The Dogs, Their Findings and Facts

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There is much speculation about what the dogs indicated to during their searches of apartment 5A, The McCanns rented Villa and of course the vehicles. My post about Eddie the Cadaver dog tossing Cuddle Cat in the air without alerting to it can be read on this blog..

But today I want to concentrate of what the dogs are capable of alerting to and the clothes that were alerted to.

So firstly what Martin Grime says about his dogs..


In his report he states:

‘Keela’ The Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.) dog will search for and locate exclusively human blood. She will locate contaminated weapons, screen motor vehicles and items of clothing and examine crime scenes for human blood deposits. She will accurately locate human blood on items that have been subjected to ‘clean up operations’ or having been subjected to several washing machine cycles. In training she has accurately located samples of blood on property up to thirty-six years old.

In order for the dog to locate the source the blood must have ‘dried’ in situ.


In his report he states:

‘Eddie’ The Enhanced Victim Recovery Dog (E.V.R.D.) will search for and locate human remains and body fluids including blood in any environment or terrain.

In his Rogatory Interview when asked: ‘The dog EVRD also alerts to blood from a live human being or only from a cadaver’, he replies

The dog EVRD is trained using whole and disintegrated material, blood, bone tissue, teeth, etc. and decomposed cross-contaminants. The dog will recognize all or parts of a human cadaver. He is not trained for ‘live’ human odours; no trained dog will recognize the smell of ‘fresh blood’. They find, however, and give the alert for dried blood from a live human being.

Conclusion – Eddie & Keela

We know that Eddie has been trained using blood, bone tissue, teeth and decomposed cross-contaminants… so it is feasible to say that he could alert to skin tissue or other decomposing bodily fluids from a dead or living human being.  We also know from the Haut de la Garenne case that Eddie did alert to tissues used to clean up after sex..

Operation Rectangle reports:

The EVRD was deployed in a wide area screening sweep of the site. The following alert indications were forthcoming:

VT / 9 Trench and gun emplacement containing small personnel shelter. Forensic examination revealed recently deposited tissues that appeared to have been used to ‘clean up following sexual intercourse’. It would appear that the shelter had been used as a venue for courting couples. This alert is within the trained parameters of the dog’s repertoire and is a satisfactory explanation of the alert.

The report then goes on to say:

V/T 9 Re-enforced concrete machine gun post and protective trench, personnel shelter attached. Earth and debris removed by hand and plant machinery to allow access.

The forensic strategy was implemented with the following results.

EVRD – positive indication.

SOCO visual – positive.

Blood dog – positive indication.

Visual – positive

UV – negative (items removed prior to screening).

Quasar – negative

Positive indications confirmed as being recently deposited tissues used to clean up after sex by unknown persons. Offences not suspected at this stage. Retained as exhibit should there be future reports of offences. There will be no forensic submission at this stage.

So we know for both dogs to alert there must have been blood on those tissues… but that report also tells us that there must have been semen or other bodily fluids released during sex.. for the report to categorically say those tissues were used to clean up after sex…   Which means that Eddie can alert to decomposing bodily fluids after a sex.  If those tissues had solely been of ‘dried blood’ then how the hell could they determine that those tissues were used to clean up after sex?

From both Operation Rectangle Report and Martin Grimes reports it is clear that Eddie will alert to decomposing bodily fluids including semen.

Items of Clothing Alerted to

Martin Grimes again in his report states:


At a suitable venue numerous boxes of clothing 1 property taken from the  McCann present residence were screened using both the EVRD and the CSI dog. The venue was screened by both dogs prior to introducing clothing /property. Neither gave an alert indication. The screening then took place with the contents of each box being placed around the room in turn. The process was recorded by video and written records were taken by PJ officers.

The only alert indication was by the EVRD on clothing from one of the boxes. I am not in possession of the details as these were recorded by the PJ officers present.

The PJ Files also tell you what was in that particular box:

Presented with a box containing articles and other clothing with the inscriptions ?DIC DE PORTIMAO? * NUIPC 20107.0 GALS * Place: Rua das Flores, no.27 ? Vivenda Vista-Do-Mar ?Urbanizacao Luz-Praia da Luz-Lagos * Division: Lounge (handwritten) * 2 pillows (handwritten) * Date: 2/08/07.

