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Wait for it, I predict a swarm of activity on Facebook, Forums and Twitter when some of the anti-McCanns read this story in the Sun.  Yes it will get them in a right old bitter and twisted state.   They won’t know who to curse, cuss at next as they sit there at their keyboards with so much rage and anger flowing through those keystrokes.

Yes the world will be invaded with some anti-McCann remarks, that are vulgar, offensive and vile.  But will they stop and think to themselves, finally something is being done to highlight the plight of all those missing people out there, many of whom are children.  You see what is going to get them in this right old state is that Kate McCann is now the Ambassador for Missing People

Well all I can say is Well Done Kate, for thinking of others when you could have just concentrated  on finding your own daughter… Now for the article..

If Sean and Amelie see a sticker of Madeleine they’ll say, ‘Mummy.. they are looking for Madeleine’. It gives me strength
Mum Kate McCann becomes ambassador for missing people

Published: Today at 01:13

KATE McCANN will never give up on finding daughter Madeleine – and from today she is putting the same willpower into helping trace other missing children too.

She is beginning a new role as official ambassador for the UK charity Missing People and launching a massive new billboard campaign searching for the nation’s lost loved ones.

It is the first public role Kate, 44, has undertaken since Madeleine vanished days before her fourth birthday in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Kate said: “As the search for Madeleine goes on, I want to look at the wider picture and see what I can to do to help.

“Before Madeleine went missing I was horrifyingly ignorant about it myself. It really is much bigger than people realise.”

Kate also opened up about how much the huge public reaction to the abduction meant to her, husband Gerry and Madeleine’s brother and sister Sean and Amelie, both now seven.

She said: “I know that we have been ‘lucky’ in one way because we received such huge publicity when Madeleine went missing.

“We continue to and that really helps our search for her. But many families haven’t had that. They haven’t had their missing loved one’s face put out there.

“They haven’t had the appeals, the publicity, all the things that can lead to a child being found.

“Just having that level of public awareness can be so vital.”

However, Kate revealed that despite the international publicity about the case, even her family sometimes felt forgotten — so she can imagine other families’ pain.

The former GP, who gave up her practice after Madeleine was taken, explained: “When your child, or someone you know, goes missing, you want the whole world to stop and start looking for them.

“You feel completely helpless. There’s an initial flurry of activity then it dies down. You feel like the world has gone away and forgotten about your missing child. That’s when you really feel lost.

“As time goes on you feel as if people have started to give up on them. It’s very hard to keep the momentum going.

“But for the families, having these billboards up gives them real hope.

“They feel that people do care, that people will see their loved one and be thinking about them and looking out for them. They CAN be found.”

Kate added: “Sometimes, when I am having a low day, someone will ask me for a poster of Madeleine to display and it will give me a boost.

“If Sean and Amelie see a sticker of Madeleine on a car window they will say, ‘Oh, look Mummy — they are looking for Madeleine’.

“That gives you huge support and strength. You feel you aren’t on your own any more. To know people care is a huge help.”

For 12 weeks digital advertising space all over the UK will carry photos and information about missing people — mostly children.

Advertising space worth approximately £1million has been donated by outdoor media owners including Clear Channel, JCDecaux, Primesight and CBS Outdoor.

More than ten million people are expected to see the posters in what is the biggest co-ordinated missing persons appeal ever launched in the UK.

Kate said yesterday: “The billboard campaign will have a massive impact. It is something that has been needed for a long time.

“Initially it will be for 12 weeks but we are hoping that it will become permanent.

“Sadly, because of our experience we have learned a lot about what can help in the search for a missing person.

“There is a lot of evidence that getting a picture out there quickly is crucial.

“It is estimated that one in seven missing children are found because a vigilant member of the public has recognised their face from a poster or similar.

“In America they had the famous milk carton campaign, where pictures of missing children are carried on the side of them, which was hugely successful.”

And even years on, in cases like her own, Kate believes continual publicity can produce answers,

She said: “Having these billboards on show could prick the conscience of people who know where that person is or what has happened.

“I’ve been told by experts that you need to keep ‘pricking’ the conscience of that someone who knows.

“Keep prodding until finally that person thinks, ‘I’ve had enough’ and comes forward with information about where the missing person is.”

