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According to Joana Morais and her blog article you went on TV last night and decided to play rough (oh yes there are comments where you have told people that you didn’t intend to play nice) because of the Panorama Interview aired on British TV on Wednesday 25th April 2012, which can be viewed here.

Her blog article states, you said:

“They speak about sightings, about visions by mediums. A lot of things have been produced over the years and well produced and therefore the English police has to pass the ball to the Portuguese police and we are left with the onus and the expense of investigating. It is important to reopen the process, nobody should doubt that, but to reopen the process without limitations, the way they want to limit us”, the former Judiciary Police inspector explained.

Now if you listen to what DCI Andy Redwood actually said here, he speaks of 195 INVESTIGATIVE OPPORTUNITIES. I agree they could include sightings, but they could also and probably do include statements that should have been taken from people, whilst you were in charge of the investigation.  Information that was submitted to the PJ that got filed by the likes of Paiva as NO FURTHER ACTION.

Police work is hard, information comes in and until you check it out thoroughly you CAN’T discount it.  So before you go spouting your mouth off Goncalo Amaral, please listen to Andy Redwood actually said, because from where I am sitting you are sounding like a bitter and twisted thug who only cares about his reputation and honour and doesn’t give a shit about a missing little girl who could be alive and needs to be found.

You openly admitted on that Panorama interview that mistakes were made, you said:

GONCALO AMARAL: (translated) Its a fact that our investigation had its faults and lost a lot of time, lots of time and a lot of things didn’t get followed up. And I am just as much to blame for that as anyone else.

So stop acting like a child who is throwing their toys out of the pram in a tantrum and grow up and be a man and do all you can to find this child.  This isn’t about you and this isn’t about your honour, this is about finding a missing child who could well be alive and a child who needs to be found and returned to her family.

Even the archiving dispatch mentions the errors only they class them as an enormous error margin, they state:

The investigators are well aware of the fact that their work is not exempt of imperfection; they have worked with an enormous error margin, and what they have achieved is very little in terms of conclusive results, especially concerning the fate of the unfortunate child. Nevertheless, they always knew that action was necessary and in reality they acted intensively and with commitment, even at the risk of erring.

You also state the following:

GONCALO AMARAL: (translated) The book deals with six months of the investigation and the conclusions at the time so the investigation needed to continue. The truth is only known when an investigation is finished.

You state that the book deal was during your time at the investigation and then go onto say that the truth is only known when the investigation is concluded.  The investigation concluded with this:

Therefore, after all seen, analysed and duly pondered, with all that is left exposed, it is determined:

a) The archiving of the Process concerning arguido Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, because there are no indications of the practise of any crime under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code;

b) The archiving of the Process concerning arguidos Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy, because there are no indications of the practise of any crime under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code.

Article 277 number 3 of the Penal Process Code is to be fulfilled.

Under article 214 number 1 item a) of the Penal Process Code, the coercion measures that have been imposed on the arguidos are declared extinct.

So please can you tell me how you can call your book the truth, when the conclusions of the investigation are not the same conclusions that you had when you were heading the investigation during the first six months? Surely it should be called The Lie of the Truth of the Lie.

Anyway here is what DCI Andy Redwood actually did say.

Just one more thing you go onto state this according to Joana Morais and her blog:

Lastly, the former inspector further accused the Judiciary police of internally persecuting his colleagues that remain by his side.

Have you not thought to yourself, that perhaps the PJ think you are a disgrace to the profession?  Have you not thought that they do not approve of ex-cops that have been convicted of lying and falsifying documents?  Have you not considered that some of the company you keep (all the other ex-PJ officers who are now arguidos in various different cases including torture) tarnish the reputation of the PJ?  Have you not thought that in a modern civil society, truth and justice come from investigative skills and proper policing and not by intimidation, threats or in some cases violence, in order to extract a confession?

Thought not, think about it and then you might see why the PJ want to distance themselves from you and people like you.

And it is not the British Press that are demonising the reputation of the PJ who are in fact printing the truth, it is you that is doing that.


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  1. Grow up you middelaged brainwashed naiv, mccann washed your brain as well!

