Madeleine Was Here – Channel 4 Documentary

Madeleine Was Here – Channel 4 Documentary

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2 comments on “Madeleine Was Here – Channel 4 Documentary

  1. To the McCann Family:

    I wrote to an e-mail address and offered my help to the McCann family, in posting articles, photos on an on-going basis, to help find Madeleine McCann. Today I posted to my Facebook account the recent pictures posted of Madeleine at age 3, and age progression to age 9 as seen on the BBC News posting online, as well as the police e-file of a person of interest photo, and asked friends to post to their Facebook timelines, as well. I am so sorry the McCann family has had to endure this horrific, debilitating pain of not knowing what happened to their child.

    Please contact me at the e-mail listed below, if I can be of help in posting information to share on Facebook, or via e-mail.

    I would love to help in the process of finding Madeleine McCann, to bring her home to her family, and internet is the tool to get it done. If everyone posts and shares…Madeleine’s age progress photo will be seen across the world very quickly. I want to be of help in any way I can.


    Karen Lee Anderson

  2. To the McCann Family…I watched the documentary, “Madeleine Was Here,” and I just felt chills from knowing the pain this has brought to your heart and minds. I am a parent, and a grandmother, and I will personally do MUCH to help bring your daughter home to you. I wanted to mention that the only part I question might be the photo of Madeleine’s age progression, with respect to her eyes. My children (as babies and toddlers) also had large, blue eyes. To this day, my son especially (at age 27) STILL has big, round, blue eyes…which was not depicted in Madeleine’s age 9 progression photo. I would think the artist rendering should have expounded on that area, especially since Madeleine’s right eye has a definitive pupil with the black extending with a line down toward the white of her eye.

    It is my opinion Madeleine’s eyes should have been more pronounced in the age 9 progression photo released. Anyone who may see Madeleine anywhere in the world must especially be made aware of the distinguishing black mark that extends down in her right eye pupil, which I feel sure would be the same now as it was when she was 3 years old. I would have made her eyes larger, with the black line of her right pupil showing a definite line extended past the blue area of her eye. I wanted to make this point because Madeleine’s eyes may be the very feature that attracts the attention of a passerby who sees her on the street, in a store, at a restaurant, etc. If I saw Madeleine, I would recognize her because of her right eye, and I would think her eyes would be larger than the age 9 progression photo depicts. Also, the new and old photo of Madeleine should be shared with every school district in the United States, as well as Britain and Portugal. Kids are great at feature recognition, and children might be very helpful in recognizing Madeline in a school classroom, on a school bus, or playground where children play.

    ~Karen Anderson

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