Another Myth Busted – Fake Money Photo

Today, I decided to be brave.. yes I ventured onto the #McCann Hash Tag on Twitter.. and lo and behold there was a conversation about the McCanns looking happy as they were counting money.

Twitter conversation


An true to form this picture was put in that conversation showing the McCanns counting their money



There is only one slight problem with that picture above… IT IS FAKE – IT IS PHOTOSHOPPED

Here is the original photograph.. and you can clearly see that the photoshopping wasn’t that god either.. just take a look at the hands.



Now why would people want to pass the photoshopped picture off as real?  Could it be that they hate this family so much they will even resort to making up lies and photos in order for others to believe that a picture is real when it is not?

Just in case these people who want so much to defame, persecute and harass the family of a missing child forget.. this is the little girl who is missing… her name is Madeleine McCann and she is still missing..

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