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Well that is my opinion with regards to the news emerging from Portugal.  In fact I would go as far as saying it reminds me of the days back in 2007 when the Portuguese papers were smearing the McCanns and promoting the idea that Madeleine McCann is dead.

The reasons I refuse to accept this story as factual is this, Robert Murat stated in the Algarve Resident the following:

Referring to the photographs published by Correio da Manhã, which show Birch in Jenny Murat’s garden, Robert said he didn’t think there was any way the man could have entered the property as his mother has two large Serra da Estrela dogs that are kept outside as guard dogs.

Have you seen the size of these dogs?  They are definitely not the size of a Jack Russell as you can tell by this picture of a 6 month old male puppy… Yes, that picture is a puppy.

Now can you imagine the size of a full grown dog.

Well according to wiki this is their temperament:

A large, athletic dog, the Estrela Mountain Dog is a formidable opponent for any predator- fortunately, it’s often called upon to rise to anyone’s life-or-death defense. It is calm but fearless and will not hesitate to react to danger, making it an exceptional watchdog as well as an excellent guard dog. It is intelligent, loyal, and faithful, affectionate to those it knows but wary of those it does not. It is instinctively protective of any children in its family. It needs early and continued socialization to be trustworthy around small pets and other dogs.

It’s important to begin training and socializing the Serra da Estrela dog from puppyhood to nurture its acceptance of different situations. This is a strong independent-minded breed that will need persistent training and consistent leadership. It has a tendency to bark, specially when s/he protecting his territory. As with most livestock guardians, the Serra da Estrela dog is not a “pet” for everyone. Strong ownership is paramount.

Robert Murat’s mother had two of these dogs, kept outside purely for guard duty.  Now I have a Tibetan Mastiff that is known for guarding villages in Tibet, and I can assure you even though my dog is indoors, should someone try to come into my garden not once, but four times, my dog would have gone mental.

So until someone can tell me how two guard dogs, that live outside allowed someone to trample all over their property four times without barking and alerting the owners, I will dismiss this story as bogus.

Oh by the way didn’t Stephen Birch say, he read the files, well if he used the picture in the Police files that shows where Robert Murat’s home is, then I think we might have our answer.. he was in another garden because the police files have the wrong property marked for Robert Murat’s home.

Also according to report, Robert Murat moved out when he got married… so who did this guy observe leaving the home?

And one more thing, I hope they throw the book at this guy, because Jenny Murat is an elderly lady who probably will never feel safe in her own home ever again.  How dare he trespass people’s property and from where I am sitting he is one flaming coward because he jumped on a plane and got his sorry ass out of Portugal before he could be arrested for his actions.

Last night I laid in bed and thought my god we are back to 2007 where the PT media were at their worst, with smearing the family of a missing child…  Well if anything, one thing this story has proven, is that Portugal does need its very own Leveson Inquiry into its own Media’s standards and ethics.


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  1. Such an invasion of her privacy, how rude. I don’t care how much you ‘care for Madeleine’ that was an unforgivable breach of Jenny Murat’s privacy.

  2. Hi Jacci, I feel so sorry for her.  But I keep thinking back to the Panorama interview, and Robert wasn’t at all polite about a certain ex-detective was he?  When are the Murat’s going to be left in peace and when are the McCanns going to be allowed to search for their daughter without people accusing them of heinous crimes?

    • Agreed, too many people with their own agendas. Honestly, as much as Robert Murat was stitched up to look like a guilty one, Kate says in the book there wasn’t a stitch of evidence against him. I hope they are able to get past this latest invasion of their lives quickly and that this story dies the quick death it deserves. 

      Cannot believe it is all over our newspapers and radio this weekend. Well he certainly is getting his little moment of fame. Arrrrgh.

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