The complete Antena 3 interview

The Complete Antena 3 Interview

The complete Antena 3 interview

Transcript by Nigel Moore

Robert Arce: (not shown on Sky News clip) After six months since the disappearance of Madeleine, how are you feeling? How is your strength?

Kate McCann: I feel lonely and, errm… life’s obviously not as happy without Madeleine, errm… but, you know, I still have hope… we still have hope, errm…

Gerry McCann: Definitely. You know, we’re still… she’s out there, we believe that.

Kate McCann: I just feel anxious that she’s out there and she’s not with us.

RA: I want to ask about your other two children. How are they – Amelie and Sean – do they ask about Madeleine?

Kate McCann: I mean, they… they do ask about Madeleine and Madeleine was very much a big part of their life, errm… and they ask where she is but they’re not upset, they’re not distressed but they’re obviously very aware that she’s not there, especially being home, errm… and I guess it… it’s hard for us, as parents, to imagine, errm… the fun they’d be having together, the three of them, if Madeleine was there, errm…

Gerry McCann: I think the hardest thing for me is when they… they say things to us like ‘When is Madeleine coming back home?’ and, you know, we have to say that we don’t know but everyone’s looking for her.

Kate McCann: Yeah, we say that, and I… I did say things like ‘We’re looking for her’ and ‘We’re finding Madeleine’ and things, and then… I mean Amelie said the other day, she just said, errm… it wasn’t to me actually, it was to my friend, she just said ‘Madeleine’s coming home to my lovely house and I’m going to share my toys with her’.

RA: Question in Spanish

Kate McCann: I mean there’s a couple of reasons why we haven’t spoken, errm… there’s obviously quite a lot that we haven’t been able to… to speak about, in the last couple of months, errr… with circumstances, errm… and if I’m honest, I’ve been a little bit, errm… disheartened, disillusioned with the media coverage and I think now, I mean, you mentioned the six months, and it’s… it’s a long time to be without Madeleine and we believe she’s out there and we just want to appeal again, once more, to the people of Portugal, Spain and North Africa to help us, really, and that’s why we’ve got a new central phone number that people can ring, errm…

RA: Do you still maintain that Madeleine is alive?

Kate McCann: I do, maybe even more so, I strongly believe that Madeleine is out there, errm… I think she’s probably in someone’s house, I don’t know why, errm… and I… I suppose it’s a feeling but I feel, as Madeleine’s mummy, I feel in my heart really that she’s there and I don’t… I don’t believe Madeleine has been taken away fom us permanently. I don’t believe that. Don’t feel it.

Gerry McCann: I don’t know who would harm her.

Kate McCann: I don’t think anybody could harm someone as beautiful as Madeleine and I… I don’t say beautiful as in her appearance, I mean beautiful as she is a beautiful little person and I don’t think anybody would harm her.

RA: Question in Spanish

Kate McCann: Just a happy little girl. A beautiful, happy little girl.

Gerry McCann: Just think of all the times… the nice times that we’ve had in our house, and her in playing, in the playroom with her… with her… the twins.

RA: Question in Spanish

Kate McCann: Definitely. I mean, I think, you know, the public can help so much, I think, if people know something, if they can, errm… just, I guess, search their heart, really. Somebody knows something and they might not realise it, they might just suspect something but every… everybody can make a difference to this. It’s not about us, we miss her like crazy, but this is Madeleine, this is a four-year-old girl, we haven’t even seen her since she’s been four. You know Madeleine’s there and she needs our help. She needs to be with her family, you know…

Gerry McCann: As parents we’re just… we’re asking… as parents for people to try and reunite an innocent four-year-old girl with her parents.

RA: Question in Spanish

Kate McCann: 100%. 100%.

Voice off-camera: Of everyone?

Kate McCann: Of our friends, yes.

Gerry McCann: Absolutely… and… but… you know, the same way that we will be eliminated, they will, as well. No doubt in my mind about that. We are much more optimistic about what Mr Ribeiro, the national director, and Mr Rebelo are saying that all lines of inquiry are open and we know, because of our… we know we are innocent, we know that she was taken.

RA: Question in Spanish

Gerry McCann: We can’t really talk in detail about the arguido status but I… the way I understand it is, the arguido status is to give… defend your own rights, so if the police want to ask questions, difficult questions, they have to make you arguido, so, that, in itself, isn’t a problem. We’ve not been charged with anything, the investigation continues and we will be eliminated and the key thing is: Madeleine is out there, and everyone…

Kate McCann: And, as traumatic as it’s been, it’s secondary, it really is secondary. I’ll take anything that’s thrown at me but number one is getting my daughter back, without doubt.

