Cracked ribs… at the thought of bulldozer man

Seriously, I think I might have to visit the hospital.. cos I am sure I cracked a rib when I read the latest Facebook comment from the Lawnmower man.  I know it is my own fault for going to his Facebook and reading his diatribe but if you want a laugh a minute.. head on over to Lawnmower Man’s Facebook page, also know as Stephen D Birch:

Stephen Birch Facebook

If UK mainstream press won’t help me to get the Murat driveway dug up and exhume Madeleine Mc Cann’s remains – I,ll ram my way into the UK through internet community radio stations – If I can demolish 75 buildings on 1 site, I can demolish this cover-up !!

Now according to the a Correio da Manhã back in July 2012 Birch states:

“I am fully convinced that Maddie is buried there” – about 60 centimetres below the ground, “in the area of a cement passageway that was built there after the disappearance of the child” and after the searches of the terrain that were made by the PJ, “in the northeastern corner of the house, behind a line of trees,”

Now according to the Police Files… the grounds were gone through with a fine tooth comb and also by Martin Grime and his dog Eddie on the 4th and 5th August 2007.

Letter regarding technical inspection of Murat villa 4-5 August
Canine Inspection Report
Date 4 and 5 August 2007

Place Residence of arguido Robert Murat … Praia da Luz – Lagos

Participants: three PJ officers; two UK police experts; Eddy, the English Springer [Spaniel]


Today, within the scope [authority] of the domestic search performed in the current residence of the arguido Robert Murat, canine inspections were also conducted, in the exterior gardens and inside the residence of the arguido, at the above address.

Thus, at 19h28 of 4 May 2007s[sic – should read 4th August 2007], the work started in the residence gardens, with the dog EDDY, that detects cadaver odour, examining the entire exterior grounds within the perimeter of the property, it having been verified that the dog signalled [alerted to] nothing.

On 5 August 2007, at 15h23, the same dog examined every room in the residence, it having been verified  that nothing was signalled [alerted to].

… the present document has been duly signed:

And not forgetting the images from a Daily Mail article dated 5th August 2007, which showed how thorough the Police were being.

So could Stephen D Birch tell me when exactly he thinks Madeleine was placed under that driveway?  Because it couldn’t be prior to the 4th August 2007 because the dogs would have alerted to a scent that could have been cadaver… and we know that the dogs are only an indicator and only forensics will corroborate their findings…

And we know that Eddie – apart from alerting to decomposed bodily fluids from a living or dead person also alerts to human remains – will also alert to dried blood from a living or decomposed person… and by all accounts he didn’t alert to anything….

Hence, Keela was not used to confirm whether it could be blood or whether it was decomposing bodily fluid from a dead or living person or human remains.

So Mr Birch just a a couple of questions.

  • When do you think Madeleine was buried under that driveway, remembering it must have been after 5th August 2007?
  • Where do you think she was kept prior to being buried under that driveway?

And we know from the files that the McCanns were under suspicion, by Goncalo Amaral and his team, and their movements would have been monitored. So that eliminates them as they were basically under surveillance, not just by the Police but also by the press pack that was in and around Praia da Luz.

All I can think off is this.. perhaps Lawnmower man has grown out of his new founded toy and wants to move onto  bigger things and be known as Bulldozer Man.



4 comments on “Cracked ribs… at the thought of bulldozer man

  1. Hahahaha, he’s a laugh a minute. Can’t for the life of me figure out how he came to think that M might be buried in Murats driveway, his reasons are ‘shallow’ to say the least. My personal favourite being that it was the only place in PdL that was open and available to bury a little girl!!!!! Has he heard of Google Maps? has he even looked at all the empty plots? I think not!!

    • I know, he just cracks me up.. a real laugh a minute… I bet he really gets peed off when others get themselves in the news and he doesn’t… think the word for him is Twat 😀

  2. About a week ago he was all over the place announcing a big radio interview … Nothing happened. Niks, nada, nothing…. a bit delusional me thinks. Now apparently Murats lawyers have asked him to go there and dig up the driveway!!!!! Mmmmmm. Truly for the Mccanns to have to deal with this kind of cr@p must be debilitating.

    • When you think they also have Bennett et al to contend with.. they don’t need this. I could bet my last dollar when Bennett’s year is up he will be back at it..He is being very careful at the moment.. but no way will he keep quiet..

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