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Yesterday news broke in CdeM about an Inspector in the PJ being blackmailed by a model who is apparently a man posting as a model.

CdeM writes:

One of the PJ inspectors who investigated the Maddie case was the victim of a trap on the Internet. The inspector Ricardo Paiva [the McCanns’ liaison officer during the investigation] spoke on Facebook with a woman who introduced herself as an American model, but the talks eventually ended up in the possession of the English media. The inspector was blackmailed, so these conversations were not made ​​public, and now is facing a disciplinary process concerning the breach of civil servant duty. The fake profile on Facebook may have been created by someone connected to the McCanns’ cause.

The PJ’s directorate already opened an inquest to the inspector: “An English newspaper is in possession of photos and cell phone messages from a PJ inspector and a North America woman”. In that material, the inspector in question identifies himself in that capacity [as an element of the PJ of Portimão] and says that he worked on the Madeleine McCann case. These two facts led to the opening of a disciplinary proceeding as soon as they were communicated to the PJ, confirmed a source from the PJ National Directorate.

As CM was able to find out, those conversations took place soon after the inspector made a comment in a McCann support group in the internet [Facebook]. After this, the inspector believes his computer was the target of an hacking attempt and even admits that some hacker has accessed illegitimately to his personal data.

Another hypothesis is that the profile is false and does not even belong to a woman. The photos that were sent may have been taken from the internet. In those conversations, the inspector has allegedly sent photographs of himself – one of them taken inside the premises of Portimão police.

The Sun last night broke the story and said:

It is claimed he begged the woman — a blonde model — to send him a photo and allegedly replied with an obscene image of himself.

Last night his Polícia Judiciária force confirmed it was investigating and had seized his computer. A source said: “They are checking the possibility Paiva’s Facebook page has been hacked.”

Inspector Paiva is also alleged to have leaked details of the bungled first police probe into Madeleine’s disappearance to the model.

It is obvious by some of the comments appearing on Facebook and elsewhere that some people think the McCann family are behind this. Seriously think about why would they be? What would they hope to achieve? Why would they risk their liberty and most of all the investigation into the disappearance of their daughter?  They simply wouldn’t.

Thinking about this logically the only conclusions I can come up with, at the moment, are these:

  • This is some person who is trying to make it look like the McCanns or the supporters of the McCanns are behind this.
  • This is someone who proclaims to be a supporter of the McCanns who really did not think things through and who really should have known better, and has done absolutely nothing other than harm the search for Madeleine.
  • This is a journalist who is trying to get an exclusive (which I doubt not after Leveson).
  • This could even be the Polícia Judiciária themselves, after hearing the evidence at Leveson trying to find out who was leaking information to the PT Press during the initial investigation under Goncalo Amaral and the press have got hold of it and twisted the story.
  • This is a person who wants to hog the limelight and doesn’t care what implications their actions have on the search for Madeleine.

All I will say about this, is one thing, this has done nothing for the search for Madeleine and whoever is behind this really does need to come clean and apologise to the McCann family for causing harm to the search of their daughter.

Madeleine doesn’t need this and neither do the McCanns.  And whoever is playing games on the internet really needs to wise up to the fact that this isn’t about them or anyone else, this happens to be about about finding a missing child.

If it emerges this story is true and Ricardo Paiva did reveal details of the investigation, then I don’t have no sympathy for him, first and foremost he was a Police Officer and should have known full well what he could and could not say. If he allowed himself to be put into a position of blackmail then he only has himself to blame.  He could have gone straight to the PJ and told them he had been a flaming idiot and exactly what has happened.  Ricardo Paiva is big enough and old enough to know better.

Because at the moment the serious question I am asking is this; if someone did try to even find out if the PJ were leaking things and did target Ricardo Paiva, then instead of going to the Press and plastering it all over the papers, why didn’t they go to Scotland Yard with the evidence and let the PJ conduct a review into the matter away from the press’ eyes instead of running to the Press?

