Carter Ruck replies

And it is not good news for Pattie and her cease and desist letter.  You know the letter, the one that good altered so many times, it became a standing joke. Well apparently it eventually found it’s way to Carter Ruck in London, whether it was via Isabel Duarte who is the McCanns Portuguese lawyer, is yet to be determined, but it got there.

And guess what, Carter Ruck told her basically to Go forth And Multiply.. No the  McCanns are not going to give her permission to have the book back on Amazon for her to sell.

No this is not gossip, this is not forum myth, this is out of Pattie’s own mouth.

The whole show can be heard here at ScaredMonkeys

And just a few corrections:

  • Madeleine McCann is not named Madeleine McConn (full interview at roughly 24.17) (Clip).
  • Amaral is being sued for 1.2 million not 1.5 million.
  • And it happens to be in euros not dollars.

But it is nice to hear Pattie say she doesn’t blame the McCanns for getting her book pulled.

However the way she is trying to promote her new e-book I would say she has given up trying to make money out of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, I suppose it didn’t rake in the dollars like she expected.  So she will concentrate on her new novel and promoting it whenever and wherever she can.



5 comments on “Carter Ruck replies

  1. Where are the Shock, Horror, Puke Smilies?  If you please.

    • Sabot I truly wish Disqus had them LOL. It makes you feel sick listening to her.  I can’t blame the McCanns for getting the book pulled and in the next breath discussing with Anne Bremner what action they should take next.

      If people can’t see through her after this they never will… she is all about the bloody money.

  2. I am a bit busy at the moment, Bren, watching a catch up of Hotel Babylon on YouTube.  Riveting by comparison.  But I will listen to her very third rate Radio Thingy the next time I can’t sleep and need to throw up because I have got indigestion.
    She has her uses.  Cheaper than buying Indigestion Medicine.

  3. I cannot even be bothered to listen to her crap. It’s time out of my busy life I cannot get back. Everyone knows she’s about the money, but it’s quite sad how transparent she is about it. She’s a middle-aged hag trying to whore herself. Pathetic. 

  4. I take it that none of the ones who hero worship her, know about this yet? Haha this will cause an uproar amongst them. I hope they discuss it on twitter where they tear the McCann’s apart on a daily basis, and then we can point and laugh at them. The McCann’s have every right to have her book pulled from Amazon.

    Thanks for sharing Bren, brought the spark to a rather dull evening lol.

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