    • Pardon me, grow up… You are right there someone needs to grow up and it is definitely not me, so that leaves two options, 1) Goncalo Amaral or 2) you so who is? Personally I would say both of you, because if the only way to win an argument is to be rude and crude and insult people then you my dear have  lost the argument the moment you hit submit with that post.

    • How have the McCanns brainwashed her? I think it’s some of the people in Portugal who have been brainwashed. You believe everything your press feed you. You’re a bunch of sheep that cannot think for yourselves. Amaral and his cronies lied about Leonor and they lied about the McCanns. And they used the press and the Portuguese people to further their own agenda.

      Can you not see you are being played or is it that you have grown accustomed to believing the lies that you believe anything/everything you are told to believe? Talk about brainwashing…

  2. Mccanns just need to pay for a stamp and then write a letter to PJ to reopen the case, but they don’t….why och why, just a letter, they want the PJ to reopen so, mccanns should just write a letter…I don’t understand this! Somebody does?

    • They
      don’t want the reopening! 

      doubt that parents of a missing child:1.
      Need a written script just hours later to ask for help in the
      Don’t actually do anything in the search themselves – in fact go to
      sleep (and sleep soundly after 3 days)3.
      Spend time deleting their texts / phone calls4.
      Write, and then re-write a ‘timeline’ of what happened on the night –
      before the police get there5.
      Phone Sky and GMTV before they’ve searched for ‘hidey-holes’6.
      Scream ‘paedophile’ before they’ve explored the ‘wandered’ theory.

      • Where are you sourcing your “facts”? Could you offer links to the relevant aspects in the files?

    • Marrillon, the Attorney General stated this in the archiving dispatch

      Nevertheless, anyone who feels unsatisfied about the epilogue of the investigations, will have the possibility to react against it, having the possibility of eventually changing that epilogue, by prompting diligences based on new evidence, as long as that person has the legitimacy to request them and the requested diligences are serious, pertinent and consequent. They may do so in three ways: by requesting the reopening of the inquiry, under article 279, number 1 of the Penal Process Code; by appealing hierarchically against this dispatch under number 2 of article 278, or in another case, under number 2 of article 279 of the Penal Process Code, or by requesting the opening of the instruction under article 287, number 1, item b, of the Penal Process Code.

      The McCanns can only ask for the case to re-opened with new credible evidence. What Goncalo Amaral is saying is simply not correct.

    • You may find answers to your question if you examine the  PT Penal Procedure Code.

  3. 1.  Need a written script?  The McCanns made an appeal, they would have been briefed on what they could say and could not say, hence the piece of paper Gerry held in his hand whilst they made an appeal for their daughter… nothing suspicious in that.

    2. Don’t do anything in the search themselves.. Again a lie, they did go out and look, Gerry did that night, it is all in the files.

    3.  Sleep soundly… nobody can keep awake forever, read Kate’s book she explains exactly the turmoil and torment they were in.

    4.  Spend time deleting texts/phone calls… have you never had a phone that had a limited capacity of memory that only held so many calls and texts before you had to start deleting?  Again the PJ Final report did NOT find anything in the deleted calls and texts to make the Police suspicious.

    5.  Write and rewrite the timeline – well if there was anything suspicious in that why the hell did they give the Police both copies of the timeline?  Have you never been in a situation where there is panic, turmoil, everybody speaking at once and tried to write things down, then somebody remembers something so you write it out again?  

    6.  Read the files please about SKY news and GMTV the McCanns NEVER phoned Sky News before the Police and it is only natural if there was a language barrier to want to get the English people/press making requests to look out for a missing child – you know people in Portugal do get SKY News in English believe it or not and many holiday makers put the TV on in their apartments.

    7.   Scream ‘paedophile’ , have you got children?  If so you, like I, would know our own children like the back of our hands.  I know exactly how they react, what they do etc. and therefore if Kate McCann had to open the gate, open the patio door, and the curtain to enter the apartment what child closes all of them behind them if they have wandered off.

    I can even know when my son has been looking for things by the way he leaves things.  Parents know their own children and they know how they react.

    That is how Kate McCann knew Madeleine had not just wandered off, because of the way she entered into the apartment, knowing full well a child would not close anything behind them if they wandered off.