Seriously whoever is behind this, how did they think it was helping find Madeleine McCann?


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  1. Bren, I had EXACTLY  the same possibilities in mind. Uncanny. 

    I had thought of one other variation. 

    If there’s a grey cloud looming, a strategy may be to concentrate public attention on a potential tornado.  By the time it is revealed that the “tornado” was a false alert, the grey cloud will have been forgotten. If you get my drift… 

    • A good possibility Carana, I really can’t believe anyone would be as stupid to try to entrap a Police Officer.  FFS don’t they think what would happen, because eventually all will become clear.

  2. This is a disgrace and shows no respect for the little girl who is missing.

    Reading what is going around the internet, Kate McCann is getting the blame for this, well she would have to have been an idiot to be involved in this and not for one minute do I believe that she would even know about this let alone be involved.

    Whoever did this should hang their heads in shame. They must have known that the McCann’s would be blamed for this. What I really want to know is, how the hell does any of this help Madeleine McCann?

    • Exactly Happyface it doesn’t do a thing to help find Madeleine McCann.  All it has done is create more smears for the McCann family… Bloody disgraceful behaviour from whoever is behind this.

    • I agree Happyface it is a disgrace. I have absolutly no sympathy for the man. This should be seen as a case of “What Goes Around Comes Around”….. Great blog Bren

  3. Whether hacked in the end or not, Paiva was a total idiot for getting involved with a bunch of social misfits posting on Facebook as McCann haters.

    And whoever is behind this recent completely disgraceful episode is a moron, no other word I can think of to describe the kind of fool who thinks this is helpful in the case of a missing child.

  4. I’m not going to jump to conclusions. He could be the victim of some silly game. However, I think he would have been wiser to totally dissociate his private life from his professional one. 

  5. Looking around the various forums and blogs, I see Jayelles is being accused of being Justine Spencer and again speculation is being left that Jayelles could be involved in this Paiva escapade, well I know for a fact Jayelles is definitely NOT Justine Spencer, and they live totally different ends of the Country to each other. 

    I have the utmost respect for Jayelles, they have treated me with respect and courtesy and I know for a fact that Jayelles does not play games, especially sick internet games like this. What Jayelles does is refute speculation, innuendos and suppositions with facts. She will prove a myth to be nothing but a myth and she does this by providing evidence, something some people don’t want to even address yet alone accept. 

    Yes, Jayelles is a threat, a threat to any person who hinges their argument on speculation, because you see Jayelles, is neither abusive nor offensive in the way she provides the facts to prove that the other person’s thinking is both illogical and flawed. She will produce facts to bust myths and she would never do anything that could harm the search for a missing child.

    This is wrong, whoever is behind is putting other people in the frame and as much as I don’t like David Bret, if he played no part in this, then it is wrong to accuse him or even try to pin the blame on him.

    Games like this do NOT help find a missing child and they definitely don’t help the McCanns in keeping their daughter’s profile in the media spotlight. Kate and Gerry McCann wish to find their daughter, I suspect the last thing they would want is for any one to jeopardise that search and the media to concentrate on them and others and not concentrated on where it should be, on Madeleine McCann and finding her.

  6. Well said Bren, agree with all that you say.

  7. So according to Joana Morais on Facebook his computer was hacked after he wrote that message on the Justice4Maddie Facebook page.

    Joana Andrea Morais Carolina,
    his computer and mobile were hacked after he made a comment in a McCann
    support page, you’re just adventuring an hypothesis without knowing the
    facts, not even the article explains the timings of the hacks; Anna,
    RP was a teacher of the English language, if you compare what he wrote
    as a liaison officer that is in the case files and then what was written
    in here his skills are excellent. As to what he posted here I have to
    agree that was out of character, specially because JS had on twitter
    defamed him, Gonçalo Amaral, and the whole of the PJ. The case, once
    again, is being reviewed, it has not been reopened. It might be if.. and
    if… and if..

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