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Stephen Birch spoke again to CapeTalk Radio on the 10th January 2012 about his claims that Madeleine McCann could be buried within the grounds of the home of Jenny Murat.

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Presenter: We spoke to Gavin Gray about the way the British media reported Stephen Birch’s investigations into the final resting place of Madeleine McCann and Stephen’s on the line to us again. You’ve had an update from the Portuguese police Stephen?

Stephen Birch: I have err.. John. I spoke early this morning with senior directorate of the Portuguese police and we confirmed that I submitted err.. further evidence, which I provided them with this morning, errr.. showing that the search of Casa Liliana was not up to scratch and they have submitted that to err…prosecuting err.. division, who err..they are currently waiting for, for the approval to reopen the case err..I suggested to them very quickly that I would provide them with drawings as to where they should excavate, but they are insisting I fly back to Portugal the minute the case is reopened and supervise the excavation err…Although it hasn’t been publicly released, err..that’s good news for me.

Presenter: So, you sense that they’re not dismissing your claims out of hand?

Stephen Birch: No, most definitely not. I think the public pressure and the fact that the entire Portuguese, Spanish and the world has got to see the possibility that this could be the err…Madeleine McCann’s resting place in the back of the Murat property, underneath the rear driveway. Err…it needs to be solved, one way or another and they wanted us to search that driveway.

Presenter: Poisoned fruit, Stephen: the doctrine of poisoned fruit? That the police cannot get search warrants on any information that was illegally obtained. You’ve acknowledged getting the information through trespass. Does this pose a potential problem?

Stephen Birch: I don’t think so. I think the magnitude of the case and I think the fact that Robert Murat has not pressed charges against me and the enormous err err… outcry from the public to solve one of the world’s biggest cases, err.. is a massive over-riding factor and I think they want to put this thing to bed, one way or another. We lift that driveway, we see whether that girl is underneath that driveway. If she isn’t we move onto something else, but..

Presenter: If she isn’t, you move onto something else and once again you’ve put someone in the spotlight who maintains his innocence. And perhaps there is legal action. More seriously, legal action waiting for you.

Stephen Birch: Well, let me make it very clear. I have never, ever accused Robert Murat of anything, err…you know. We submitted a YouTube video, Stephen Birch, to Madeleine McCann’s family and to Robert Murat and his attorneys, who are scrutinising the validity of the work we’ve done on the property and in that err..YouTube video, we are categorically stating, as a disclaimer, that under no circumstances, have we ever accused Robert Murat or his family or do we believe that he is involved in the abduction and killing of Madeleine McCann.

Presenter: OK, Stephen Birch, thank you very much indeed.


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  1. ” If she isn’t we move onto something else, but..”

    What like apologising and helping to publicise the fact that she may well be alive?
    Or is that too much to hope for!

    • Is is sickening isn’t it Anna?  No him and others won’t apologise to Robert Murat or the McCanns for any distress this may have caused, they will turn it into some conspiracy theory… that the body was removed before the PJ got there.

      How awful this must be for Jenny Murat not to feel safe in her own home and for the McCanns, having Police tell them that a story is going to hit the press about their daughter being dead and buried in Murat’s garden.

  2. Look how careful he is about making it clear that he isn’t accusing Robert Murat about anything. Yet he’s avoiding to do the same about Madeleine’s parents.

    Of course there’s a chance Madeleine died, but there’s no evidence of it, so I will keep my eyes open for her and I’m hoping many other people are doing the same. Until she’s found.

  3. I suggested to them very quickly that I would provide them with drawings as to where they should excavate, but they are insisting I fly back to Portugal the minute the case is reopened and supervise the excavation err…Although it hasn’t been publicly released, err..that’s good news for me.

    Would have been nice for the family of Madeleine to have known there the case is being reopened, instead of a fruit-loop with an over glorified lawnmower.  Well if the PJ/PM wanted to keep that quite, it is out now in the public domain..Seems Stephen Birch is a chip of Bennett’s block doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

  4. very interesting development….you would think that the Mccann’ss would insist the case is reopened now, but no, totally dismissive…View Martin Grimes dogs video indicating the scent of blood and cadavar odour all around the Mccann’s flat, clothes and hire car. Read The Truth of the Lie for the truth and not the ABDUCTION MYTH..

    • Excuse me, I have read and that is why I am of the firm opinion that Madeleine was abducted and her parents, their friends or family played no part in what happened to her..

  5. Excuse me, i also have read the PJ files and the book the Truth of the Lie and viewed Martin Grimes video’s and I am of the firm opinion that Madeline was not abducted as there is not a shred of evidence to reinforce this opinion..None whatsoever..

