How Long?

MadeleineI was just reading this bit from the Stockholm interview that Kate and Gerry McCann did about her the book release.  And do you know what, that part really hits home to you about why they can’t give up and why they have to continue, it is because of their love for their first born.

Host: How long can, do you think you can find the strength to continue this search?

Kate: As long as it takes. I don’t think any parent would ever be able to give up on their child and even the weeks where we are absolutely shattered erm or there’s another injustice that comes your way, you get up the next morning and think ‘right let’s go again’ because Madeleine is part of our family we all need her back and she needs to be with us…just need to keep going.

Gerry: I mean There are times when you just think – I cannot do this, any more, em its too much – and particularly the attention that’s comes through the media, but as Kate says that bond with us, and with Madeleine and for Sean and Amelie, and even if you wanted to I don’t think we could stop.

And do you know what is the worst part, all the negative press attention that they received emanated from the Portuguese Press with leaks from the Portuguese Police whilst under the command of one Goncalo Amaral.  A man who is still today trying to cause as much pain as he can to the family of a missing child, because this family will not let him write a book that accuses them of being involved in what happened to their daughter.

Put aside the circumstances of who, when and why and imagine you was a mother or a father of a missing child and someone had written a book accusing you of the most heinous of crimes and you knew you played  no part whatsoever in what happened to your child, would you;

  1. Let them publish their book and let them publish it worldwide in every language available, or
  2. Would you go to the courts to get this pack of lies banned, because you know damn well if people read and believe this book, they will stop looking for your missing child?

There are many that are saying the libel case is concluded already because of the Courts overturning the decision previously made  that banned the book.  But my interpretation of it was simply, it was against Goncalo’s right to have his book banned until the case was concluded in the libel courts.  He apparently had a right (and I don’t know where) to write this book and have it on sale due to his right to freedom of speech, and it would be up to the future libel trial to conclude whether the book was libellous or not.

I don’t think I would walk a mile in the McCann’s footsteps.  And I can understand how they must feel and how their greatest desire must be to get their lives back to how it was before May 3rd 2007.   When people are faced with tragedy or they have added pressures  placed upon them, for instance, looking after a loved one who is now totally disabled, it is only natural to wish that things could return to how they were.

Sometimes people can’t help but feel they wish they had their lives back.  It doesn’t make them a bad or nasty people, it is honest and natural thinking.  A person who is the sole carer, no matter how much they love the person they care for, at times will feel that they wish they could have their old life back and that they could go and do this and that without having to make arrangements for another carer to step in or without having to make arrangements for respite etc.

We are only human and there is only so much that a person can take before they reach breaking point.  And I can empathise with them, when they say they can’t do this any more.

What an awful situation to have to be in, and then when you have felt like giving up, you feel guilty because you were putting yourself  before your missing child.

There will be the usual few nasties who will condemn Kate and Gerry for speaking like that, but then there are the majority of people, who like myself, will empathise with them and understand the emotions and roller-coaster they must be on.  Wanting to get off but can’t bring themselves too, because to get off would mean giving up on finding their missing child and their love for their child is the greatest love a parent can have, know and feel.

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