Oh dear Mr Bennett,


You weren’t telling a few porkies were you to Carter Ruck?  Cast your minds back to this post I made in February 2012, called Just a few quick questions, in which on the 26th of the same month Tony Bennett said he had given up being a moderator on Jill Havern’s forum.

He wrote in an email:

1. I wrote on 13 February to Carter-Ruck suggesting that a two-day trial could be avoided, especially now that I had resigned from the Commitee of MF, no longer owned the MF domain name, had given up being a Moderator on Jill’s forum, and had decided to cease campaigning re Madeleine’s disappearance.

Hold on sunshine… what is this I see (screenshot of full page):

Can you imagine the conversation in Court…

Judge… Mr Bennett can you remove posts, that people make from the site you post on?

Mr Bennett … Ummm which site?

Judge … The site where you have told Carter Ruck you are no longer moderator of.

Mr Bennett … Well errr umm

Judge … It is a simple question, yes or no, which is it?

Mr Bennett … (thinking) do I say Yes and then have to explain why I haven’t  removed the offending posts completely or do I commit perjury and say no?

Judge.. Have you got an answer Mr Bennett.. because I have evidence here that you are a moderator on that site and you could have removed libellous and defamatory posts.  Am I correct?

Mr Bennett… I’m fooked

*cue jailhouse rock*

Now how is he going to explain to Carter Ruck why the offending posts about Mr Smethurst  were not removed when he is in fact a moderator?


3 comments on “Oh dear Mr Bennett,

  1. He really needs to read the manual; always make sure your lies etc cannot be called into question.    In other words, ALWAYS remember what you have said.  After all, this not the 20th Century, but the 21th, and very advanced in many areas.  be sure your sins will come back to haunt you, they are usually screenshot and stored somewhere! 

  2. Bren, when is the screenshot of him being a moderator? I ask because that weasel of a man would say the screenshot is from before he “resigned” (cough, cough)

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