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Ward of Court – Madeleine McCann

Many people are stating that Madeleine must have been made a Ward of Court before May 2007 based on the High Court Listings for 7th July 2008 when these two case numbers were listed:

Court 20
Monday, 7 July, 2008
At 10:30 AM
FD07P01121 McCann
Applications/Summonses in Court as in Chambers

As I have dealt with Court listings I would like to explain this:

The Case listed as FD06P01276 is nothing to do with Madeleine McCann.  It relates to another case entirely.

All that listing means is that  on Monday 7th July Mrs Justice Hogg in Court 20 had two cases to hear, the first relating to Madeleine McCann number FD07P01121 and the second which she heard in court/chambers relating to another case no. F06P01276.

If you look at any of the HMC Court Listings you can see cases that Judges have to hear http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/cms/list_family.htm


As you can see on that screenshot some judges have to listen to several cases. The reason the McCann case is listed as in Open Court was because anybody could attend.

Another one with more cases listed for just one judge



Family Courts are normally held in secret, there has been many attempts to open up the family courts for scrutiny and there has been some cases where the Media can report but the vast majority of cases are still heard in secret.

Post Scriptum: Scribd document with regards to hearing

Here is the scribd document about the Hearing on the 7th July 2008

Copy of comments from Headlines Blog.


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