Kate McCann speaks to Madeleine…

One of the things that the anti-McCanns persistently say is that Kate and Gerry McCann never speak to Madeleine in videos…

Today on Twitter these comments were made..

Jayelles1 has produced this video to show that those twitter comments , by Rosalinda Hutton, are untrue and designed to spread misinformation that the McCanns have never spoken to the kidnapper nor their daughter.  And this is from someone who proclaims to know the case inside out.. well they can’t do.. because if they did they would have known about these two appeals.

Of course there is another angle to this.. they know these appeals were made, but are totally ignoring them in order to get the public to hate the family of a missing child.. now if that is the case.. then that is bloody evil thinking.

And here is Kate McCann appealing to the kidnapper of her daughter.

And here is Gerry speaking the day after Madeleine was taken.. again appealing to whoever has got her. Thanks to Truthiness on Stop the Myths for finding this video


2 comments on “Kate McCann speaks to Madeleine…

  1. How could anyone with an interest in Madeleine have missed these appeals made by the parents? Unless RVH doesn’t REALLY have Madeleine’s interests at heart and she has another agenda? like being a mega mouth to a captive audience of idiots who believe what she says because it suits THEIR agenda…yes I think this is the case with RVH who came very late to taking an interest in the case and missed most of it.

    • The times I have seen these appeals tweeted on Twitter.. and they have been mentioned in many postings on forums and forums… so how can she ignore them?

      Even if she came late to the case surely she would have gone back and looked at videos from those early days.. and I have seen numerous times on Sky News and other channels, when they speak about the case, show the clip where Kate speaks in Portuguese to the abductor.

      Yes RVH has an agenda and it is imo to get the public to loathe the McCann family.

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