How Dare You Pat Brown and PeterMac

I am disgusted at Pat Brown and PeterMac.  I am sitting here fuming and it is obviously going to be sensed in this post, but I have just read the latest Post from Pat Brown and she explains exactly what her and PeterMac were up to in Portugal (screenshot).

We have all lost someone we know and we have all grieved over the death of a loved one or a friend.  The last thing some people have is the grave of that person.  A place where you can go, be quiet and think of them.  Some people when in times of trouble even go to the grave of their loved one and speak to them, asking what they would do in a given situation.

People regularly attend the graves of their loved one and tender them with loving care. Unfortunately sometimes graves do become unattended because loved ones have died or family have moved.  But that still doesn’t give any one the right to go to that grave and disturb one little piece of dirt unless they are tending to the grave to plant flowers or tidy up the grave.

And most definitely nobody has the right to disturb a grave when they are on a ghoul tour.

You see that is what Pat Brown and PeterMac did.  Pat Brown says in her latest blog post, the following:

I did find a couple of graveyards on the outskirts of town which had curious possibilities in that inside the walls of these small cemeteries, there were quite a few graves with just a mound of dirt over the body rather than a concrete structure; some folks obviously lacked the money to pay for these nice amenities and had to bury their loved ones in a very simple fashion. When they came into more money, they could then top the grave site with a proper tombstone. In theory, if one could access such a location, one could bury a small body in an already dug grave, put back the displaced dirt and no one would be the wiser that the grave contained an extra corpse. Not a bad concept, but these graveyards appeared to be locked and monitored, so one would have to scale the walls to get in. Possible? Yes, but not probable.

She later then goes onto say this:

There are the remains of a fort and, nearby, odd mounds of soft dirt that actually already look like a set of graves. Retired British police officer, PM, and I brought out the metal detector and spade and investigated a number of them.

The metal detector found nothing. Since it was possible Maddie could have been buried in the oft-discussed missing sports bag, I was wanting to see if the detector would find any metal, metal that might be on that bag. If Maddie’s body were buried shallowly under the ground in a sports bag, metal rings attaching a strap or metal zippers (although zippers these days are almost all vinyl) could set off the metal detector. Unfortunately, it remained silent.

Then PM dug trenches across the mounds; we found nothing. Then we drove up to look at the cross we saw on the hill; it turned out to be a windsock. So much for the religious significance, although, if we thought it was a cross, so could Gerry.

“Look like a set of graves?”  So you found mounds of dirt that looked like graves and you disturbed them.  Have neither of you any respect for the deceased.  It doesn’t matter if these people were buried there last year or the year before or even centuries ago, it is their final resting place and they should be treated with respect.

You disgusting pair of ghouls, because that is all you are.  Bloody ghouls.  I do hope that someone in Portugal will report this, because, you as far as I am concerned, have between you desecrated graves. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour, you can’t even say you didn’t realise these mounds could be graves, because you stated above,“There are the remains of a fort and, nearby, odd mounds of soft dirt that actually already look like a set of graves.”

How dare you?

We have been mortified at the behaviour of certain factions in Libya recently when they attacked British and Commonwealth war graves.

Sorry but you are no better than these people… How dare you disturb possible graves?  And what do your followers think about the Titles Pat Brown and PeterMac the 21st Century Grave Desecraters.  Because that is what you are, it doesn’t matter how small the trench was, it doesn’t matter how shallow you dug, once you failed to walk away from places that looked like graves and left them in peace, you earned yourselves that title in my humble opinion.

You even try to justify your actions by this comment:

Then we drove up to look at the cross we saw on the hill; it turned out to be a windsock. So much for the religious significance, although, if we thought it was a cross, so could Gerry.

It is obvious you didn’t give one iota if that place held any religious significance, you just went ahead anway. You ghouls make me friggin sick.

And for all those that will defend these two despicable people, how would you feel if it was the final resting place of one of your ancestors that Pat Brown and PeterMac decided to dig up?


11 comments on “How Dare You Pat Brown and PeterMac

  1. If that was my sisters grave they would be in troubles for digging, disturbing her last resting place.

    They knew or suspected those were graves and yet they started digging?
    What would they have done if they’d found a body of a young child. report it to the PJ? And how would they have explained that they were digging up graves? 

    These stupid idiots were acting as if they were playing a game, treasure hunt.

