Swizz connection and Madeleine McCann

IXXX-JWN-VonAesch01.jpgwas just reading the Daily Mail article about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and how the Portuguese Police failed to investigate a lead sent to them by Interpol.

The article states:

At von Aesch’s home in Spain, police seized diaries — in English — revealing his dark sexual fantasies about children and computer discs containing evidence that he had frequently visited child sex websites and forums on the internet.

Swiss police officers were immediately struck by the physical similarities between Ylenia and Madeleine, who had both gone missing within weeks of each other. They alerted Interpol which, in turn, contacted the Portuguese authorities about its suspicions on August 17.

When it did not get a response, it contacted them again on September 3. Again, there was no response, we were informed by sources in Interpol.

We now know why.

Just four days later, on September 7, Kate and Gerry McCann were named as arguidos in the Portuguese investigation. On September 11, police submitted a summary of their case against them to prosecutors.

In his report, Chief Inspector Tavares da Almeida concluded — without a shred of hard evidence — that Madeleine had died in the flat, her parents had hid the body, then faked an abduction and got their friends to lie to the police.

‘Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter Madeleine McCann,’ he wrote.

Could a police officer have made a more catastrophic misjudgement?

So its a newspaper, do we believe what they print?  Do we take their word as Gospel?  Well so far I have searched the files and I CAN’T find any replies from the Portuguese PJ in regards to the Swizz communications.  So yes I do believe this lead was ignored.

The only documents in the files that refer to Urs Hans Von Aesch are these:

58 – Urgent e-mail 3 September for a decision about the offer to examine the vehicle of Von Aesch then being held by the Swiss authorities.


01 Cartas Rogatorias 1 Page 58


From: Maria Teresa Nunes Almeida
Sent: 3rd September 2007
To: DIC Portimao
Subject: Madeleine McCann
Importance: High


To the Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

Following the message delivered on the 21 st August to Chief Inspector Tavares da Almeida in which the Swiss authorities request urgent information about the interest for the Madeleine McCann investigation, of the vehicle used by Hans Von Aesch (Swiss individual suspected of abducting the young girl who has disappeared in Switzerland) we are sending you the translation of a new message from IP BERNA.

In accordance with this we would be grateful for an urgent response to the offer of the availability of the vehicle mentioned above.

With compliments

Teresa Almeida

59 to 60 – Interpol message 3 September stating that there does not appear to be any link between Von Aesch and the McCann case, but the Swiss authorities offer to make available the vehicle (and the results of the Swiss search thereof) to the Portuguese, and other, police authorities. The offer was made in August, and London deferred to Lisbon, so a decision is now required urgently.

01 Cartas Rogatorias I Pages 59 to 60



Information to IP London ? IP Lyon SG

Our Reference IP/105/342394/CLA

Subject: Urs Hans Von Aesch born on 11/11/1940, Swiss citizen, suspected of attempted murder, child abduction etc, missing girl, YLENIA LENHARD born on 18-11-2001 in Switzerland.

With regard to our urgent request dated 17-8-2007 with regard to the offer made by the St Gallen police force of the availability of Urs Hans Von Aesch?s vehicle to the investigating authorities in Portugal working on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann as mentioned previously. There is no apparent connection between the case of Madeleine and the disappearance of Ylenia Lenhard in Switzerland but this hypothesis cannot be completely disregarded.

The vehicle belonging to the suspect Urs Hans Von Aesch (Renault Traffic, number plate A5472CT) is currently in a guarded area, having been the subject of forensic laboratory tests, but the authorities working on this investigation are waiting for your decision before dismantling the vehicle.

For your information:
On 21-08-2007 IP London responded with the following:

?Following your message of 17-08-2007 with regard to the vehicle belonging to the individual mentioned above, we checked that it was sent to Interpol Lisbon. We inform however, that we also sent an investigative team to Portugal by means of the link created by the police force of the UK with the aim (we hope) to guarantee a reply to your offer?.

We would be grateful if it could be taken into consideration that we urgently require your decision before 5-9-2007 given that a meeting into the investigation is planned for 6-9-2007.

We thank you for informing us. About what is possible, your intentions.

With thanks

IP Berna


61 – Fax 6 August 2007 advising the receipt of a message from Switzerland re: Von Aesch.

01 Cartas Rogatorias I Page 61


From: Interpol Office

Date: 06-08-2007

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

Subject: Madeleine Beth McCann


For your knowledge and related to the message from IP Berna about the suicide of the Swiss citizen Urs Hans Von Aesch, I am sending you the translation of the message received from IP Wiesbaden.

With compliments

GNI Chief

Ana Mafalda Duarte

62 – Interpol message 2 August (faxed date 6 August) that the Swiss do not have any information of criminal activity to share at this time.

01 Cartas Rogatorias I Page 62

From The National IP Office



INFO: IP Madrid, Lisbon, London, Rome, France, Lyon

Subject: Urs Hans Von Aesch, born on 11-11-1940, Swiss nationality, resident in Altet del Canonche, Sn Benimantell, in the province of Alicante, Spain.

We inform the assignation of telephone number 00491756006236:

Urs Hans Von Aesch, address 97786 Motten, Zum Schmelzhof **, Germany.

The local police have been informed of the case and they were asked for all the information available about the individual and the addresses mentioned above.

Until now, we do not possess criminal information about him.

With compliments.

IP Wiesbaden.

63 – Interpol message faxed 3 August re: Swiss case of Von Aesch/Lenhard, noting that a possible link with the McCann case should be ruled out.