1. One pair of woman’s trousers, HOBBS, size 8, checked pattern (white and black).

2. One woman’s top, white, H & M, European size 5.

3. A childrens T-Shirt, red, with aeroplane motifs, NEXT, for the age 2-3, length 98 cms.

4. Sleeveless woman’s T-shirt, white NEXT, in UK size 10

5. Bath towel, Turkish cloth, white SAN PEDRO

6. Bath towel, Turkish cloth, blue, with marine motifs, FELPOTECE

7. Children’s shorts, blue, with red string, NEXT, for age 2-3, length 98 cms

8. Childrens shorts, lycra, blue in colour, with pink, MATERNA, for 2-3 years, length 98 cm

9. Childrens trousers, dark blue with bright orange, MARKS & SPENCER, for one to one and’ years, length 90 cms

10. Childrens shirt ‘ girl ‘ pink, DOLCE & GABBANA, with the image SUPERGIRL.

11. Boys shirt, short-sleeved, light blue, with small white markings, NEXT, for 2-3 years, length 98cms.

12. Ladies briefs, white, MARKS & SPENCER, UK size 10
13. Mens t-shirt, short-sleeved, mixed colours, with letters on the front, NEXT, size large.

14. Woman’s sleeveless shirt, lilac, with floral designs on the front, KIRKWOOD ESSENTIALS.

15.Men’s sport polo shirt, white with black trim, GLENMUIR 1891, Medium.

16. Mens sport shorts, white, NIKE, size XL

17. Woman’s sport t-shirt, grey, with the word PASSION written on the front, AMELIA JANE, size 44.

18. Sport t-shirt for men, white, with some grey, MARKS & SPENCER, size large

19. Mens t-shirt, light blue, with the inscription O’NEILL, size large.

20. A bib with sleeves, Turkish cloth, white, with Turkish blue colouring, with a monkey on the front and the words ?here comes ‘trouble’

21. Childrens shorts, khaki, with various pockets, GENUINE KIDS, size 2T

22. Childrens shorts, with vertical stripes in blue tones, DESIGNERS, for age 18-24 months

23. Two pillow-cases, yellow, with dolls and words.

24. A pillow with the respective cover, white, with the words ‘Visto do Mar 927 Metavilla’

25. A pillow with its cover, white

26. Two bath towels of Turkish cloth, yellow.

All the articles were photographed and identified from numbers 1 to 26, corresponding to the numbers above. The photos follow the report.

The files also say this about the Inspection of the clothing:

Date: August 2nd 2007 – 11.20pm

On that date, following the home visit made to the McCann’s’ current residence, on the Rue des Fleurs, various items of clothing were laid out in an appropriate place for this purpose, to carry out an inspection by the dog handling unit. 

The collected items of clothing were set out individually with the agreement and under the directions provided by the British technicians, the dogs having previously covered the space where the clothing was laid out. 

1 – 11.20pm: Prior reconnaissance of the place by the two canine units to guarantee that the space was clear of all odours being sought. The reconnaissance was completed at 11.30pm without anything being signalled by the dogs. 

2 – 11.30pm: An initial inspection by the human blood detecting dog, began with the clothing packed in the box bearing the notation: “Living room.” At 11.40pm, the inspection was completed without the dog showing anything abnormal. 

11.41: The canine human remains recovery dog started its inspection and “marked” various clothes. The inspection was completed at 11.52pm. The clothes were returned to their box for later use. 

From 12.02am until 1.30am, (03/08/07) all the other boxes, containing clothing from the twins’ bedroom, from the friends’ bedroom, from the bedroom of the couple labelled 1 & 2, as well as the empty luggage, was inspected by the two dogs without conclusive results.

We know from the Files that the contents of the boxes were as follows:

1. One (01) pink cloth toy, with yellow paws and ears and blue label, make “cuddle cat”, with a third in wood and a green band, alluding to Fatima, that was found in the lounge on top of a large chair [armchair].
2. Clothes, shoes, bags [hand-bags; suitcases] and travel bags [knapsacks] that were packed as follows:
 Lounge, two boxes.
– Master bedroom, two boxes.
– Twins’ bedroom, one suitcase.
– Visitors’ bedroom, one suitcase.
3. Various papers.
– One bible, bedside table of the master bedroom.
– Two diaries and a notepad that was found in the cupboard of the master bedroom.
– On pair of latex gloves, that was found in a drawer of a bedside table of the visitors’ bedroom.
– There being nothing more to record, the present activity was ended at 20h30.
– This document is drawn up to ratify the truth of the above and it is going to be duly signed.
(four signatures)

And according to the report it states:

1. Between 23h20 and 23h30 the two dogs were allowed to reconoitre the entire area to guarantee that there were no existing odours – and none were detected by them.

