Birch and his scan

Bear with me a minute, I want you to cast your minds back to what Stephen Birch said in his Youtube video that was released to public on the 6th July 2012 and tweeted by Duarte Levy.

Birch said:

This is the most significant scan taken below the Murat driveway. The top left-hand corner of the scan indicates that it was taken at nine minutes past five and six seconds. 

And he pointed to this scan picture taken from that Youtube video

So he showed us a picture in Windows Photo Viewer and told us this is the scan he took on that day.  Am I correct?  He showed us no proof by either showing us the properties of the picture or any of the actual data from that scan, am I correct?

Now here is a picture of my dog..

As you can see the name underlined is Bo-cropped.  Agree?

Now here is the same picture of my dog, but I am now telling you it was taken at nine minutes past five and six seconds on the morning of the 23rd June 2012.

What birch is showing you and what he points to is the file name of that picture… If you look clearly on the picture that Birch shows on his Youtube video, there is no data on that picture at all… nothing that states it was definitely taken at that date.

I am not accusing Birch of anything, but as far as I can see he is expecting us to take as gospel that the scan he is showing us is in fact the actual scan taken from Robert Murat’s garden without offering us any further evidence to back up his claim.

All he offers us is a file name… nothing else.

I am not accusing him but it is easy to change the name of a file…. I proved it above with my Bo picture.

We know from the video that Birch did go into Murat’s garden at some time with that scanner, and we only have his word that it was between the dates of the 16th and 28th June… what I am saying is the scan picture that he produces as evidence and claims to be the scan picture taken of Murat’s garden, could have come from anywhere and the date he shows us is just the file name which can be altered easily by renaming a file.  He doesn’t show us the properties of the picture and we only have his word for it that the picture of the scan he shows comes from Murat’s garden.

I think I would want a lot more proof that that picture came from Murat’s garden before I even contemplated digging up someone’s drive.  He says to the South Afrrican ‘The Post’ newspaper, as quoted in this comment, the following:

In Portugal, he was assisted by three men, who specialise in IT and surveillance. They identified two sites where they suspected the body could be buried and investigated both.

After monitoring one of the sites for several days, Birch and his team decided that a secluded paved area, about 154m from where Madeleine disappeared, was a likely location for the grave.

Birch admitted to Weekend Argus that his visits to the property were illegal.“I visited the site, illegally, over the next four days in the early mornings for at least four 20-minute scanning sessions. We eventually found what we believe could be the grave and took several more scans.”

From his Youtube video he says this:

I travelled to Praia da Luz with my team and from the 16th of June to the 28th of June conducted surveillance of the property known as Casa Liana (SIC) and owned by Jenny Murat.

Now look at the dates and what Birch says:

16th June 2012 – Arrives in PDL, after travelling from Lisbon.. so I doubt much happened that day, after they checked in, unpacked set up their surveillance equipment.

17th June 2012 – Surveillance

18th June 2012 – Surveillance

19th June 2012 – Surveillance

20th June 2012 – No Luck with scan (1st scan – 1st illegal entry)

21th June 2012 – No luck with Scan (2nd scan – 2nd illegal entry)

22nd June 2012 – No luck with scans (3rd scan – 3rd illegal entry)

23rd June 2012 – Birch declares that he finds Madeleine’s body (4th scan according to previous reports and dig according to Birch- 4th illegal entry)

28th June 2012 – Birch leaves PDL and returns to Lisbon and gives interview to Expresso…

So Birch is trying to tell us, that they arrived on the 16th, identified two sites, surveyed the sites for several days (his words not mine)  all in 4 days.. and it was on his 4th -20 minute scanning session (23rd June) that he found what he was looking for according to what he told the papers.

He even says in the Expresso Interview the following:

If they decide not to err, err, undertake the err, excavation they could take legal action against me for tre…, for illegally trespassing on the property not once but four times.

He even tells CapeTalk radio he entered the property illegally four times:

I entered the property four times illegally in the early hours of the morning between five and six o’clock in the morning.

