Message from Kate and Gerry via HackedOff

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Last week Hacked Off asked you to send a letter to the Government expressing your opposition to the draft Royal Charter proposed by some of the press barons. If you haven’t sent that letter, please take a moment and do it now. It just takes a few clicks.

You probably remember the appalling treatment dished out to us by the press after our daughter disappeared. The press barons are now fighting to protect low standards and bad practices in their papers, and if they get their way other families in the future will probably have to endure what we went through. Please help us prevent that.

Let’s block this press barons’ charter and clear the way for the Royal Charter that will bring real change, the one that was approved by all parties in Parliament and by victims of press abuses such as ourselves. It’s the one that is based on the Leveson Report.

Thank you for your continued support.
Kate and Gerry McCann

To say NO to the PressBoF Royal Charter, please click here.

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