Bugger the truth

truthI have a book to write and money to make.  Well that is the opinion I form the more I read about this man. Yes I am talking about Goncalo Amaral.  After all he can’t complain about me having an opinion, isn’t that what he says we are all entitled too?

As we all know in the world of the anti-McCanns you hear many myths, one of the myths that is spouted regularly is that the McCanns or one of their associates was behind the death of Goncalo Amaral’s pet dog.  Whatever possesses these people to believe that I don’t know because upon reading “The little girl died in that apartment” interview on TVI broadcast on the 28th July 2008, the dog is mentioned, even GA states that is not the case.

Duarte Levy asks this question:

There is a question. We heard, a short while ago, about the existence of an investigation into your private life, yours, inspector Tavares de Almeida’s private life and even Guilhermino de Encarnação’s private life. Carried out by private detectives that are connected to the McCann family. And in the book, at some point you mention your dog. What happened to that dog? This is a question.

Goncalo Amaral then replies:

A mere coincidence, at the beginning of the investigation, the dog died. Surely nobody went there and killed him, it could have been other dogs, right.

So Goncalo Amaral fully accepts that the dog dying was NOTHING to do with the case… as was a mere coincidence.  –  So even the lead detective at the time didn’t think the death of his dog had anything to do with the case, so why do the anti-McCanns repeat that they believe that the McCanns were behind it? So that is another untruth that is being spouted across the virtual world to smear the McCann family.

Now another enlightening thing about that interview is this… How can anyone write a book, based on the case, without reading the final Report.  We know from his own words on the Panorama interview that Goncalo says:

GONCALO AMARAL: (translated) The book deals with six months of the investigation and the conclusions at the time so the investigation needed to continue. The truth is only known when an investigation is finished.

So it is evident what is he saying that nobody knows the conclusion of the case and what happened until the investigation is finished, so how can he still say his conclusions that he reached at the end of his term as investigator are correct as the Final Report said clearly that the McCanns and Robert Murat played no part or committed any crime in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Paulo Reis: A very precise, very direct question for Dr Gonçalo Amaral. Do you think that the PJ’s final report, which was widely reported by the media and was even published online by Expresso newspaper. Do you think that the report faithfully reflects, does it make an accurate balance of the investigation?

Goncalo Amaral: Well before anything else, I want to thank you for the work that you have done since that time, the manner how you have followed the investigation and the way that you have been solidary with truth and justice.

PR: That is my obligation as a journalist.

GA: You may not have done more than your obligation but I want to thank you and to thank all the journalists. Concerning that report, I have to be sincere, I haven’t read it yet. I haven’t had time to read it but if it is a report that led to the archiving, it cannot be faithful towards what exists in the process, so it’s an imposition, I would not like to comment much further on that, but it’s the position of police professionals who took it, that decision to write that report that was being very well written…

Júlia Pinheiro: Weren’t you curious to read that report? That final report from the PJ?

GA: No, no. I haven’t had time, either. I haven’t had any time at all to read it. This has been a bumpy ride…

JP: I find that absolutely impossible, I don’t believe it. Have you cut all bonds with what you left behind? Have you distanced yourself emotionally from all of this?

GA: No. I haven’t cut all bonds. No.

JP: I don’t believe it!

GA: But sincerely I haven’t read the report yet. I haven’t read the report, I know it’s on the internet, so I will read it but I haven’t read it yet.

JP: I’m not convinced at all but say it.

GA: But I’m telling you the truth.

Now the part that intrigues me is his answer to the question posed to him by Júlia Pinheiro when she asks this:

Weren’t you curious to read that report? That final report from the PJ?

and he clearly said:


Very telling isn’t it? He’s basically saying that you can’t get to the truth until the case in concluded but he is not interested in the conclusion at all otherwise he would have read the final report before forming an opinion.

It is evident from where I am sitting that Goncalo Amaral, just wants to smear the McCanns and label them as guilty without evidence to back up his thesis.  And that to me is clear libel and defamation and I am sure the Judges will see that when they hear the case in Lisbon in September 2012.

Anyway here is the Final Report in English and Portuguese – You can read more of this interview here

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