Crimewatch BBC in PDL & Jim Gamble Interview 08:10, Oct 14th


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  1. em portugues ….Porque nunca encriminaram os pais por deixar a filha sozinha …..o governo ingles e o portugues ….

    • Sorry don’t speak Portuguese, have tried to use google translate and it comes out as incomprehensible

    • in Portuguese …. Because encriminaram parents never to leave her daughter alone ….. the British government and the Portuguese.

      BORING! The very fact that they left her in the apartment alone does not give anyone the right to go in there and abduct a child. Focus on the fact that a wicked crime was committed in Portugal but know one in that country seems to care. Holiday in portugal anyone. don’t make me laugh.

      • I am shocked tonight after that Crimewatch appeal.. the initial investigation was a bloody shambles and leads that should have been followed up within the first few days of Madeleine disappearing were not carried out.. It has taken SY to finally piece together a timeline and a possible hypothesis to work from. 6 years too late. If this had been done in the beginning Madeleine could have been found a whole lot sooner.

  2. About time they started looking for madline they took there the police are finally doing there jobs and I pray that they finally find madline and bring her home to her family safe fingers crossed

    • I mean about time they started doing there jobs properly and searching for madline I just pray she’s found safe

    • Yes let us hope that this nightmare is soon over and the person who took Madeleine is firmly behind bars and Madeleine is reunited with her family… My heart goes out to the McCann family today.. they really must be on such an emotional roller-coaster, not knowing what is going to transpire tonight.. not knowing if their daughter will finally be found alive, or whether bad news will come their way.. and worst still knowing that the Met Police have done all they could and still no results and still no closer to find their daughter.

      I hope Kate and Gerry have their family around them to support them… it is going to be a tough while for them.. I just pray that this nightmare ends for them and Madeleine.

  3. Yea I agree with everything u just said its joke the way they gone about in investigation before last night on crime watch feel so sad for madline and her family I just pray they find her safe if possible and somebody has heart and calls up with what ever information they have

    • Yes so do I.. how people can be so nasty to this family is beyond belief.. Last night on Crimewatch Kate looked a broken woman. My heart went out to her and Gerry.

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