    A pity they weren’t caught by a farmer, a gypsy, or someone else who wouldn’t take it lightly that they were desecrating graves.

  2. Cath it makes me feel sick.. There would be trouble if they even disturbed my pet graves yet alone a loved one.  What do these wannabes think, what macabre thoughts go through their heads?

    How can any person agree with this type of action… Bloody ghouls they are .. 

  3. To go digging around in what looks like a burial site is beyond outrageous.  I am speechless.  Every time it seems as though these people can plummet no further, they do just that.

  4. This does not happen often at all , but I am bloody speechless here, after reading this atrocity.
    Who do these people think they are to go digging about in this manner? These are graves of people, not animals. They are relatives of someone and yet they have the absolute gall to go poking around as though they were searching for old bits of metal.

    The bit that got to me the most…is this..If Maddie’s body were buried shallowly under the ground in a sports bag,
    metal rings attaching a strap or metal zippers (although zippers these
    days are almost all vinyl) could set off the metal detector.
    UNFORTUNATELY IT REMAINED SILENT!  What she is saying here is that unfortunately she did not find Madeleine’s body!!!!!
    Is she for real? What she is saying here in truth , is that she expects Madeleine to be dead, because that is how it sounds to me.

    Some of her blogs are really quite laughable but this latest one must be the most disrespectful one to date. Shame on you Pat Brown and shame on your helper, who really should have known better.  How you got away with this is beyond comprehension.

  5. There is nothing sacred to Patsy. We all know that and we shouldn’t be surprised at her antics. I feel physically ill thinking about what she and Peter Mac did. It’s all part and parcel for their cause. Damn ethics and morals. It’s all about them.  I agree with Happyface. What they have done is beyond despicable. It’s downright illegal in most countries to do what they did. AND… if they truly thought Madeleine was there, they were also disturbing a crime-scene. 

  6. I think Cath hits the nail on the head when she says that they behave as if they are playing a game. I think that many people have become desensitized after spending all of their waking hours on Fb and twitter, goading and attacking people. They dont think further than the instant gratification of the ‘good retort’ – never mind the consequences.Pat and her sidekick are just the same they don’t seem to be able to fully understand the many dimensions and depth of the humanity they disturb and upset with their sick little games. I dont think the woman sees this as more than a publicity seeking game. By the way, did this post come with pictures — or is this just the sick imaginings of a publicity seeking fraud? Really seems to me she didn’t have much to say while she was there did she.

  7. That woman really has gone too far, and to admit it publicly….. Absolutely disgusting. I hope copies of the post have been sent to the right people in Portugal? Pat Brown needs to get back in her clock and only come out when it strikes on the hour, she is pure and simply “Cuckoo”!!!Thanks Bren for bringing this to our attention

  8. Does one need permission to dig around on Archaeological/Heritage sites?
    What a despicable pair……….rooting around for a missing childs body!I’ll bet they retired to a Bar afterwards disappointed that they did not find anything, not relieved !They truly crossed the line this time. NEWSFLASH !! There is no evidence whatsoever that Madeleine McCann is deceased.

  9. Cat the woman is a bloody disgrace, she openly admits the mounts of dirt looked like graves to her, yet she had no hesitation in agreeing to PeterMac digging them.  She has no respect whatsoever for the dead?  And please how can anyone say “Unfortunately it remained silent” when referring to her metal detector not picking up what could be the possible location of Madeleine McCann.

    I really thought the correct phrase, even if she had to go that far (And I don’t approve of her antics looking for what could be Madeleine’s body) would have been, “Thank god it remained silent.”

    And to be honest, if she had thought she could have found the location of what could be a body, doesn’t she have a legal and moral duty to inform the Police instead of doing her own excavations?

    As I said Cat, they are friggin ghouls, the whole bloody lot of them.

  10. Shame on Pat Brown and her side kick, you don’t think she can sink any lower and then she does! This women needs to keep her sticky beak out of this and leave investigating to the professionals.

  11. Does anyone know the name of that man who laid down in front of Gerry and Kate’s car?
    Kate said she had picked up Gerry from the airport and on the way back this drunk had laid down in the middle of the road, it has been known for some kidnappers to want to be near to or look their victims eyes, enjoy their suffering so to speak, and why have they not said who he was?
    I believe Gerry even walked him back to his appartment so he would know where he lived.

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