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Leveson Inquiry – Module 4

leveson inquiry

There is much consternation at the moment with the fact that Gerry McCann has been given Core Participant status in Module 4 of the Leveson Inquiry.

With shouts of, “How can Gerry McCann be given core participant status in Module 4? Why is David Cameron backing them?” and so on.  Oh and not forgetting the famous saying, “It’s a whitewash.”

Lord Leveson says Module 4 of his ruling dated 25th June 2012, the following:

Collyer Bristow (who represented these core participants in module 1 and, through Bindmans, in modules 2 and 3) apply for core participant status to be granted to 8 individuals who, between them, cover all three previous modules. They are Bob Dowler, Mary-Ellen Field, Hugh Grant, Jacqui Hames, Dr Evan Harris, Dr Gerry McCann, Max Mosley, Lord Prescott and Mark Thomson. I am particularly pleased to see that applications have been made by Mr Dowler and Dr McCann not least because, during the course of his evidence, the Prime Minister had an exchange with me that specifically referred to them. It ran as follows (Day 86 pm, 14 June 2012 page 65 line 17 et seq):

The ruling went on to say:

As the Prime Minister recognised, the contribution of those who consider themselves to have been victims of unlawful, unethical or inappropriate behaviour at the hands of the press is extremely important and I have no doubt that they have a clear interest in the approach which might be adopted to any complaints that might in the future arise (whether from them or from others). I have no hesitation in granting these specified individuals core participant status, continuing the nomination of Collyer Bristow as their recognised legal representatives.

For those of us who have listened to the Leveson Inquiry, one thing we have clearly seen is the press intrusion and the underhand tactics used by various newspapers in order to get a story.

With relation to the McCann family, through unfounded leaks by the Portuguese Police to the Portuguese Media, which was ultimately printed in British Newspapers, the McCann family were and still are victims of nothing other than a witch-hunt.

I am not going to deny, I played a part in that witch-hunt at one time.  If I am wrong, I say I am wrong and if an apology is needed I give one.  One thing I don’t do is run away and hide and put my head in the sand hoping things go away. Because they never do.

When and only when you have admitted in public your failings can you move on.  You see it was those unfounded allegations printed daily by the press that made me think the worst of a couple who have a missing child.  It was those headlines accusing the McCanns of committing heinous crimes that I believed in.

As people know I post on a forum, I made this post in reply to someone, (I have removed their name to protect their identity) but what I posted back in April this year, I still stand firm by today. I wrote:

Investigative journalism is Ok provided that only facts are printed in the media and speculation, assumption and innuendo are left out – it is the lies and untruths that create lynch mobs like we have on twitter/blogs/facebook and forums with regards to the McCann case. It is by reporting falsehoods, that people believe what is in print and then portray that as fact that causes so much damage and these people even continue to pass falsehoods off as fact once they are proven to be nothing but lies. The public don’t have access to media interviews, they can’t ask questions and rely solely on reporters to do their job. When they fail, like they did in the McCann case by reporting untruths leaked by the Portuguese Police, that is when joe public can get the wrong perception of a case and unlimited damage is done to a family which ultimately hinders the search for a missing child.

I don’t know if you know ******, but I was the creator of the 3arguidos forum, that caused so much pain and misery for the family of a missing child. But you see, it was through irresponsible journalism that led me to think that the McCanns could be involved. When they said nothing, I took that as a sign of guilt, but the truth is, it wasn’t – it was because they could not speak about the case for fear of breaching judicial secrecy.

My instinct was totally wrong, but the media by their irresponsible reporting and claiming that the McCanns were involved, reinforced my totally wrong assumption. I was positive the media were telling the truth.. I believed the spin from Portugal, the leaks that turned out to be nothing but lies. I believed this not for a few months but for 3 years.

The good people on this forum posted up the truth, but I was convinced they were spinning lies and trying to defend the parents… the media wouldn’t lie would they? The reporters on the ground would never leave their readers believing that two people are responsible for harming their daughter when they weren’t, would they? Yes they would and they did…

Sometimes fate plays a cruel hand and I was ill, not very nice going through illness, but I stayed away from posting on forums and I sat down and I read those files, I read what the people of this forum had been saying for the past 3 years and I saw the truth for the first time. The truth is I was wrong, my opinion was wrong. And the cold stark reality hit me that I had through my incorrect opinion added to the pain of a family with a missing child.

There was NO DNA from Madeleine in the hired car? There was NONE of Madeleine’s blood/bodily fluids in the car? The apartment HAD been relet to various holiday makers before the dogs were drafted in. A Policeman disobeyed a direct order from his superior to preserve the crime scene, yet when that superior arrived on the scene he also failed to take control and preserve the crime scene.

Sniffer dogs left their paw prints all over the apartment making it impossible for forensics to lift possible shoe prints from an abductor. The bedding was removed and not sent for analysis.

Saying the McCanns never wanted to do a reconstruction, yet it was the PJ that decided against doing one in 2007 – Amaral says so himself. When would a reconstruction have been beneficial to Madeleine in 2007 or 2008, naturally the answer is 2007 so why the hell didn’t the PJ do it.. excuses of closing air space, holidaymakers and the press being around are just that excuses, surely they knew how to Police an area for a day or two to do a reconstruction didn’t they?

I could go on ******, but you have to read the files for yourself… not what the likes of Joana Morais says with her translations, because unfortunately I learnt that translators can be biased and they can leave you with a different opinion than what the statement intends to leave you with.

The spin and the whitewash and protection started on the 4th May 2007, when Goncalo Amaral was made an arguido, during those early months and years, we were told that the McCanns want to harm the family of Goncalo Amaral by suing them, we were told he knows the truth and then I find out in January 2011 that he was in fact made an arguido with regards to the torture of another parent who had a missing child.

Listening to the Leveson Inquiry and hearing the journos, Kate and Gerry McCann tell the world of their ordeal, how the press intrusion impacted on their family, especially when journos swore under oath that what they reported was leaks and untruths from the Portuguese Police, made me feel such guilt for believing what they had written in the first place.

I have to live forever with the fact that I created one of the most vilest, cesspits known to mankind…. I have to live forever with the fact that instead of helping a family find a missing child, I accused them. I could have walked away, removed myself from the internet, but that is not me, when I am wrong I admit I am wrong and I will do whatever I can to help put things right. I will never be able to turn back the clock but I can sure as hell keep Madeleine’s profile high and stop some of the myths out there being spread as fact, as they still are by anti-McCanns.

And truthfully ******, I am still angry at the Press for NOT doing their job properly and for not reporting the truth back in 2007/2008.

And I wrote, the How Dare You post on this blog.

Kate and Gerry McCann were victims of press intrusion, they had lies printed about them and to this day those lies are still being repeated.  The Dowler family had their hopes raised and dashed and their phones hacked.  These are the people who have had their lives torn apart by the press and these are the people who know first hand how it feels, what impact it has on you and what needs to be done to stop this happening to another family.

Of course Leveson has to hear from them in Module 4.

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  1. Quite a few more here. Including the Watson family. 😦

    “The parents of the murdered schoolgirl, killed by a fellow pupil in the 1990s, have core participant status. Margaret Watson told the Leveson Inquiry that the Herald newspaper and Marie Claire magazine published pieces which the couple believed had besmirched their 16-year-old daughter’s name. They went on to tell how the articles had so upset their 15-year-old son, Alan, that he “could take no more” and was found dead with cuttings of the articles in his hand.”


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