Those Birthday Photos on May 12th 2007 – The Truth

There is so much speculation especially on twitter about the photographs that were taken of Kate and Gerry McCann as they left  the church in Praia da Luz on Madeleine’s 4th birthday. Yes a photograph is spread through cyberspace, especially on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, of Kate and Gerry McCann smiling.

Yes people who like to bash the parents of a missing child, use this one image to try to portray the parents as cold, callous and basically not giving a damn about their missing child.

Yes this picture is used persistently:

mccanns 12 may 2007

When in reality that is so far from the truth. By luck I found the video of them leaving the church..

Some stills from that video were screencapped and you can clearly see the reason that Gerry McCann and Kate McCann laughed is that somebody released some balloons, just as Gerry walked by and they hit him.. They were not being joyous, and you can clearly see by watching the video, it was just a few seconds of light relief from the horrendous pain they were suffering.

And as the video progresses you can see that moment lasted for just those few seconds… before the McCanns once again showed how sad they were and how much pain they were suffering.  Even in times of great stress, sometimes we just see the funny side of things and we can’t control our laughter.. it doesn’t mean we have disrespect or we are acting … it just means that for that one moment in time, something happened to take our minds off of the ordeal we are going through.

Here are some stills from that video, to prove what I have said is correct.

The Times also corroborated the above when they wrote in their Sunday Edition on the 13th May 2007 the following:

There was laughter from children as the balloons drifted to the ground and Madeleine’s parents broke into warm smiles as the girls gathered them up and threw them into the air again.

The above can also be read on a Newsbank article as picture in the image below.


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