Ramp up the Hatred

And what do you get?  You get a situation where somebody who has nothing to do with a case could actually lose their live because someone mistakes them for another person.

A professional profiler will never need the likes of Nancy Grace and CNN to get work, they will be well respected in their field by other professionals, like Police Departments and the FBI (in American) and Scotland Yard (in the UK). They will have no problems getting work and they definitely won’t need to try to earn an income by spouting their mouths off on day time TV.

Their reports will remain confidential and if they do ever discuss a case on TV or in a documentary they will make sure that their reporting is factual, unbiased and will not bring their profession into disrepute.

In my opinion, when a so-called profiler tweets things like this:

It just goes to show people how unprofessional  they are.

Irrespective of what you think of Casey Anthony, she was found not guilty and therefore she has the right to protection and privacy.

You only have to read some of Pat Brown’s tweets about Casey Anthony to see how much hate she has for Casey Anthony.  For example:

Now that is only a selection, and you can sense the hatred in those tweets, and you only have to watch her TV appearances and listen to Pat Browns Blog Talk Radio appearances to hear her hatred for Casey Anthony.  Before I am accused of defending Casey Anthony I am not, what I am highlighting is this. If people like Pat Brown can ramp up their hatred on National TV for the likes of Casey Anthony, they are in effect putting Casey Anthony at risk from attack.

Whether you like it or not, Casey Anthony has the right to be classed as innocent and the right to protection from vigilantes.  Perhaps if the prosecution had never set the bench mark so high that the jury were asked to send her to her death, then maybe there would have been another verdict.

But one thing that the likes of Pat Brown and her cahoots do is ramp up so much hatred that some people over step the mark and take the law into their own hands with dire consequences, even to the point where an innocent person is targeted and nearly killed.

This woman was mistaken for Casey Anthony, the only thing she had in common with Casey Anthony is that her daughter’s name is Caylee.

As I said no professional would conduct themselves on Twitter and Facebook like Pat Brown does.  No professional would want blood on their hands because of the way they conducted themselves that it lead to an innocent person being harmed.  Maybe Pat Brown did not tell Shireen Nalley to harm Sammay Blackwell in Oklahoma but her comments on Casey Anthony leave a lot to be desired and feed a person’s hated for someone.

Pat Brown is not even content with ramping up the hatred with Casey Anthony in America, she has decided to cross the pond to poke her nose in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and again she is trying to cause as much hatred as she can for the family of Madeleine McCann.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/ProfilerPatB/status/155070522047209473″%5D

Cyberbullyingreport.com says:

Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, and the rest of the media need to stop stalking her, stop talking about her, and focus on things that actually offer something of value to society before more innocent people get attacked for looking worthless.

That includes you Pat Brown.  And the above was written in connection to Casey Anthony but it also applies to the McCann family.


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  1. Well Bren I thought that I could be shocked no further, how wrong was I? I knew that Pat Brown tweeted and was interfering in a case which has nothing to do with her, considering she is not even British, but some of the comments made about the Casey Anthony case are criminal imo. Just who does this woman think she is?

    How can this woman even be considered professional in any sense, if this is how she behaves?
    She went to Portugal to “search” for someone else’s little girl but could not just bring back her findings and hand them over to the only people  who should be doing the investigating, oh no she had to go on twitter and face book to give her followers a complete run down of who she met, had her pics taken with and what she had to eat!!! What did any of that have to do with searching for a missing child?

    She then came up with her cock and bull scenario of what she thinks happened the night that Madeleine McCann went missing, in other words rubbish.

    She is out to make $$$$$ for herself here and to have even more hatred plied on to the McCanns.
    A professional she is not but an abysmally poor excuse for a Criminal Profiler she certainly is.

  2. Oh AnnB, you should have seen her tweets when the verdict came through… They were disgusting what she was saying about the American Judicial system and the jurors.  She was basically calling them stupid, saying you wouldn’t ask 12 members of the public to do a medical diagnosis so why ask a jury to understand medical/forensic evidence.

    What she failed to understand is that the Jury were being asked to send a woman to her death.  The prosecution set the bench-mark far too high, they never gave an alternative for the jury to consider.  It was either send Casey Anthony to her death by delivering a guilty verdict or if you had an element of doubt deliver a not guilty verdict.

    If the prosecution had offered the jury another alternative to the death penalty then I am sure the verdict would have been different.

    I wrote a post about it here, if you with to read AnnB


  3. Hey Bren
    Thanks for that. I am actually fairly new to face book etc. Maybe around one year, so Pat Brown was unknown to me before then and even after Casey’s trial.
    Knowing what I know about her now I am not a bit surprised to hear what you have to say about her.

    She is what I call a loose cannon a very dangerous one at that in my opinion.

    I will go and read the link you left for me, and thank  you for that too.

    I thoroughly enjoy your blogs Bren, as you make a lot of sense unlike some whom I will not mention, although I am sure you know who I am meaning.

  4. Hi Bren,

    Another brilliant blog article and one which raises a very valid point – that of hatred and mistaken identity. 

    Remember last year or the year before when one of Jamie Bulger’s killers was in trouble again?  It brought the case back into the headlines and there were vigilante attacks on a completely innocent man – because of internet rumours which wrongly claimed he was one one of Jamie’s killers.  Most people wouldn’t act out in this situation, but you have the crazies who don’t need much of an excuse for violence and these people have neither self-restraint not the intelligence to check their facts first.  If X says Y is a child killer, that’s all the justification the crazy needs.  Moreso if X is on TV.

    Can you imagine how terrifying that must be for the victim?  Most cases of mistaken identity don’t have tragic consequences because most are not fuelled by hate.  Howevr, when you read some of the dreadful comments written by some of the Internet crazies of what they’d like to do to the object of their hatred, I think it’s only a matter of time before there is a real tragedy – even worse if it gets carried out against an innocent lookalike. 

    And because of the very nature of the Internet, the rumours never go away.  Instead they get recycled constantly with long discredited “facts” popping up over and over again.

    There are laws against inciting hatred in the UK but I really don’t know or understand how it works in the US.  Take that Nancy Grace – Trenton Duckett’s mother fiasco, if that had happened in the UK, losing her job would only have been her first issue.

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