Hold on a minute Birch said that his final visit that being the 4th visit, he tried to dig and did not scan… well according to Havern’s he did (screenshot)

Well how did I get into the yard with the big dogs??? Well at night one large dog is kept in the front of the property, while all 3 other dogs sleep inside the house with Mrs Jenny Murat.That’s only on cold nights. On warm nights, the dogs circulate, hence I only went in on cold windy nights.Wind played a pivotable role and I had to wait for a northerly wind to blow before entering the property.(in otherwords I was down wind of the big dog) Why did I not dig?? Well actually I really did try to dig. On my fourth entrance into the property, I went in only with a spade to dig, and after I moved the top layer of stones away with my hands, encountered a hard sticky tarr layers. I tried to dig through it, but the noise was to loud, and so I gave up.

So is Birch now saying that he only did 3 scanning sessions and his fourth illegal entry was to dig?

So why did Birch after finding what he went for wait until the 28th June 2012 to leave?

Something is not sitting right with me about these dates and definitely not these scans, and what he was supposed to have and have not done?

And add into this the fact that he had to wait for the right weather conditions, so the dogs didn’t get him and having to take records of when the dogs were in and out of the property… he sure struck lucky didn’t he?  Or is this a pile of bullshite, like I think it is…

So who is pulling this man’s strings because he can’t even get his story straight?  And no I don’t believe the McCanns are behind this…. so don’t even go there…. because they knew nothing of this until the Met Police told them that this was going to be in the media.

Updated to include Weather conditions for PDL


16th June 2012

4:30 Clear weather WNW at 11 Km/h
5:30 Clear weather WNW at 11 Km/h
6:30 Clear weather WNW at 6 Km/h

17th June 2012

5:30 Clear weather NNW at 9 Km/h
6:30 Clear weather 0 Km/h
7:30 Clear weather N at 9 Km/h

18th June 2012

4:30 Clear weather W at 15 Km/h
5:30 Clear weather WNW at 11 Km/h
6:30 Clear weather W at 7 Km/h

19th June 2012

4:30 Clear weather WNW at 13 Km/h
5:30 Clear weather NW at 11 Km/h
6:30 Clear weather NW at 13 Km/h

20th June 2012

4:30 Clear weather ENE at 6 Km/h
5:30 Clear weather N at 11 Km/h
6:30 Clear weather NNW at 6 Km/h

21st June 2012

4:30 Partly cloudy skies Broken clouds at 460m W at 4 Km/h
5:30 Partly cloudy skies Broken clouds at 430m W at 6 Km/h
6:30 Light Rain Shower, Mist Broken clouds at 150m WSW at 7 Km/h

22nd June 2012

4:30 Clear weather NNE at 6 Km/h
5:30 Clear weather NNE at 7 Km/h
6:30 Clear weather 4 Km/h

23rd June 2012

4:30 Clear weather N at 15 Km/h
5:30 Clear weather SSE at 7 Km/h
6:30 Clear weather W at 6 Km/h
Murat’s Home showing NORTH

18 comments on “Birch and his scan

  1. I think his ‘evidence’ is iffy at best, as you showed, his date thing is merely a file name, well spotted BTW!, 

    The video is darks and blurred, so who says he was even in the property, and as for staying downwind of the dogs, come on!!!! He says that the path is a gravel aggregate, so it is what we here call chip stone, IT MAKES A HELL OF A NOISE when you walk on it, so down wind or not, I would have thought that the dogs would hear him and his machine moving over the surface?

    Also, the squiggly screen evidence that he “half” shows, If I understand these things, is like a brain scan, it is a slice of the picture. A bit like a biscuit. You need to see many of these slices to build up a complete pic of what is being scanned. Also he says that the squiggly bits are evidence of a spade being used – well surely that would be correct as a spade would have been used to dig and level the soil when the path was laid.?????

    Look this may all be genuine, and I might be a penguin!!! But looks iffy to me.

    • Well I am still trying to work out how he managed all of this and why he can’t get his story straight.   The more he speaks the more he drops himself, and if there is anyone  his strings, in it.

      Well all we have had is one scan and a bit of video.. nothing else.

