Back to those early days and the CEOP photos

CEOPYes I am referring to those early days after Madeleine McCann’s disappearance in Portugal.. way back to May 2007.

Many thanks to Greenink211 on Just a Thought Forum who posted up a link to a web-archive page.

The link he posted lead to the Bring Madeleine Home Website.. the first site used by the McCanns and created before the Official Find Madeleine Campaign Website. Now what I found interesting on that particular web archive site, was the Banner to CEOP.  By luck, clicking on that banner took me to CEOP web-archive page (screenshot) where holiday makers were asked to send their photographs onto CEOP.

The page states they need photographs from people holidaying in and around Praia da Luz:

In particular we would like any pictures that have people in them who you don’t know as opposed to scenery shots or pictures of just your own family. If you have any such pictures then upload them here.

It also gave a link to Jessops who were a supporting retailer of this campaign.. oh I can here it now cries from the anti-McCanns who are now avid supporters of the conspiracy that the McCanns were behind the liquidations of  Jessops, yes we all know they were ‘in on it’ too (please note that is an element of sarcasm).

However what I did find of interest is the press release that was released alongside the CEOP Campaign for these pictures (only available by webarchive).  (document uploaded here)

Now what I do find of interest, is the statement from Anne Harrison DCS of NPIA in which she said this:

“We also want anyone who took part in the initial search for Madeleine that took
place before the Portuguese police arrived at the scene of her abduction but who
have not yet come forward to contact us on 0800 096 1233.”

Now surely, the Portuguese Police would have taken a record of who was involved in the search before they arrived, wouldn’t they?  Surely they would have asked who searched where and who was involved in those searches wouldn’t they?  Surely within those 40-50 minutes between Kate raising the alarm and the Police arriving someone took control of the situation and knew who was searching and who wasn’t?  Surely they would have obtained statements from holidaymakers who were about to leave Praia da Luz at the end of their holiday before they actually left, wouldn’t they?

Could another reason for asking for this information be due to the fact that there wasn’t much co-operation in the early days between the British Police and their Portuguese counterparts..

Even Kate McCann says this in her book:

The flow of information, however, was slow and limited. The Portuguese police were divulging very little to the British police and vetoing many of their suggestions – bringing out specialist dogs, for example, or staging a reconstruction. What was forthcoming, particularly in terms of the quality and depth of the investigation, would become increasingly concerning to us.

McCann, Kate (2011-05-12). Madeleine (p. 114). Transworld Digital. Kindle Edition.

That NPIA statement in my opinion does rather confirm what Kate McCann wrote in her book, doesn’t it?

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