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Now I expect when Regrets and Ramblings turned up with a 404 error and the words saying it is suspended you were all thinking.. great it’s gone… Come on admit it, you know you were rubbing your hands with glee.  Well sorry to disappoint you, I just decided that it wasn’t about me, and the twats that inhabit cyberspace.. it was about a missing child.

It was about the myths, the rumours, the innuendos, the assumptions and the falsehoods, that surround this case.. and to be honest.. a blog that speaks the truth about the case.. Not the truth people proclaim without backing up their views.. but a blog that will show you that there is NO evidence against the McCann’s, their family or their friends.  It is a blog that believes in their innocence and a blog that believes in getting the truth out there and counteracting the many myths and falsehoods that are being spouted daily on the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

After 6 years I have realised that people won’t change their opinion on this case…. simply because they can’t afford to do so, for fear of what their so-called online mates will say and how they will make that person’s life a living misery.  But out there, in this vast expanse of cyberspace.. someone might be sitting on the fence not knowing what to believe.. and hopefully this blog will show them the truth about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.. It will show them that the McCanns are not involved and neither are their friends.

It will show them, that Madeleine McCann is a missing person.. and she has the right to be classed as a findable  missing child… To put it bluntly until she is either found and reunited with her family or sadly her body is found.. then she deserves the respect of being classed as missing.

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