Bad News or Good News

Well apparently the anti-McCanns are up in arms again over this review.  According to Joana Morais she posted on Facebook (screenshot) and MCF, which has been copied to the Missing Madeleine forum the following:

Guys, I have bad news. I was already suspicious that this PJ review was nothing more than an exercise in PR, thus the re-start of the 2010 campaign “(removed as I won’t publicise it)“. This was mainly due to watching Pedro do Carmo, stating that Oporto’s PJ special unit had been working on a review for the past year.

Last night, a TV show, that I’m about to start translating, has confirmed that said costly “review” exercise, is based exactly on Scotland Yard’s motives – I’m afraid that both we, the Portuguese, and you, the British people, are just financing vain and meaningless PR exercises from both our police forces.

Keep signing, sharing the petition, we must pressure the Portuguese authorities for the case to be reopened.

So could someone please explain this to me, because I can’t see how this is bad news?  It can only be bad news for the people who want Madeleine McCann dead.  For me it is good news because it proves to me that after reviewing all the evidence both the PJ at Porto and Scotland Yard believe Madeleine to be abducted.  And as there has been no body found, there is a chance Madeleine McCann is still alive.  To me that is good news.

Good news in respect that hopefully the PJ and Scotland Yard will uncover that lead that can find Madeleine McCann and reunite her with her family, so that they can start to rebuild their lives together.  They know it will not be an easy road to take, but it is a far better road than the one they are on now, of not knowing where their missing daughter is.

But why I am I shocked, I shouldn’t be really because even yesterday, Pat Brown in her blog post made this comment because her metal detector didn’t bleep, flash and scream at her we have found a body.

If Maddie’s body were buried shallowly under the ground in a sports bag, metal rings attaching a strap or metal zippers (although zippers these days are almost all vinyl) could set off the metal detector. Unfortunately, it remained silent.

Friggin ghouls the bloody lot of them.


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  1. Could we, the public, demand a DNA test of a child said to be Madeleine when she is found

    • Demand a DNA test, what right does the public have to demand DNA tests of missing children? I am sure the Police will do the necessary, have you got children?  How would you feel if I or another member of the public demanded DNA tests from your children to prove they are yours or not?

  2. Absolutely no common sense Bren.  I wrote this last month on the wiki blog:-

    “In any such a situation, the sensible first step is to gather together all of the information and sort it all out.  Then you can look at what you have.  This is the most efficient way to make connections, identify contradictions, highlight any omissions and eliminate duplication.  Given the sheer magnitude of the Madeleine McCann case and its multi-national involvement, it has taken several months to do this and now Scotland Yard are at the stage where they are ready to clarify witness statements, fill gaps and further develop leads of interest.”

    The same would apply in Portugal.  Any new team would have to first review the existing files.  It would be completely irresponsible for any new person to start investigating without first reviewing the existing files.

    It is standard good practice.


  3. Yes Jayelles, but common sense and logic seem to go out of the window, especially if it involves investigating an abduction.  Seems to me as if they don’t want this child found alive.  Why is that?  

    Putting everything onto a computer, working closely together can only benefit the investigation.  Leaking things to the press, accusing the parents with no evidence, does nothing to help the investigation.  

    Again, one whole year they have been working together and Goncalo Amaral opens his mouth and the PJ have to come out and say what they have been doing.

    I will say it here and again, if for operational reasons they wanted to keep this quiet and Goncalo Amaral and Paiva (if his behaviour is confirmed) have jeopardised this investigation and bringing whoever harmed Madeleine to justice, I hope the PJ throw the book at these two.

  4. Bren yesterday this part of the remarks made by Pat Brown were the worst for me. “Unfortunately, it remained silent”. I found it difficult to understand why any woman would write that yet alone a so-called professional person. I found all that she wrote to be upsetting and very disrespectful both to the  deceased and to Madeleine McCann.

    The above, well what can we say about this except that the reason these people do not want this beautiful little to found, the real reason. It would let everyone see how wrong they all were all along. This is what this is about plain and simple. They do not wish to lose face and admit defeat.

    How sad is that?

    While we are hoping that the case is re-opened and clues followed up, sightings etc followed up and the have just the tiniest glimmer of hope that this little girl could actually be found and reunited with her family, these people are petrified of losing face.
    Well get this anti’s, this is not about you in any way, this is about a missing innocent little girl who needs to be found and brought home.

  5. Happyface you have hit the nail on the head.  They don’t want to lose face, and some of them don’t want this child found alive. How sad is that?

  6. It is sad Bren but also crazy. They should be locked up somewhere in straight jackets most of them.
    These are the people who call themselves the “truth seekers”, lol. They wouldn’t know the truth if they tripped over it frankly.

    For almost 5 years they have called Kate and Gerry McCann names I had never even heard of until I first visited the groups on face book and twitter. Their ridiculous theories of what may or may not have happened on that fateful night, have to be read to be believed quite honestly. One of them I actually sat with my mouth open, I was so shocked at what this person had written, it was a disgrace and really I wondered what kind of mind this person had .

    No two ways about this, this is about them thinking that they are right and not wanting to be proven wrong. They say they are the voice for Madeleine. Oh please God NO!  Some of the filth that comes from them and they claim to be the voice for Madeleine, THANKS BUT NO THANKS!!!

    Madeleine and her family have many thousands of  people out there willing to help them and who do actually support them and want nothing more than Madeleine to be found, what they do not need is the likes of the anti brigade claiming to be the voice for their missing child.

  7. Gerry stated to Ameral in an official police interview, that he didn’t pocess any credit cards, yet 2 weeks later he’s sating on his blog that his wallet was nicked containing his credit cards while on the telephone at the airport… any man that can lie in an official police statement isn’t worth supporting even if he had a million of his kids abducted!

    • Would you care to provide me with a link to the statement he made in the Official Police files, because I have searched Gerry’s 4th May 2007, 10th May 2007 and his arguido interviews and I can’t find where he mentions credit cards and that he doesn’t have any?

      It is people like you KaOssis that spread misinformation.  I will apologise if you provide me the link but I don’t think you can… and I don’t want a link to what Amaral says, blogs say, I require you to provide me with the link where Gerry says he has not credit cards.. many thanks.

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