RA: Many people are asking here in Spain if you, the parents, have been unjustly accused about the disappearance of your daughter and do you think the reaction should have been more open and less cold?

Gerry McCann: I think it’s hard, errm… if people are reading everyday that someone has done something, or is guilty of something, it’s hard to ignore it but, you know, we’ve always said… always said that, you know, we will wait for the facts and… and to look at what the official statements are saying and that scenario hasn’t changed, errm… I don’t know how some of the things have been published, errr… and we have asked for responsible reporting, errm… and we still ask for that but the key thing, for us, is finding out where Madeleine is.

RA: Question in Spanish

Kate McCann: After being made arguido? You know, we know the truth. I know I’m innocent. Gerry knows he’s innocent. We know each other are innocent and that to me, it… it was actually quite calming, ’cause I thought, we’re innocent, we’re totally innocent and we know that and…

Gerry McCann: I think, as well, that you’ve got to remember, it was, errm… it was over four months since Madeleine disappeared and nothing, nothing that’s happened to us in this time…

Kate McCann: That’s right.

Gerry McCann: … has come close to upsetting us the way we felt when we discovered Madeleine missing.

RA: Question in Spanish

Kate McCann: Well, they’re not gonna show anything to implicate us, so I’m not… you know, I’m not concerned, if I’m honest.

Gerry McCann: We’re certainly not scared, you know, if there is anything in the DNA results and we don’t know them and we… we cannot know them, and I don’t believe anyone in the press knows them either, but there is nothing in those DNA tests, related to Kate and I, that will show anything other than completely innocent. Errm… Whether that is enough to eliminate us, I don’t know, but we will be eliminated, I’m confident of that because we have done nothing.

RA: Question is Spanish

Kate McCann: I mean it’s ‘Please help us’; ‘Please help us as a family’; ‘Please help us find Madeleine’; ‘Please help Madeleine’; ‘Please, if you know any information at all, or you suspect anything, no matter how small, please, you know, just… find it in yourself, really, have that courage to make that call to the new number and help us bring Madeleine home’.

RA: Question in Spanish

Gerry McCann: I… I don’t think so, errr… that it is bad. We… you know, she’s been missing for almost six months now and the longer that goes on the more, errm… high risk or aggressive the strategy for us is. We have waited and been incredibly patient. Clearly the media attention has never gone away…

Kate McCann: Yeah…

Gerry McCann: …it’s never gone away…

Kate McCann: I mean, we haven’t spoken for long and, it… you know…

Gerry McCann: …and, errm…

Kate McCann: …day after day Madeleine’s in the paper, or on the front page, and we’ve said nothing.

RA: Question in Spanish

Kate McCann: It’s a little bit like as I mentioned before, she was very happy, errm… and very loving and, you know, I know Madeleine was very happy with her life. She’s special.

RA: You were the last one to see Madeleine because Gerry was playing tennis. Is that right?

Kate McCann: I can’t…

Gerry McCann: I saw her… I saw her and, errm… I thought how beautiful she was and how lucky I was to be the father of three children.

RA: You deny that you have ever given your children sedatives to make them sleep?

Kate McCann: You know, I’m not even going to answer that question, I’m afraid…

Gerry McCann: I mean, that… it’s ludicrous and, you know, these sort of questions, and the publishing of them, are nonsense and we shouldn’t be giving them the time of day. There is absolutely no suggestion, errm… that Madeleine or the children were drugged and it’s outrageous.

Kate McCann: All I’m going to say is: I’m Madeleine’s mummy, I know she was taken from that apartment and she’s out there and I want her back. I mean that… that is all, I mean, everything else, I’m sorry, is… is rubbish.

RA: Question in Spanish

Kate McCann: What do you think? We’re very close.

Gerry McCann: We’re completely together in this and we’re united in the search for Madeleine… our… our daughter.

RA: Is there anything that you regret?

Gerry McCann: Not from the minute we found her gone.

RA: In Spain everyone hopes that Madeleine returns to you alive and well.

Antenna 3 Interview with comment made by Gerry McCann

After listening several times to the comment, I am of the firm opinion that Nigel Moore of the  is correct when he says:

My personal belief, having listened many times, is that Gerry says: ‘Do you want to say anything to whoever’s got her’.

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