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Missing People


As we all know today Missing People have announced that Kate McCann has been appointed as their Ambassador for Missing People.  Kate appeared on ITV This Morning and spoke about how the new campaign can help find a missing loved one.

What was heart-warming to hear was the girl who was due to feature in the predominantly in the campaign has been found.  Phillip Schofield said:

Yeah, and so there is a great feeling that this open loop technology, this with the ability to update screens very quickly erm. will help certainly erm, when it comes to resolving a case. Because there is always good news. The girl who was due to feature prominently in the campaign has been found which is fabulous.

Now that is brilliant news… nobody can deny that.  I can remember a few weeks back when they launched the new telephone number #116 000 for missing people.  They did a 24 hour tweet campaign. People retweeted every missing person’s appeal that Missing People tweeted.  It was hard to keep up at times as there was so many tweets going through, you couldn’t remember if you tweeted that one or not.

It was heartwarming, people coming together for Missing People.  Celebrities tweeted, I even saw celebrities tweeting tweets that people wrote about the 24 hour campaign.  Twitter was abuzz with people wanting to do something for missing people.

Like everything once the 24 hours was up and the days passed slowly the retweets were getting less and less… Nobodies fault, we all have our own lives, don’t we?  We have things that are far more important don’t we?

But you see there is nothing more important to a family that having their loved one found. You never know, one of your retweets to one your followers might just be the tweet that finds that person.

If there is a young person, scared to phone home, then they can call 116 000 and speak to people who care and who will let their family know they are safe and it might be your retweet that enables that person to make that call.

Social networking is a powerful tool, let’s use it to its best advantage and not to condemn someone or to bully a person.

We can all say it will never happen to us, we will never have someone go missing.. I wonder how many people have said they will never be burgled only to find upon returning home their house is ransacked and their possessions have been stolen.  None of us know what is around that corner and none of us know if we might one day need the help from the Missing People charity.

As I said in my opening paragraph one person who did turn to the Missing People’s charity is Kate McCann.  Today she was announced as Ambassador for Missing People and as it was announced to the world her appointment was twinged with sadness.  Sadness because there are certain group of people who don’t approve and are threatening not to support the charity anymore.  How sad is that?

There are even people who have money sitting in their bank account and are not going to hand it the charity but back to the donors.  Nobody with a heart would want their money back would they? And pray may I ask why this money is sitting in her account and not the account of the Missing Peoples charity.

Kate McCann told the Sun Newspaper the following:

As the search for Madeleine goes on, I want to look at the wider picture and see what I can to do to help. Before Madeleine went missing I was horrifyingly ignorant about it myself. It really is much bigger than people realise.

You are not the only one Kate, I was ignorant to how many people were missing and how many children get abducted.  I am neither going to deny the fact that for years I doubted you and your husband, which I know must have been very hurtful.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing… and believe me if I had had that magic crystal ball there would have been no forum created by me that criticised you or allowed others to criticise you.  You deserved better and your daughter most definitely deserved to be treated with better respect.   I can’t turn back time, but I can keep her profile high in hope that she is found soon.

You made a mistake and paid a terrible price, I made a mistake and still like you live with making that mistake.  My pain and anguish is nowhere near the amount of pain and anguish you and your family feel, but you are an inspiration, and you are the best person for this job and I, along with thousands of others, wish you success.

If any person knows how a parent feels when a child goes missing, it is you.  The pain you have had to endure  not from just Madeleine’s disappearance but from the extremists in this case that target you and your families with their campaigns.  Campaigns based on supposition, innuendo and assumptions.

But you still find it in your heart to help others, after all you have been through.

Today I witnessed one of the worst attacks ever.  My god I think Keir Simmons got it spot on when he said this:

These people say they are ‘truth seekers’. They are not. What they write is just nasty, obsessive and vicious. They are not journalists, not even campaigners, they represent the worst of the human psyche electronically unleashed.

I saw them turn on a mother of a missing child.  Sarah Godwin whose son disappeared twenty years ago at the age of 18 was attacked, criticised and hounded on Facebook.. her crime defending Kate McCann and saying how much she agrees with the decision to appoint Kate as Ambassador.

Sarah told the readers of that Facebook page the following:

Well, I’m a mother of a missing son – he was 18 when he ‘disappeared’ 20 years ago – and I have worked for Missing People as a family representative for 2 years. I totally support the appointment of Kate McCann, having met her and worked beside her more than once I know she is a genuine person and a grieving mother. Yes, they left the children in the evening but under the particular circumstances, being in a closed resort, being close by and checking regularly, that’s something many other parents would do too.

She went on to say:

All the negative comments here are ill-informed and ill-judged. Kate and Gerry have done a lot to highlight the agenda of families with missing children and I welcome the opportunities that Kate’s high profile will give us all as we work to make a difference to the lives of all of us with missing loved ones. QUESTION: how many of those being so negative and derogatory have actual experience of a missing loved one? It could happen to YOU or your family – then I wonder how much you would be criticising others who are suffering this emotional burden.

Now who knows better, another grieving mother who has worked alongside a person or a bunch of hate-filled people who don’t care about missing people?  I will go with the opinion of Sarah Godwin and so will many other normal person with a heart.

They can’t care about missing people otherwise they would see what Sarah sees.  They would see that Kate McCann’s high profile will bring the media attention to the Missing Peoples charity that it deserves.  They will see a woman who is thinking not just about herself and her plight but that of other people.  A woman who wants to do all she can, to repay a charity for the help they gave her and her family.

They will see a mother that has dedicated the last 5 years to finding her daughter.  She knows that the case is being reviewed by Scotland yard and that enquiry might not find her daughter, which we hope it does, but she is still prepared to go that extra mile and help others.

Kate McCann has run for Miles for Missing People at every given opportunity along with her husband.   Give the lady a chance… she can and I am sure will make a big difference.

But there is something we can do, each and everyone of us…  We might not be fit enough to run, or be able to afford donations but we can help in small ways and one way is to retweet every appeal that Missing People tweet.

Many of you use twitter, and some use desktop applications, like tweetdeck or hootsuite; well how about having a column or even a tab open in your browser with this link https://twitter.com/missingpeople and retweet their appeals. You never know it just might be your retweet that ends one family’s nightmare.

I was accused of preaching today on Facebook because I stood up for Kate McCann and Sarah Godwin, so from your new preacher lady, all I can say is

He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.

and get retweeting


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  1. I was absolutely shocked at the viscousness of the attack on Kate. I still am reeling a bit, here was a whole new bunch of banshees, not the normal crowd of whinging moaners with nothing better to do than pick on Kate, but, a group of hate filled cyber bullies totally prepared to risk other missing kids – and adults – because of thier ill informed hate. Wow, SAD.

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