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The Last Hope

MadeleineI am so pleased to see that Scotland Yard, Porto PJ and decent human beings are not giving up hope that Madeleine McCann will be found and that the family will finally have closure and this nightmare is over not just for Madeleine but for her family as well.

According to an article on the BBC Media Centre site, Alan Johnson says:

“It seems to be disgraceful.  It didn’t seem to me that they had had the benefit of a proper police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine.”

Goncalo Amaral, who was the initial investigator later convicted of falsifying documents and perjury with regards to another missing child case states:

“It’s a fact that our investigation had its faults and lost a lot of time, lots of time. And a lot of things didn’t get followed up. And I’m just as much to blame for that as anyone else.”

Meanwhile, whilst honest detectives are trying to find Madeleine and bring those who harmed Madeleine to justice and sane, rational people support the family of a missing child, supporters of Goncalo Amaral – also known as Anti-McCanns – on a Facebook group are discussing Madeleine by saying that it would be in her best interests not to be alive if there is slightest chance she would end up like her aunt (screenshot).

These are the people who proclaim they want Justice for Madeleine McCann, my view of justice is definitely not the same as theirs, my view is that Madeleine be given the right to life and that all efforts are made to find this child, hopefully alive and reunite her with her family.

Anyway here is a clip about the Last Hope search for Madeleine.


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  1. Those people are total bastards! How dare they talk about this child that way. Everyone knows they don’t give a damn about Madeleine. Reading that crap made me want to puke. Sorry excuses for human beings.

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