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Implying … the Bennett Way


Well we all know about Bennett and his turning “The only assumption” into “Only an assumption”  escapade but who would have thought he would drag in MP’s to his hate campaign against the family of a missing child.

Well he did…

You see on the 9th May 2012 he wrote this in one of his posts on Jill Havern’s Forum:

In addition, I have the support of my M.P., Robert Halfon, who has kindly agreed to take up the issue of the denial of legal aid to me, and the wholly disproportionate legal resources available to the McCanns in this case – contrary to numerous strong rulings by the European Court of Human Rights – directly with Minister for Justice, Ken Clarke.

Today on Twitter Justine Spencer tweeted this to Robert Halfon MP.


To which Robert Halfon MP replied

As Twitter only allows 140 characters, I thought it best to Tweet to Robert Halfon MP a link to the post and a copy of the screenshot.

To which Robert Halfon MP replied

So it is evident from mine and Justine Spencer’s tweets that Robert Halfon MP does not support him in his campaign against the McCann family.  Yes as an MP he has a duty to his constituents to take up cases on their behalf.  But in this case, Robert Halfon MP is just helping Bennett over his legal aid claim (which begs the question has Bennett been completely honest with his MP, especially if he can imply things that are not true)….

Mind you I wouldn’t blame Robert Halfon MP, in the slightest, if he washed his hands of Bennett especially after Bennett leading a forum full of anti-McCanns posters to believe that Robert Halfon MP was supporting their cause.  And Bennett did this by his selective and manipulative way of phrasing things, implying one thing whilst meaning something totally different.

Well at 1.22pm Robert Halfon MP was under the impression it was going to be corrected, as of 17.14 pm the post has not been altered and there has been no amendment by the admin or moderators of that forum, explaining that Robert Halfon MP does not support their campaign against the family of a missing child.


One comment on “Implying … the Bennett Way

  1. So Bennett makes a post at 10.05 pm on the 16th May 2012 

    And he STILL HAS NOT removed the offending passage in his original post as of 12.05am 17th May 2012.

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