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Right, in any police case the last known sighting of a victim plays an important part. Police try and find an independent sighting from a witness  who is not the family or a friend of the family or by using CCTV.

In the case of Madeleine McCann, it was the creche workers who last saw Madeleine alive at 5.30pm on the 3rd May 2007, when she was last seen at the creche.

David Payne saw her alive after that but the last independent witness time was 5.30pm.

Goncalo Amaral has stated this on various documentaries, in his book and I really thought those that believe him would take his word.

But alas no.

I did, rather politely if I have to say so myself point this out to JillyCL in this tweet.

To which I received this:

I am really finding it hard to comprehend why they can’t see logic.  If as they say Madeline is dead, which by the way I don’t believe for one minute, and she did die on the 1st May 2007, then Goncalo Amaral and his team are too incompetent to even get the last known sighting correct.

Logic tells me that if the Police can’t get a last known sighting and confirm beyond shadow of doubt that the last known sighting is correct, then surely a certain ex-coppers book is based on incorrect information which is libellous.

What don’t the anti-McCanns understand?  Why don’t they understand the moment they deviate from the Goncalo Amaral thesis they are in fact proving that the entire investigation was bungled?

Because as sure as night follows day, they don’t do logic.


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  1. If GA’s hypothesis were plausible and backed up by fact, they wouldn’t have thousands of threads on alternative theories.

  2. Don’t try and reason with stupid people. It’s a waste of your time and breath. You will never reach these people. They have low IQs and make up sh*t as they go along. 

  3. She has a lovely turn of phrase does Jilly LOL   You must have got under her skin with your reasoning.

    • Well nothing changes there margaretandfred, if Jilly can’t debate she will abuse.  I find it hilarious watching her going into meltdown… I have visions of fingers strumming keyboards, verbal abuse being shouted at the screen and steam coming out of her ears.

  4. Great blog again Bren!!

    What gets my goat is how these people have changed the date Madeleine went missing.
    The world found out that she had gone missing on the 3rd of May but these cretins, do not buy that “story”, so have made up their own little stories to suit their warped way of thinking.
    Mrs. Fenn did not hear screaming, she seemingly heard a child crying….big difference.

    Anyone who dares to disagree with what they “know as fact from the police files”, you know the Portuguese ones  (haha), they are jumped upon by the trolls from j4m and the other “secret” groups which aint so secret after all lol.  Oh and dont anyone dare speak about Mr.Amaral……their God.

    I cannot wait for the day that Madeleine is found,would love to be a fly on the wall then.

    As for Jilly….well she really should just wear her pink bucket on her head, might heat up her brain and get it into gear.  Maybe Profiler Pat could give her the spade to go along with her bucket and they could build sandcastles together.

    I for one have every faith in S.Y. that they will do their job properly, unlike some we all know of.

  5. A tweeter named Oddityfinder has claimed they have taken a INFR photograph of an image via Google Earth dated 2007.
    They ( I believe it is more than one person) have managed to enhance the image of what they say looks like a human form that looks like it is hidden behind a rock on Rocha Negra cliff face.
    The picture of that image was sent to the Grange Review team and accepted as part of the enquiry in August 2011.
    Would it not be of interest to the McCann investigation team to want to see these pictures?

  6. A tweeter named Oddityfinder has claimed they have taken a INFR photograph of an image via Google Earth dated 2007.

    Well there has been a lot of @2cbfe3d942badb57ff3dc283c69beb02:disqus 
    eople like Oddityfinder claiming to have sources, information and what have we found out, yep the only source they had was HP sauce in a bottle.

    Sorry I don’t believe any thing that tweeters proclaim now unless it is backed up with hard evidence.

    Would it not be of interest to the McCann investigation team to want to see these pictures?

    And please do tell me how you know for a fact that the McCann investigative team have not seen these pictures, or asked to see them.

    Again you are presuming… just because the McCanns don’t inform people of every move, every phonecall, every request they make, doesn’t mean they haven’t requested these things. Perhaps the McCann family are happy to leave the investigative work to Scotland yard and their own team instead of armchair detectives.  Just because they don’t comment it doesn’t mean they haven’t taken any action with regards to things.

  7. Sorry I think your wrong, while there is a public fund being ran on the bases that poor little Madeleine may be alive and there is more evidence to the contrary, where does that leave the legal right to call it a Madeleine Search Fund?
    Unless of course you are saying that the picture in question is a fake? 
    Mr & Mrs McCann wanted proof, if, as you suggest, they have seen that proof no matter how weak, does that not leave  a doubt in their minds and beg the question, are they facing up to what might possibly be closure for little Madeliene and her siblins . 

  8. Sorry but I really don’t see what the problem is with the Fund.. many people have funds set up, for ill children, for missing children, etc.  What people give is voluntary, they don’t have to give, it is not enforceable.  If they decide to buy the book that is their choice.

    And it is a lot more transparent than some funds.  As for Madeleine being alive, well even if there is only 0.000001% chance she is alive, she should be given the right to be found… You would never give up on your child would you? I know for a fact I wouldn’t not until somebody proved beyond a shadow of doubt that my child was dead.  And they only way they would be able to stop me having hope is to produce my child’s body.

    You are basing you assumptions on the McCanns being guilty and as far as I am concerned, along with the vast majority of the public, there is no evidence to prove they were involved in what happened to their daughter.

  9. I am not saying Mr& Mrs McCann are guilty and until there is firm proof , I am neutral , in fact, that picture could  prove the opposite with the alleged date it was taken being on June 22 2007.
    If the image did turn out to be Madeleine and at that date on Rocha  Negra. June 22 what would that say for the police searches? Not a lot I think !
    You also implied Mr Mrs McCann may have seen the photograph, don’t you think they should let us,  the public know they have dissmissed it as not Madeleine, rather then let it gain impetus.
    I had noticed the twitter has stated, it cannot be linked to anyone person.

  10. And you stated that they should let you know.  Now if that photograph was sent to the Metropolitan Police then it is down to them who they want knowing about it.. it is not down to the McCanns.  Perhaps the McCanns would like the public to know but they really don’t get a say in a Police investigation, no matter how many times the anti-McCanns say they do.

  11. My friend and I just had a chat about that twitter who says he has “an image of a human form that he lifted off Google Earth June 22 2007”.  We  think someone should ask him to send that image onto the McCanns for them to view objectively or even send it to Carter Ruck who are their lawyers.
    Maybe worth a try, at least it would clear it up, that is if it really does exist?

  12. Have contacted those in Oddityfinder twitter  and they say they would be willing to send Mr & Mrs McCann that  Rocha Negra phenomena/ image if it would help them in the case.
    Are you in contact with them? If so could you post a reply to this post, Thanks.

    • I am not in contact with the McCanns and therefore can not offer any assistance… if they have as you previously posted, passed the image on to Operation Grange, then it is in the correct hands, the hands of the Police.

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