Just a reminder

Who we are really here for.  And who needs to be found.  After the events of the last few days with the allegations put into the public domain by a certain South African and his box of tricks… this is a timely reminder that this little girl is missing and she needs to be found.

The Find Madeleine Campaign are grateful for the support they receive from the public and thank people for not giving up on Madeleine.


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  1. Hello Brenda

    Find your blog interesting, I have read a lot about Madeleine McCann´s disappearing and there are so many things that are strange in this. It is hard to understand everything from what is found in the internet, but you said you had another opinion before. How could it switch? I know you have mentioned reading the files, but do you refer to files you had not access to earlier? I am a bit two-headed in all this, but I can´t close my eyes to things that are strange. So many forums discussing Madeleine, I think no one wants her to be dead, of course, but I can´t deny that I have an understanding for people when they say they are sure she is dead. That doesn´t mean that anyone wants her dead, but there are so many things in the world I would want to see different. Unfortunately sad things happen despite my will…
    Then I have to comment on your dog, soooo cute!/ Maria

  2. Yes Maria, by reading those very same files… without other people’s opinions and interpretations of what they actually say.  Reading the final report through and through and the archiving dispatch.

    Then reading what people who had an opposite opinion to mine had to say, and checking out what they said… then sitting there thinking OMFG ‘I didn’t know that’ and OMFG ‘I have been taken by some as a right burke’

    Realising that all the stuff I had in my head and even managing to push those niggling doubts away were true…. There is no evidence, that the McCanns were implicit in what happened to their daughter.

    And no I don’t have an understanding for people who write her off as dead, based on a dog’s bark with NO forensic evidence to back it up.  There could be other reasons why that dog alerted in that apartment, but no some people have to class Madeleine as dead and refuse to accept there could be a valid reason to the dogs alerting, other than Madeleine McCann being dead.

    She is a missing child and even if there is 0.00001% chance of her being alive she deserves the right to be classed as missing and she deserves the right to life.

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