John O’Connor speaking to Marian Finucane

John O'ConnorOn Sunday 19th May 2013, former Commander of the Flying Squad at New Scotland Yard, spoke to Marian Finucane on RTE Ireland.

I am quite gobsmacked as what he said he witnessed during the initial searches for Madeleine.. There have been many errors made in this case but when you hear that the Police just walked away from a locked shed without investigating any further it really does open your eyes as to what a cock-up this investigation really was.

The Sun newspaper reports in their article the following comments made by John O’Connor

“They will be looking for something that has been overlooked or not developed which could lead to a fresh line of enquiry.

“A sighting, a tip-off, something that didn’t ring bells at the time but could be vital.

“It is not inconceivable that something major could have been missed in an investigation of this size and complexity.

“I firmly believe that if there is something to be found this Scotland Yard review will uncover it.”


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  1. BTW, John O’Connor was speaking to the excellent Aine Lawlor, who was standing in for Marion.

    • Thank you for that information..I don’t listen to the show and guessed it was actually Marian Finucane as it is her show

    • It doesn’t really matter whose show it was.. what I found disgusting was the fact that John O’Connor witnessed the Police walking away from locked sheds and how he thought the whole search was just going through the motions for the media’s sake.

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