    And thank you for proving exactly what Isabel Duarte has been saying, by you believing the spin and lies from Team Goncalo, you have just proven by your ignorance of the case that the Book written by Goncalo Amaral and his various TV appearances have hindered the search for Madeleine McCann.

    • “4.  Spend time deleting texts/phone calls… have you never had a phone that had a limited capacity of memory that only held so many calls and texts before you had to start deleting? ”
      Several issues – one is the capacity of a particular phone (older models had a limited capacity); the other is regular reminders from the service provider that you haven’t consulted your voicemail. 

  4. Thank you Bren;

     I don’t know the truth, and its my guess that no one knows the whole truth, each only knows the part they played.  But by holding a light to the more, how do I put this politely, extreme and liberal, mistakes/errors/ falsehoods you are doing something which is necessary.

    So, thank you. — all that’s wanted is for the focus to be placed back on a missing child, and diverted from the egos of people who really should know better. I truely hope that should this happen Madeliene may be found as quickly as possible.  

  5. Thank you Hope, that is what I hope to do, stop the myths dead in their tracks and people can read what is fact and what is fiction.

    Concentration should be on finding this child and to be perfectly honest I would love an anti to answer me this simple question, “Why are they not joining the pros and adding their voice to Kate and Gerrys’ voices  to get this case re-opened?”

    After all is that not why they are screaming about?

  6. There is an old Taoist saying: “the reason to dislike those which hold to one extreme is that they cripple the Tao. One thing is singled out to the neglect of a thousand others”. 

    I have read some of what you have to say with due consideration but I challenge you to turn your analytical skills on these “new 195 leads” the Yard may have missed – a copy of which I have sent to the Met and the PJ – nothing they don’t already know but, just in case.  I have personally double-checked some of these “leads” and they made sense to me (link at the end). Have a try…

    The other point you raise, concerns the character and competence of  Gonçalo Amaral. 

    I think you are discounting here some important factors and possible hidden dynamics not to mention your own ethnical prejudice but that’s OK – it’s mutual.

    How does Aragão-Correia end up being paid by Metodo3, who was at the time the McCanns’ rent-a-cop outfit in Spain, to do his Dam search and why does he suddenly ends up us the lawyer of Leonor Cipriano? 

    Furthermore, how does Marinho “Photoshop”  Pinto who first came up with the story of Leoneor Cipriano being “tortured” by the PJ along with proved “Photoshop” evidence . This gentleman, who later becomes the  President of the Portuguese Lawyers’ Association, ends up as a key witness (with prerogatives) in the Gonçalo Amaral trial  instigated by Aragão-Correia (in which the latter was found “guilty”) and Isabel Duarte, one of the designer lawyers working for the McCanns, ends up now as Aragão Correia’s lawyer in a counter-defamation case instigated by Amaral? All a bit fishy you might agree – except I know you won’t (cognitive dissonance theory).

    BTW do feel free to speculate on Ricardo Paiva’s Facebook account’s hacking and American “honey trap”. I think I already know what happened but don’t go there. It could leave you confused and your role (my guess) is solely to upheld the McCanns’ “official version” of events. For all I know you could be working for Burson-Marsteller except of course you are not. 

     Here are the 195 real leads the Yard won’t look into for theirs is a review of sightings-only  NOT a true review of the case. Ask yourself why? BTW the answer has already been given by Carlos Anjos in an interview to Portuguese TVI…

     Forgive me for I am an old cynic but in my opinion it is all “reputation management” (to use Mickey Mouse Mitchell term) at the McCanns’/Murdoch/Sun/ David Cameron’s request. I make no allegations, though.


    Carpe diem…

  7. From Karen:


    Where I wrote: ” instigated by Aragão-Correia (in which the latter was found “guilty”)

     Read: (in which the first or Amaral was found guilty).

    Where I wrote: “with proved “Photoshop” evidence . This gentleman who later becomes the  President of the Portuguese ”

     Read: “with alleged “Photoshop” evidence and later became the President of…”

  8. Firstly 

    BTW do feel free to speculate on Ricardo Paiva’s Facebook account’s hacking and American “honey trap”. I think I already know what happened but don’t go there. It could leave you confused and your role (my guess) is solely to upheld the McCanns’ “official version” of events. For all I know you could be working for Burson-Marsteller except of course you are not.