In her new role, Kate, from Rothley, Leics, will be speaking at events, lobbying Parliament for better funding of the charity and supporting families whose loved ones have disappeared.

She also hopes the campaign will raise public awareness of the whole issue of missing people.

She said: “It was recently revealed that in the UK a child goes missing every three minutes. That is frankly terrifying.”

Kate also wanted to help the charity to thank them for the help they have given her and her family in the five years since they last saw Madeleine on their family holiday.

Speaking about the fifth anniversary she said: “It’s been very tough, but you just have to get through it. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas — they don’t get any easier.

“We are really pleased with the way the Scotland Yard review is progressing, It’s in good hands.

“But what we need is for the Portuguese police to reopen the case. That is crucial.” Cops in Portugal closed the inquiry back in 2008.

Kate visited one of the new billboards, bearing the smiling face of 14-year-old Nicola Grobler, at the main entrance of the Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham.

Nicola went missing from her home in the city on June 7 this year.

Yesterday her mum Chantelle, 36, a legal PA, said: “Nicola went missing while I was at work. I left her at home and she seemed fine. But when I came home she had disappeared.

“The fear and helplessness is overwhelming. Every night and weekend I have been out searching for her. I spend my nights crying and praying for her. It’s been absolute hell.

“To know that now millions of people will be able to see her photo and someone might spot her is fantastic.

“It has given me such hope. I just hope it will help bring her home.”

Kate, of course, knows just how Chantelle feels.

She said: “I want people to look at this picture of Nicola and really take it in.

“Nicola and all these children could be anywhere, even hundreds of miles away from where they first went missing, and you could be the person to spot them.

“If you do, please ring the number on the bottom of the posters and billboards — 116 000 — even if you don’t want to leave your name.

“Just that one call could end a family’s misery and reunite them with their child.”

Ready, Steady, Go … Cue  Pitchforkers..

Please note – this post has been updated to remove the offending tweets made by certain people on Twitter.. reason for edit is because I would not like Sean or Amelie McCann or any other child reading what, are supposed to be. adults write about their parents and their family.


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  1. Bren, an account on twitter linking back yo your blog was responsible for putting up the personal details and identifying someone on twitter called @maysey:disqus .

    You can see the tweet and the profile that links back this blog.

    Were you responsible for this?

    • No I definitely WAS NOT.   It is not my account and I can’t be held responsible if people put my blog link on their twitter accounts.  The only account I have on twitter is BrenR1958…. This has absolutely nothing to do with me whatsoever.

      And for the record… I don’t approve of it.

    • And if you look at those screenshots, it says ‘ A blog I highly recommend’ it doesn’t say it is their blog…  

      All I can say here we go again!!! Accusations and innuendos and people trying to drag me into things I am not a part of.

    • Andy, I think you are totally mistaken. 

  2. Public because I always discuss things like this in public. I asked you if you were responsible given that the account links to here. You have said you had nothing to do with it. I was not accusing, I was asking, there is a difference.

    So now that is out in the open, do you really want your site associated with outing people on twitter who simply have an opinion contrary to someone else?

    Maysey wasn’t a troll, in fact its hilarious that someone decided that she was given you have the likes of Hyland, Dodgy Payne and the pillowcase running around. Between them they are responsible for about 70% of the abuse that gets aimed at that family, if you recall one of those three threatened to blow their house up?

    All to easy these days to say troll when you dont agree with someone and that’s exactly what happened here. Maysey’s site gets attacked and her personal details posted all over the internet under the false accusation of being a troll. Then she closes her account because of this and other trouble she had been getting. It’s all here:

    (Link removed as it links to a site this person has)

    Ring familar doesn’t it, in over 5 years the same people from both sides are still knocking chunks out of one another all in the name of Madeleine McCann. Nothing has changed and nor will it because who in their right mind, Maysey an example, would want to endure that sort of online bullying and abuse that goes on everyday on the #mccann hashtag.

    The media will deal with these people, didn’t I say years ago that Hyland would get named and shamed for his abuse?


    The media should be left to go after these people, not internet armchair slueths and I speak from experience on that particular subject.

