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Yes, I am still on a break, and I knew damn well I should not have looked at any forums or Facebook, but unfortunately I did.  But I am going to post this because this is very relevant to the search for Madeleine.

On Facebook today I read a comment by Keir Simmons, he stated (screenshot):

I didn’t think it was very well carried out to be honest. A few days after she disappeared I went and sat in a field above the Portugese / Spanish border to watch the Portugese police carrying out checks on cars. As soon as it started to rain they packed up and left. Just to be clear – I’m not saying I know what happened to Madeleine… I’m saying I don’t, which is what any right thinking person should say…

Well what do you have to say about that revelation, other than it is now understandable why the British Press called the Police inadequate, inept, bumbling etc etc.

So because it rained they packed up, don’t they have water-proofs?  Don’t they have coats? A child was missing and those borders should have been manned 24/7 and just not during sunshine hours.

It is no wonder, the McCanns, begged for assistance, it is no wonder they contacted MP’s the British Police and the British Consulate, any person would do, especially if the Police carried on like this around them if it rained.  Bloody disgraceful….

And I don’t think for one minute Keir Simmons is lying, he wouldn’t dare lie and make such an allegation if it wasn’t true.

Well all I can say about that is, if this is how the Police in Portugal behave, criminals only have to wait for a rain shower and they will have a clear getaway.

Talk about fair-weather policing….


2 comments on “Fair Weather Policing

  1. Break? That was an extended power-nap. 🙂

    The packing-up after rain shower is one thing, but I’m not sure how feasible it would have been to have had a 24/7 check of every vehicle crossing over every border-point. 

    I’m not sure how many car boots they actually did check as opposed to a quick glance into the passenger area. 

    If someone had spotted something suspicious involving a particular model of car, they would have had a better idea of what to concentrate on. 

  2. Hi Carana, as there is only one main border crossing in the Algarve I really don’t think it would have hurt having it manned 24/7 just in case.  I fully appreciate that they couldn’t man every border crossing but the chances are that whoever had Madeleine would have used that border crossing.  The more they travelled in Portugal further north, the more chance of being caught.

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