Murat’s Home?

Well not quite.  But close enough I suppose for an amateur.  But hold on these people are not amateurs they are supposed to be Portugal’s finest detectives.

Yes I bet you are wondering what the heck I am going on about, well Page 959 of the Police Files states the following:

959 – External diligence carried out in the OC 2007.05.11 – Map showing RM’s residence

The image comes from Processos Volume 4 Page 595

Now here is an image of Casa Liliana (Robert Murat’s Residence)

Now if you compare that image to this Google Map Image

Here is the same image with North being identical to the North on the PJ Files Picture.

You can see that the correct location is marked as the houses show the same shape and the exact location of where the swimming pool is and drive.

So please could somebody tell me why the Police Files have a different house marked as the residence of Robert Murat?  This would have gone completely unnoticed on my part if it had not been for a poster on Stop the Myths Forum who noticed this.  I wouldn’t have picked it up and I doubt many others would have either.

And it just goes to show another incompetence on the part of the Portuguese Police.

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