Leaks or breaches

The choice is yours.  But one thing I know someone, somewhere has either leaked information, breached Judicial Secrecy or knows diddley squat.

Yes I know you are wondering what the heck I am on about, well this is it.  In an interview with Carlos Saraiva for the Weekly “The Crime” Thursday, March 1, 2012 (pages number 12 and 13 ), Goncalo Amaral says this in reply to one of the questions.

Do you have any expectation for this process?

The only expectation is that we will win the action, because there are no facts or matters of action. The action of the McCanns is inept. And all this causes great despair in his illustrious lawyer, who feels the need to move forward with a campaign of disinformation and defamation against me. You should not forget what has been said, because by that will respond in court.

As you know, Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered re-evaluate the research in England about the disappearance of Maddie. How do you assess that decision, admitting that the British hardly have access to research in Portugal?

The decision of the Prime Minister has been misrepresented. The McCanns have spoken of a reassessment of the “sightings” of the child. But what is known is that Scotland Yard, appointed to review all research, has put aside the pseudo-sightings focusing on the process that is filed. The elements of the Scotland Yard have been working with a research team from Porto (Porto because the Algarve and Lisbon had been involved), and what is known is that the “thing” is not going very well for the side of McCann .

Now the bit I am interested in is the bit highlighted in bold.  You see Goncalo Amaral left the PJ in June 2008, Scotland Yard did not start investigating until May 2011, so how does he know that the investigation is not going the McCanns way.

I have three options, these being:

  1. He is bullshitting, and trying to scare the McCanns and he knows absolutely nothing;
  2. He has been interviewed by Scotland Yard as he was the original investigator and has breached Judicial secrecy or;
  3. The PJ still leaks like a sieve.

Now which one is it?  That is the burning question.  I am opting for number 1.


4 comments on “Leaks or breaches

  1. Can we have a vote? And can we vote for more than one.

    I think its part of number 1, a lot of number 3 and all of number 4. (Oh and there’s a chance that number 2 is in there somewhere.

    So I order them as


  2. I go for #1. The guy is a known perjurer. He’s lied under oath FGS. How anyone can believe  a word he says is beyond me. 

    • So do I Megan, his rants lately reek of desperation.  He seems to bitter and resentful towards the family of a missing child.  It is absolutely unbelievable, how he is conducting himself lately.. no dignity whatsoever.

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