01 Cartas Rogatorias I Page 63

National Interpol Office

A young girl, Ylenia Lenhard, born on 18-11-2007, Swiss nationality, resident in Appenzell, Switzerland was reported as being missing on 31-07-2007 at 09.00.

She was abducted by unknown persons after having left the public swimming pool on the same day.

A photo of her can be found here:

http://www. Polizeinews.ch.page/21650/6.

On 01-08-2007 at about 300 metres from the place in the woods where Von Aesh?s body was found, the rucksack of the missing girl was found carefully placed on a path near to the location of the crime on 31-07-2007 and a float (for learning how to swim) belonging to the girl was found as well as her bicycle helmet as well as a new bread and some earth. The receipt for the purchase of the bread was found amongst Von Aesh?s belongings.

Exhaustive searches are being made in the respective areas.

Given the circumstances, the happenings indicated above appear to be definitely inter-related, neither should a possible link to the case of Madeleine McCann be excluded.

A press conference will take place this afternoon, 02-08-2007 at 14.00 (local time in St Gallen).

In addition three mobile phoned were found in Von Aesh?s vehicle. As well as printed papers with information about Switzerland, Germany, Spain with the following elements:

– Mobile phone Benq-Siemens IMEI 35180801071875 (8) the number could be 00491756006136.
– IMEI 35875700537518 86 ? without SIM card.
– IMEI 35456001729881 (6) telephone number 34627639548

We urgently need your collaboration with regard to the following:

– Any information available about the vehicle Renault Traffic Spanish number plate A5472CT.
– Any available information about Urs Hans Von Aesch, born on 11-11-1940, Switzerland.

Especially for IP Madrid: We ask that you urgently contact Von Aesch?s wife and ask about the motives and details about Von Aesch?s trip to Switzerland as well

Note: the rest of this letter is missing from the files

64 to 65 – Interpol message 17 August re: Von Aesch/Lenhard case noting that the Swiss police had not managed to determine any link with the McCann case, but they make the offer to PT and UK officers to examine the vehicle held (and examined) by them prior to their intended total dismantling of it.

01 Cartas Rogatorias I Pages 64 to 65

National Interpol office


IP Lisbon, London Information for Lyon SG

With regard to Urs Hans Von Aesch, Swiss citizen, born on 11-11-1940, suspected of attempted homicide, child abduction, etc.

Missing girl Ylenia Lenhard, born on 18-11-2001 in Switzerland.

As mentioned in previous correspondence, the investigations underway conducted by the police from the Canton of St Gallen did not manage to establish any link to the case of the disappearance of the British girl Madeleine McCann.

The vehicle of the suspect Urs Hans Von Aesch (Renault Traffic, number plate A5472CT) is currently being held in an isolation area and laboratory examinations by forensic experts from St Gallen have taken place. DNA traces of the girl Ylenia Lenhard who continues to be missing were found in the car. We hope that some of the traces will be released and distributed shortly for the effect of verification.

St Gallen police urgently need to know whether the authorities investigating the case of Madeleine McCann in Portugal or in the UK would be interested in our remaining with the vehicle for subsequent investigations, however it should be mentioned that during the first urgent searches sniffer dogs and other persons entered the vehicle (using rubber gloves).

In case your authorities do not need the vehicle the St Gallen police wish to dismantle the vehicle completely in order to find any signs of evidence.

Please inform us as urgently as possible about your intentions with regard to the vehicle so that the St Gallen police can proceed to dismantle it.

We thank you for your cooperation.

IP Berna


As you can clearly see by this search:

Aesch search

There are only 3 entries and two of those results are the jpegs of the Police Files… there is NO return communication by the Portuguese Police whatsoever listed in those files… Unless there is a communication within the files that Kate and Gerry McCann have… (as they would have the full set of files and not the streamlined version issued to journalists), then it is safe to conclude that the Daily Mail are speaking the truth.

And again, Madeleine has been let down by those who were supposed to find her, namely the Portuguese Police… No wonder her parents have campaigned tirelessly for the British Police to conduct a review, especially if they knew that leads were not being followed up..

As more is emerging from this sad and tragic case, the more we are learning that the investigation was a complete and utter cock-up during those initial months.. let us all hope that the Portuguese Ministry, decides to re-open this case and also conduct an inquiry into how the original investigation was carried out.


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  1. One would hope that they have kept on file the DNA results from any testing done on that van.

    • So do I.. but the leading question is this.. if they ignored this lead how many more leads did they ignore? Leads that might not even be in the Police Files.

      • Sadly we’ll never know. Just beggars belief. How frustrating for everyone concerned, I imagine the Mccann’s must despair when they hear about yet another possible lead that wasn’t followed up!

      • Yes Jacci… it must be awful for them knowing things like this were going on.. and to think that this swine committed suicide and they will never get any answers from him. How heartbreaking for them…. I just hope that there is some lead that breaks soon and it leads to finding this little girl.

      • Here’s a thing, prob a blessing in disguise that the report was never send – they’d properly have lost it. I’ll bet the report is on file, and SY have a copy of it. I’ll also bet that if Madeleine was in that truck her DNA would have been collected, so there will be real proof of her being taken by him or not.

      • Hopefully they still have the report on file… and Scotland Yard will also have a copy of Madeleine’s DNA… I just hope that they don’t find her DNA in that vehicle. How distressing it will be for the family if they do find her DNA… It is unbearable to think about.

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