  2. Birch aligns himself neatly to a long,sad line, started by Logicman/Sentimental Agent/Coldwater/Blackprat/Prat Brown/Bennett……of peeps in the ‘know’whilst the above don’t ‘know’ their bums from a hole in the ground I don’t know more than all the above fantasists….but then again I never expect peeps to take my word as gospel either – or to profit from my idle ramblingsI do discussion

    – facts – I leave to the cops and the judiciary

    • isar, that is all we can do is discuss, the Police know for more than any of us do.. including Birch and the likes of Bennett.  What I am laughing at is his story, it changes with the wind…

      When you think of this, if people think Birch is right, then Amaral has got to be wrong..

      I like watching the behaviour pattern and there is two camps within the anti-McCann camp… the Bennett camp and the Amaral camp.

  3. quite rightif Birchs’ assertions are correct -then the wonderdogs are pants no scent of death either in Casa Lilliana nor the car park (despite posters on the car proclaiming ‘Madeleine’ – bark here !!!!!!)and a world authority .. ‘Kew Botanical Gardens’ ruling the dog’s finds in Jerseyas COCONUT SHELLS – no less no more  I wish the McCann haters would wind their necks in let’s all calm down and carry on

    what’s normal life 

  4. Stephen Birch is a lightweightHe might enjoy his 15 minutes etc.

    But he  frightened an old lady with his antics of trespassing onto her property at night….Makes him a shit in my book

    • And in mine.. I have said it and will say it again, I hope they throw the book at him.  Nobody has the right to trespass on anyone’s property.  I feel for Jenny Murat and he speaks about wanting to sit down and have a cuppa with her.

      Then he says he is not the villain here, well he is in my eyes and many others

  5. True, Bren

    sneaking through hedges at night – ‘the Rothley leaflet drop’is no different fromtrespassing on a property in Luzsame mindsetsame sicknessand no regard for Madeleine

  6. I wish my comments would appear as I type them – they don’t – as long as you get the gist – that’s cool

  7. Have been looking at the videos, I am not sure he is even in JM’s garden, if you look at the fence and gate from any pics I can find, it is a hedge / fence and a metal gate with green shade covering. In the video, the wall is definitely built with brick i.e. it is a wall not a fence with hedging, and the gate is very solid looking. (Possibility of RM having gifted his mother with a new fence and gate – but until I see pics of a different front to the property, I guess it is as it was in the 2007 pics) 

    Also he speaks of the path that he investigated being narrow, too narrow for a car, have a look at the video, the space he is faffing around in is wide and open? Lastly, the video shows him pushing the machine scanner thing around like a kid with a lawnmower, with no organization, surely if he was trying to scan the area he should be going at it with a grid, or a definite line up and down? So he really winds up very lucky to have happened on the “grave site” after all.

    Im really not believing this guy at all.

    BTW Today, all hell has broken loose here in SA as his ex partners are saying he stole their info and cheated them out of the possible reward.


  8. Just to letyou know if you don’talready Amaral LOST his defamation case against Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer

  9. So this is goodbye:
    oh well, it’ll take clearer minds than mine to figure out what happened to Madeleinesafe to say:the PJ were caught like a rabbit in the headlights with the international media onslaughtAmaral is a dubious character who should have never been left in charge of the investigation in the first place    Grime and his wonderdogs were less than wondrous – Jersey proved thatI reckon Madeleine left the OC very much alive – and that G&K might have a hunch who spirited her from the OCWoC, WoC, WoC – anyone new to this case should read Justice Hogg’s statement firstThese are my abstruse musingsIf anyone’s still in touch with ‘Sentinel’ from the old place – pls. pass on my bestand here’s some music:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2i_-F8JftE    Be good and may your God walk with youisar 

    • No not goodbye ISAR, just have the comments switched to moderate… I don’t want to get into the petty arguments with the antis and therefore have not approved some of their comments.  I am all for freedom of speech but accusations no way.

      Shame really, but it proves one thing, that a lot of the comments I have deleted didn’t give a jot about Madeleine only about attacking the parents.

  10. You chaps all a bunch of Speculating Rambling Idiots. I know Birch personally.
    I know he went to RM House. I know he scanned the area with a machine.
    Instead of trying to put time frames together to dispute his story and look for fault, why dont you put a time frame together…on finding Maddy.
    You bunch of armchair travelers.

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