2. Between 23h30 and 23h40 items from the box labelled ‘common room’ were inspected by the blood dog without result.
– At 23h41 the cadaver dog began its inspection and ‘marked’ some clothing on the edge of the area. The inspection ended at 23h52 with the clothing having been collected for later direct examination and photographic report.

3. Clothes from the box labelled Lounge (“sitting room”) were inspected by the blood dog between 00h02 (now 3 August) and 00h05 without any result. The same clothes were inspected by the cadaver dog between 00h06 and 00h07 also without any result.

4. Then the suitcase labelled ‘Twins bedroom’ was inspected, followed by two sets of inspections of its contents due to the large number of individual pieces it contained: the blood dog inspected [the first set] between 00h12 and 00h15, and then [the second set] between 00h22 and 00h24 – both without any result.
The cadaver dog inspected [set one] between 00h16 and 00h17, then [set two] between 00h25 and 00h26, also without any result.

5. An empty suitcase labelled ‘Visitors bedroom’ was inspected, along with sundry clothing packed in a box labelled Outside Clothes rack. Between 00h40 and 00h43 the blood dog inspected without any result, and in its turn the cadaver dog inspected between 00h44 and 00h45, also without any result.

6. The clothes packed in the box labelled “couple’s bedroom 1” was inspected by the blood dog between 00h51 and 00h55, while the cadaver dog inspected it between 00h56 and 0057 without any result from either dog.
because there were so many pieces of clothing in the box a second inspection was conducted between 01h04 and 01h07 by the blood dog, and between 01h08 and 01h09 by the cadaver dog, [again] without any result from either dog.

7. The clothes packed in the box labelled “couple’s bedroom 2” was inspected by the cadaver dog between 01h20 and 01h22, then the blood dog between 01h23 and 01h25. Nothing abnormal was detected by either dog.

Yet the report where the items were photographed says that the items were from the box labelled ‘Lounge’ and not ‘common room’ as stated above.

Presented with a box containing articles and other clothing with the inscriptions ?DIC DE PORTIMAO? * NUIPC 20107.0 GALS * Place: Rua das Flores, no.27 ? Vivenda Vista-Do-Mar ?Urbanizacao Luz-Praia da Luz-Lagos * Division: Lounge (handwritten) * 2 pillows (handwritten) * Date: 2/08/07.

and not ‘Common Room’ or even ‘Sitting Room’.

From the above you can determine.. that there was 4 boxes and 2 suitcases used to pack up the items from the Villa that were to be tested… agreed?

Here we have the pictures of those said boxes, taken from the Files

My Observations:

  • The Anti McCanns are convinced that it was Gerry McCann walking around Praia da Luz with a dead child.. yet none of the clothing alerted to by the dogs.. was from Gerry McCann.  Surely common sense would tell you if you were trying to conceal the death of your daughter and you were responsible for removing her body.. you wouldn’t just destroy your clothes you would also destroy the clothes of whoever assisted you… wouldn’t you?
  • All the clothing came from ONE Box.  Don’t you find it odd that by chance all these items that were alerted to were in the same box?  Don’t you find it even more strange that by luck these items were all in one location  in the villa?  And also don’t you find it strange that two boxes were used for the contents of the ‘Lounge’ and by luck all the clothes that were alerted to by the dogs was put into the same box?
  • I also noticed that Eddie only alerted to Cuddle Cat in the villa and only when Cuddle Cat was in the sideboard.. he didn’t alert to any other areas..  Now surely if these items that were alerted to by the dogs, were taken from that villa then surely Eddie would have alerted to the cupboards, or the drawers where these items were, wouldn’t he? If he could alert to the items as they were laid on the Sports Hall floor, then surely he would have alerted to them in the villa as they lay in situ, wouldn’t he?  I know what people are going to shout… yes but it was because of cross contamination that all the times were in the same box..  BUT.. surely these items would have been washed together, laid together in the villa.. so why wasn’t there signs of cross-contamination in the villa?  And we know there wasn’t because the dogs didn’t alert to any places in the villa.
  • And don’t you find it odd that by the powers of magic 4 boxes that are documented can turn into 5 boxes when photographed?


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  1. If you look at the video Eddie never alerts to cuddle cat, he alerts at the end of the sideboard facing away from it, after being recalled to the dining area several times. No explanation was given as to why it was decided that Eddie was alerting to the toy in one of the sideboards cupboards and not the other contents, the sideboard itself etc

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