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nip in the budow what can I say.. except I think there is another myth about to born and before long it will grow arms and legs, walk over to Twitter and Facebook and become Factual.

On a forum discussing this case,  a poster called Faithlilly posted this comment (screenshot):

Odd little article. Why are the McCanns publicly saying they are ‘encouraged’ by the work of SY yet this suggests they are still investigating leads privately ? Are we seeing the beginning of a subtle campaign to discredit the work of SY just as we saw with the PJ and, if so, why ?

Now I take it the bit she finds odd from the Daily Mail article is this:

Sources close to the McCanns say the family also want to speak to Mr Verran about his whereabouts at the time Madeleine was snatched from the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007.

But the source DOESN’T mention anything about them speaking to Mr Verran..  In my opinion the above is just the  paper putting their spin on things…

The article actually states the source as saying:

A source close to the McCanns said Mr Verran made no mention of his camper van being stolen, or the time he spent in Portugal, to private detectives working for the family. It is not known what the former soldier told police.

‘We’d like Mr Verran to explain these omissions from his interviews with us, and say when he was in Portugal,’ said the source.

‘It is potentially interesting that this information has now emerged and we will be discussing this development with police.’

And it is clear that the only people the Private Investigators are going to speak to is Scotland Yard.

Now for the facts:

Fact One:

What the source is saying, is this.. when the Investigators hired by the McCann family spoke to Mr Verran and tried to gather information that could lead them to finding Madeleine, Mr Verran NEVER mentioned that his van had been stolen.

And by Mr Verran’s omission of mentioning the van had been stolen, the source says they are discussing this information with Scotland Yard.  As they find it quite significant that he failed to mention this earlier when the Private Investigators spoke to him.. so nothing odd there is there?  It doesn’t even warrant anyone thinking that the McCann family are now going to diss the Review by Scotland Yard.

Haven’t we learnt unless it is a direct quote from someone.. as far as newspapers go, take off the cuff remarks with a pinch of salt.  There are many articles in the daily’s where part of the article states one thing and it transpires it is not quite what the source actually said.

Fact Two:

In the McCanns Christmas Message of 2012 the McCanns on their Website wrote:

2. A small investigation team, including a Portuguese speaker to help with the above and with campaign activities.

Since March 2012 independent `physical’ investigation of lines of enquiry by our team has been put on hold whilst the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Review progresses. This has been to avoid duplication (and thereby unnecessary expenditure) and to prevent the risk of compromising any work, albeit unintentionally, carried out by the MPS. The private investigation team employed by the Fund continue to cooperate and work with the Metropolitan Police as and when necessary.

and they went onto say

Whilst fund expenditure has decreased over the past six months (due to a reduction in investigation spending as outlined in point 2) the Directors feel it is important that the fund maintains reasonable reserves so that the search for Madeleine can be resumed quickly should the MPS review not lead to a reopening of the case in Portugal. We desperately hope of course that the official investigation to find Madeleine will be reopened – and soon – as we still believe this is probably our best chance of finding our little girl.

Now what does that tell us?  Well it tells us that their Investigators are still working but their work is now based more on liaison work with Scotland Yard, than conducting their own inquiries.  They are NOT conducting private investigations, and any information they have or continue to receive is forwarded to Scotland Yard.

There is NO mention in that article, whatsoever, that Kate and Gerry McCann are discontent with the investigation being conducted by Scotland Yard.

In all the articles I have read.. Kate and Gerry McCann welcome the Review and they pleased with the way the Review is a) going and b) being conducted.

Fact Three

Do these people think the journos, go running around the country getting face to face quotes from sources.. no it is done on the end of phone, probably from a noisy office and people can jump to the wrong end of the stick.. I can clearly see why they paper wrote that.. because of the words

We’d like Mr Verran to explain these omissions from his interviews with us

It is clear the source was referring to ‘with us‘ in the past tense and not future.. because the second comment tells us that they are discussing this with Scotland Yard and not directly with Mr Verran.

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