    • Then you know that the forensics are inconclusive, and you know that Martin Grime specifically stated that unless forensics backed up what his dogs alerted to, their alerts mean nothing.  And you know that it was the PJ who decided against a reconstruction in May 2007… 

      And you also realise the apartment was relet before the dogs were brought in.  And you know the crime scene was contaminated and not sealed off and the contamination was due to paw prints and red dusting powder, which made it impossible for the forensic team to lift foot prints. Along with knowing that the bedding was NOT sent for forensic examination.. and you still say there is no evidence of abduction..  well it looks like you and I must have been reading different files because the ones I was reading are here http://mccannpjfiles.co.uk

  6. So the scent of a cadaver and blood staining was done by some other family…if the forensics had been totally conclusive the Mccann’s would possibly be serving a life sentence each but lesser mortals have been convicted on less evidence..We;; then let’s hear the abduction story….or the part where the abductor is in the room…or in the room the previous evening drugging the children…utter nonsense absolute nonsense

    • Oh please, Eddie alerts to blood as well as cadaver, and he will alert to decomposing bodily fluids coming from a LIVING person.

  7. Excuse me, but your telling lies again…The dogs indicated to a cadavar and blood fluids in the Mccanns holiday flat and hire car….bit odd when a child is missiing from that very same flat..The DNA found did contain Madeline’s DNA but appeared to have been mixed with other DNA, again in the very same flat that Madeline went missing from….very sad indeed

  8. It is very sad that that poor child was left on her own whilst her parents went out dining, and the parents now try to make out that it was nothing to do with them whilst blaming every body else…Of course ….the entire saga is down to them leaving their children on their own, night after night.

    • Yes and both Kate and Gerry McCann know this, and they carry the burden every day for their actions, they feel the guilt and the pain, BUT it still didn’t give anyone the right to take their child, just because she was alone.

      They have every right to search for their daughter by whatever means they decide.. I am pig sick of people just wanting to write this little girl off without solid evidence to prove that she is deceased.  Until that proof is found then Madeleine McCann is a findable missing child… Whatever you feel about Kate and Gerry McCann, it still doesn’t stop you wanting this child found alive.

      Even the Prosecutor in the archiving dispatch said categorically that no neglect happened because it was not with intent.  He also said that they are serving a life sentence already.

      This blog supports the McCanns, this blog focuses on facts and not myths.. and if you feel that you, or anyone else for that matter, wants to slag off the McCanns then there are plenty of places for you to post other than this blog.

  9. Well kind, Sir did not the police dogs indicate that someone had died in the flat with no -one having died there previous..The parents have made a career out of this situation when the real victim is their daughter…Ms Mccann did not search for her daughter…she said this whilst everyone else did

    • Actually no Sylvia, if you read Martin Grime’s report correctly, it said there is a number of reasons that the dogs could have alerted there, cross contamination…


      The tasking for this operation was as per my normal Standard operating Procedures. The dogs are deployed as search assets to secure evidence and locate human remains or Human blood. 

      The dogs only alerted to property associated with the McCann family. The dog alert indications MUST be corroborated if to establish their findings as evidence. 

      Therefore in this particular case, as no human remains were located, the only alert indications that may become corroborated are those that the CSI dog indicated by forensic laboratory analysis. 

      My professional opinion as regards to the EVRD’s alert indications is that it is suggestive that this is ‘cadaver scent’ contaminant. This does not however suggest a motive or suspect as cross contamination could be as a result of a number of given scenarios and in any event no evidential or intelligence reliability can be made from these alerts unless they can be confirmed with corroborating evidence.
      You are jumping to conclusions, and stating them as fact.  There was no forensic evidence to point to Madeleine being deceased in that apartment.  And as the dogs (as tested in a court of law) can alert to decomposing bodily fluids from a live person, Grime knew that their alerts were only suggestive and that is why he said that.  The PJ jumped to conclusions that one alert automatically makes it a dead body – without even considering whether forensics back up the alerts given or whether they were possibly other scenarios, as Grime explained, that could have made the dog alert.

      And as both Eddie and Keela alerted to behind the sofa then it is “dried blood” they alerted to, which could have come from a living person.

      Even the NPIA have stated that there are reasons, the dogs alerted to things, second hand furniture, clothing that had been in contact with a deceased person..  They alerted to areas in the Shannon Mathews case, but upon further investigation it was found that the source of the scent played no role in what happened to Shannon, and we all know full well that Shannon was found alive.

      The dogs are only indicators, they are NOT evidence.

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