    I copied the post from Facebook about Paiva, so please do not try and drag me into what happened as I had nothing to do with it.


    The 195 leads link you gave me,  half of them, if I could be bothered to read, are already known to the Met Police, they have the same statements, plus more and it seems they have eliminated the McCanns from their enquiries and are confident enough to say in public that a stranger abducted Madeleine McCann so put it bluntly you know what you can do with those anti-McCann 195 leads…. trash em.


    Goncalo Amaral, the man who openly admits mistakes ere made and admits responsibility and publicly states that a case can’t be concluded until ALL  investigations are concluded to get to the truth, and then goes on to write a book based on what he thinks happens and not what the actual Final Report says… please  don’t try to make this man look like a hero to me.. Cos it won’t work.

    I think you need to read the files about Brian Kennedy and his visit to the PJ… and what was discussed.

    Now my advice to you is go and spout your anti-McCann vitriolic comments on a blog or forum that wants to keep writing off a missing child as dead.

  9. Firstly: I wasn’t thinking about you. What made you think I was?
    Secondly: Not all of them are. Some were independently investigated and as far as I know no one received money for “the review”.Thirdly: I am not trying to canonize Amaral the same way some are beatifying the McCanns… just giving you an opinion based on my own perception.And my humble opinion the book was based on the PJ files and Amaral had the right to interpret them as he wished since he was the man – the horse’s mouth as it were. The McCanns’ thought he had NOT such right but then the Portuguese appeal court (senior) judges decided he had. In fact I think the judges considered  the “final report” as just another interpretation (I believe you were referring to the archiving of the process). So, my position here is the same as the Portuguese senior judges. You may or may not agree with the judges – that’s you prerogative.

    Finally, thank you for your advice. There is no need to be rude though. I appreciate the work you are doing. You have your own convictions and are trying to spread them to a wider audience. Good for you (and the McCanns).

     I do hope Scotland Yard or the McCanns’ rent-a-cops find Madeleine, though. Pat Brown recently gave it a try. See here:


    I would like to have your views on this, if at all possible, for I don’t know what to make of it. I think Pat may have been on the right track –  if only she had been looking into some lairs as well… it may have been unpractical though. What do you think?

  10. I think if you put Pat Brown into the search of this blog you will see my exact view of Pat Brown.  Now what was it again she said?  Oh yes

    Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
    ‎”Madeleine.” The gift that keeps on giving…at least to a profiler.


    Just one more thing, there is a post on this blog where Pat Brown tells people she would defend the McCanns as there is no evidence against them.


  11. So I gathered you don’t approve of Pat Brown’s initiative. I found this particular posting well balanced, though. She is of the opinion the child could be (she does not say she is) dead and she gives her reasons why. 

    I did not find anything particularly relevant in the links you provided. Just some informal exchanges without much substance.It seems you are by now firmly convinced Madeleine is alive and her parents have nothing to do with her disappearance. That is a compassionate view to hold and I admire you for that… but  my head has not the  shape of my heart. I prefer to stick to what the data might be telling me and keep my heart open-ended to ALL possibilities. I feel sorry for Amaral and the Portuguese which, let us face it, have been the main victims of the expensive “reputation management” and legal brute force brought into play by the McCanns’ or was it Clarence Mitchell? Come on Brea, in no way Amaral’s book/views harms the search for Madeleine as VIP lawyer Isabel Duarte et al claims. It may harm the McCanns’ reputation  but so did  Martin Grime and his forensic dogs – the real culprits. What would have happen to Amaral’s reputation if he had remained quite. Do you mean he has no right to a reputation because he is Portuguese! Come on – Portugal has existed as an independent nation since the XII century AD – and have a History to prove it…I do respect your views, though and promise to research your blog at some stage. I have to leave the cafe now. It’s getting cold in here.We have agreed to disagree and I wish you a very nice day. No hard feelings.Take care.

