Madeleine is probably alive

Gerry McCann stood outside the Lisbon Court on January 13th 2010 and spoke about about why he had to return to the UK and about the trial.

A video has been uploaded to youtube stating that Gerry McCann says Madeleine is Dead.  Well I am not going to deny that because he does. BUT he does not say it in the context that the youtube user wants you to believe.

Here is the offending video, which has been taken totally out of context

Now here is the part in which Gerry used that term ‘Madeleine is dead’, actually he says that the evidence points to the fact that Madeleine is probably alive.

Big difference isn’t there?  Here is the full video of that interview.


5 comments on “Madeleine is probably alive

  1. That edited video is so pathetic, and can’t even be classified as a joke, not even from someone with a totally sick sense of humour.
    Why do they do these things?  Everyone, even the sickos know that Gerry never said that as a fact.
    So why bother?  What on earth do they expect to accomplish?  They only serve to prove how sick minded Amaral is.

  2. Sabot, I don’t know why they do these things… But to me it seems as if they have to enforce Amaral’s thesis at all costs and use whatever they can to bash the parents.  

    Look at the uproar because the BBC thought he said “F*ck the McCannns”, the anti’s were demanding apologies and god knows what else, and there they are doing exactly the same thing.

  3. That is one of the clearest examples that people like TTW4 and other people who hound the McCann family have  no concept of truth. That is just a stinking lie. Everyone can see that the person who has deliberately spent time creating that disgusting video is just a liar. There is no effort to portray the actual truth, just a vicious intention to make it look as if Gerry McCann said something that everyone can see he never said.

    It is quite sickening to think that there are people whose only desire is to post such a horrid lie about the father of a missing child.  What kind of sickness causes the person who made that video to behave like that and to post it on a public site? I suspect that only a psychiatrist could truly answer that question.

  4. That’s the bit that gets me about all of this nonsense. These antis take a video, doctor it and then show it to all  and sundry, letting them think that their version of the video is the real McCoy.
    No wonder so many people are against the McCanns with poinsonous people like them going around.
    The biggest laugh is that the anti’s actually believe what they say is right and everyone else is wrong.

    The McCann’s believe that their daughter is alive and no-one has the right to point the finger of blame at them nor have they they right write off Madeleine as a child of the past.

  5. He has taken what Gerry said totally out of context. What exactly is the purpose? Some form of “art”?

    Some people really seem to want her to be dead. Why?

    Perhaps some of these people should take a trip to some of the world’s troubled zones and lose contact for a while. 

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