    You have a website Bren, maybe you should make it clear to people who do link to your site that you do not approve of such online activities and how Maysey was treated would be a perfect example of how this has always gone on, this is how both sides try to shut each other up.


    • I don’t approve of outing, but there is not much I can do to stop people linking to this blog..  I don’t and can’t control what other people put on their profiles, just the same as you can’t control people if they link to your site.

      I hope you don’t mind but I have removed a link in your first post and one in your second post as it linked back to this person’s site.

      Yes I do have a website.. which I am admin of.. but I am not admin of every website going and therefore have no control over things.

      As I said it doesn’t involve me, I don’t approve, I played no part in it, and therefore please stop trying to drag me into this.  I can’t control what people do on the internet… no matter how people might think I can.

  3. You could use your blog to publically denounce such endemic
    activity in the McCann case being discussed online. I’m making a suggestion. Maybe they will take note if you put something on here.

    As it stands it appears to be open season again for both sides to try and take each other down. As we both know it starts with “outing” people and then people like Hyland get involved and all hell breaks lose. They should leave it for the media to deal with.

    • And do you seriously think the anti-McCanns or pro-McCanns would listen to me?… I have just tweeted both you and troll_nemesis and I repeat it here.

      Fight it out on your own and both of you leave me and my blog out of it… Many thanks

      In fact I am quite angry that I and my blog are being dragged into this.. I have said I don’t approve.. end of story no need for posts or anything.


  4. The real issue is that there are people who are missing and who need to be found. 

    • Exactly Carana, and why people who have a missing child should have to tolerate abuse online, which adds more to their pain.

  5. Maysey’s two tweets that George Madden ripped her to shreds for, were for one, taken out of context as it was a reply to a question and the other was either misunderstood or the opportunity was taken for it to be twisted.
    Why does that give people like Madden the authority to send people wearing placards to people’s homes, send posters out, issue booklets full of tweets etc?  As far as I can see, nothing makes it acceptable for self-appointed vigilantes to terrorise people.
    Andy Hootie’s right, Maysey isn’t/wasn’t a troll, just someone with a differing opinion who was targeted by someone who if it wasn’t for the fact he can show his true colours on the internet, would doubtless find himself very lonely.
    It’s laughable that someone like Maysey can be called a ‘pitchforker’ while Madden’s illegal, dangerous and extreme actions are passed off for not being the ‘real issue’ or applauded by other faceless people who are baying for more blood from those who hold a differing opinion to their own.

    • Hi Guest, I am going to say this to you, please take up your gripes with George Madden elsewhere, it has nothing to do with this blog and therefore what went on is nothing to do with me nor this blog.  

      I am not getting involved…. Any further posts on what George Madden does or does not do will be deleted.  I am more interested in why these people think it is OK to accuse a couple of being involved in what happened to their daughter.

  6. Why? That’s pretty easy. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, even if someone else doesn’t like it.

    I’m sure there were people who believed Barry George was innocent when the world was baying for his incarceration over Jill Dando’s death and in that case they were right.

    As for the parents being involved in their daughter’s disappearance, no matter what anyone thinks, it’s a parent’s responsibility to keep their children safe. If that means missing out on a session down the pub then so be it.  In as much as they have confessed they left the apartment unlocked and were a 3-4 minute’s walk away, then they failed all their children and yes, abduction or no abduction, their involvement (through self-confessed neglect) is irrefutable, no matter who doesn’t like/agree with it. I would stake my last pound on them having locked their hire-car doors to prevent it being stolen, so why not secure the apartment with their irreplacable children in it? You can dispute it all you like but the fact remains, Madeleine would doubtless still be around if they’d taken full precautions before going out socialising with friends. My opinion, no accusations, no wishing anyone was dead or any of the rest of the standard phraseology that gets bandied about on either side, a fair observation, of which there are probably many.

    The fighting/censoring/trolling and all the rest of it is more than pathetic and just one of the many reasons I’ve avoided the subject on twitter for the last six months or so. It’s about a missing child, not over-inflated egos and who can level the worst accusations at each other while finding the most underhanded, malicious ways to shut people up from having an opinion. It’s not right or healthy and it’s certainly not good for Madeleine or her siblings who would doubtless behave a damn sight more maturely and responsibly.

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