  12. Regarding this comment……. I do hope Scotland Yard or the McCanns’ rent-a-cops find Madeleine, though. Pat Brown recently gave it a try.

    Rent-a-cops…..is this a joke? The P.J. completely botch up the investigation into a missing child, Amaral goes on tv and admits to the mistakes BUT you have the nerve to call anyone in the UK rent-a-cops. Puleeze give us a break!!!

    As for Pat the Profiler Brown, dont get me started…….her most recent comment regarding true professionals at work….ie. our S.Y.  “THIS CASE JUST GETS STUPIDER AND STUPIDER”.  Buy a dictionary please Pat.

    This is the woman who met with Bennett on her way to PDL, and then with Amaral and Morais whilst there and oh dont forget the dog that fell in love with her……fgs professional, I could put a bet on that she does not even know the meaning of that word. Not forgetting the she had her pal with her and her spade and metal detector. This is the “professional profiler” (cough cough) who along with her side kick tried digging at the graves of dead Portuguese people. Wonder if she asked for permission to do so………….think that would be a big fat NO!


    Great blog as usual Bren, keep up the good work.

  13. “The P.J. completely botch up the investigation into a missing child, Amaral goes on tv and admits to the mistakes…” (quote/unquote)
    Pat Brown does not come through to me as a “moron”. She happens to have her own views on what the data is telling her. These may or may not be consistent with yours, so what? Send her to a concentration camp? 
    I understand before the police (GNR) arrived the McCanns’ friends and acquanitances had trampled all over the place – first mistake…if they immediately “knew” the child had been kidnapped, they should not have touched and/or allowed anyone into the apartment. They are not stupid! They are two well educated people, so what was on their minds?Amaral admits mistakes (not necessarily his) and has since published a book suggesting a protocol the PJ should follow in such cases. Read it. The partisan’s tendency to keep moving the guilt away from the parents and place  it on the PJ beggars belief – particularly in view of the forensic dogs findings (“Eddie’s” specially). Could the world’s top forensic dog have been wrong in so many occasions? Inside the apartment…clothing…toys…car…  ask yourself… This would not necessarily incriminate the McCanns’ as the direct culprits of Madeleine’s demise (indirect, yes! because they left her alone and should have been charged for that as the Portuguese ambassador in London suggested at the time). Anyway, I digress. Let us suppose someone came in through those back sliding doors Gerry admits were left open (…) Let us suppose someone (a thief) comes in, Madeleine who is awake is startled and starts shouting. Let us suppose the thief immediately places his/her hand on the child’s mouth, overdoes it and…bingo! The thief does not sit around waiting to explain things. Obviously.Let us suppose the parents (one or the other) came in later and find the child’s dead…Let us suppose they decide, in the heat of the moment, that  the best course of action (to protect their status/image and the future of their other children) is to simulate an abduction? Far-fetching?Not for me. Such scenario would be consistent with the parents obvious love for their children, their friends’ inconsistencies, Jane Tanner’s bogus sighting of the abductor and above all the forensic dogs’ findings – Eddie’s in particular…The thing to bear in mind is that in Mathematics the probability of any conceivable event is always greater than zero. Of course the parents could be innocent of any wrong doing but that brings us back to Eddie “The Dog” . The scent of death was in the apartment, in their clothes, in the child’s toy, in their car – the parents MUST know why. Of course, dogs testimonies alone do not count in a court of law that is why, I think, the Portuguese authorities let them go. They could see that given the status and political support of the couple (Gordon Brown now David Cameron/Scotland Yard), the expert “reputation management” (Mitchell/Burson-Marsteller/Lift Consulting) and the legal ammunition at their service (Carter-Ruck  on the one hand and “designer” lawyer Isabel Duarte and Marinho Pinto – the President of the Portuguese Lawyers Association on the other) this case would only damage the image of Portugal abroad. It did anyway, but there was one consolation. By making the case files available to the public at large the McCanns were found guilty in the “Court of Public Opinion”.  Now, unless something truly dramatic happens, the McCanns’ will be doing “reputation management” for the rest of their lives. It’s tough. Like Brea I truly hope something “dramatic” happens except I don’t think it will. I am a more pragmatic type and so is Eddie – the dog…

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