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  1. So wrong for Mrs McCann to say they have done nothing wrong, But for their actions the child would be still with them ! They left them alone, without supervision at an age which is illegal in this country and I am sorry but they need to take resposibility for their actions.

    • The Public Prosecutor in Portugal stated this in their archiving dispatch

      It seems evident to us and because the files contain enough elements for such, that the crime of exposure or abandonment according to article 138 of the Penal Code can be eliminated from that range:

      “1 – Whoever places another person’s life in danger,
      a) By exposing her in a location where she is subject to a situation from which she, on her own, cannot defend herself against; or
      b) Abandoning her without defence, whenever the agent had the duty to guard her, to watch over her or to assist her;”

      This legal type of crime is only fulfilled with intent, and this intent has to cover the creation of danger to the victim’s life, as well as the absence of a capacity to defend herself, on the victim’s behalf. In the case of the files and facing the elements that were collected it is evident that none of the arguidos Gerald or Kate acted with intent. The parents could not foresee that in the resort that they chose to spend a brief holiday, they could place the life of any of their children in danger, nor was that demanded from them: it was located in a peaceful area, where most of the residents are foreign citizens of the same nationality and without any known history of this type of criminality.

      The parents didn’t even represent the realisation of the fact, they trusted that everything would go well, as it had gone on the previous evenings, thus not equating, nor was it demanded from them, the possibility of the occurrence of an abduction of any of the children that were in their respective apartments.

      Reinforcing what was said is also the fact that despite leaving their daughter alone with her siblings in the apartment during more or less dilated moments, it is certain that in any case they checked on them. Without any pretension or compensatory effect, we must also recognise that the parents already expiate a heavy penalty – the disappearance of Madeleine – due to their lack of caution in the surveillance and protection of their children.

      The Public prosecutor didn’t think it was neglectful.. The McCanns made a mistake and they are paying heavily for that mistake every day… by not having their first born by their side.. they don’t need you and others to beat them every day with the neglectful stick.. How about concentrating on what is important here?

      The person who took Madeleine from her parents. The person who is still walking free and probably in a position to take another child at any time. What about the people who through their incompetence allowed the investigation to be nothing but a shambles.. yes the Portuguese Police.

      Madeleine is a missing child and she needs to be found.. that is what is important.. not whether you like the parents or not.. or whether you agree with them.. I just wish people would stop this witch-hunt and concentrate on what is more important than anything … Madeleine McCann being found.

    • You really should get your facts straight. It most certainly was not illegal in this country to use a checking system as the McCanns did. It does not imply neglect as the Portuguese Authorities who investigated the actions of the McCanns rightly concluded. Nor was it a rare occurrence in this country or in other holiday locations.

      But most importantly the fact that you are wholly focussed on the McCanns and do not show any disapproval of the actions of the scum who abducted their child suggests that you are less interested in finding the child, Madeleine, than in punishing the McCanns for some imaginary offence. The fact that you and other antis never ever say a single word about the abductor is quite sickening.

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