn’t close the borders that were a short drive away, they didn’t watch the ports, they stamped all over the apartment and  ground fag ash into the carpet.  Thanks to the efforts of CSI Praia da Luz, any trace of intruders was lost, the first vital hours in which Madeleine was most likely to found were wasted, and  while they collected mobile phone data they didn’t bother to properly analyse it.

In fact Portugal didn’t even show this Crimewatch Appeal, the people want to move on in Praia da Luz and they don’t want to be associated forever as the place a child went missing.  Well the only way to do that is to find who took Madeleine McCann and not bury your heads in the sand.

But there again, when you see a proper Crimewatch reconstruction carried out, like what was shown last night, it rather does show the Portuguese investigation was nothing but a shambles… No wonder they didn’t want to air it.  Because to do so would have shown the blunders in the initial investigation.

Somewhere out there is a person who took a child.. somewhere out there is a person who is capable of taking another child.  surely for the safety of all children this person needs to be behind bars.

Jim Gamble’s wrote an article in the Guardian in which he says:

The person or people responsible have an uncomfortable week ahead. They probably thought they had weathered the storm but it’s time for them to start looking over their shoulder again. Thanks to her parents’ persistent campaigning, the search for Madeleine goes on.

Thanks to the dedication of the officers of Scotland Yard under the leadership of DCI Andy Redwood, today we could be one step closer to finding Madeleine McCann… The crimewatch appeal last night, resulted in two people phoning in giving the same name to detectives of who they think that man was… now that is a result..

This man can now be either eliminated or questioned.. and if this man is eliminated the person who took Madeleine, as Jim Gamble said, can start looking over their shoulder again because the Police are not going to stop until they find that person.

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