Every day in our lives we make choices.  Some things we like and some things we don’t.  For instance we could go years, wrenching at the thought of having to eat a Brussel Sprout and then one day we could be sitting at a table and we fancy something we have spent our lives hating and upon tasting that sprout we could find we like the taste, the texture which leads us to changing our opinions on sprouts forever. No more will we be hiding them under something  else on that plate or sneaking them under the dinner table to the dog who doesn’t give a damn what goes down his throat.

Every day we watch things on the TV and form opinions, these opinions can change, at any given time.  Is that wrong?  Of course not, to be blinkered into one opinion, means you are not being open minded. If you refuse to keep your mind open then you are closing your mind and you are allowing your judgements to be clouded on many things.

And one of the worst things any person can do is to allow themselves to  think down one path only and to close one’s mind to new evidence that may be presented and to ignore its value.  And one of the worst things any person can do is to take what another person says as gospel, without checking out what they are saying and whether there is validity in what they say.

For instance another person can’t twist and manipulate a summary or conclusion to suit their own theory and then you if you fail to check it yourself will believe the wrong information given.  If something is only suggestive then no matter how much they try to word it, it is still only suggestive.  Some people in their desire to make others believe things will change the context of what is being said and will pass of their interpretation as fact.   And even more sinisterly, try to hide the truth by refusing to speak honestly and if necessary tell lies in order to conceal the truth, especially if they are trying to protect the integrity of a person who has an unsavoury past, especially if that person has been convicted of a crime.

If a forensic report comes back and says the results are inconclusive, it doesn’t matter how many times you rewrite it or re-read it, the forensics report is still inconclusive.

Wars have been fought and wars have been won and lost and have cost countless lives and what do we go to war over, our right for democracy and to defend that right to democracy. Hand in hand with democracy comes our right to form our own opinions without a dictatorship telling us what to think and what to believe.

Democracy means we can change our minds without fear of repression.  It is a person’s given right and prerogative to be able to change their opinion.  An individual might one minute decide to be a staunch Labour supporter and they hold these beliefs and opinions for years, but then something comes along to change that opinion, maybe it is in the form of policy or leadership but it could lead them to supporting another Political party and abandoning the Party they have spent those many years supporting,

Is that a crime?  Most definitely not, that is freedom of choice and democracy.

If a person decides to change their political views does the opposing party have the right to demand their reasoning as to why they changed their opinion?  No they don’t because that is what freedom of expression means and freedom to exercise our rights.   Our forefathers fought and died for us to have our freedoms and one freedom we all have is that we don’t have to justify to any other person why we changed our opinion on any given subject.

Nobody has the right to demand to know why a person changes their opinion, because you see it is sod all to do with them to put it bluntly.  Pointing out something is not factual or is a myth is one thing.  To point out an error is not classed as enforcing our beliefs onto someone.  To show someone a fact or to ask a question about what they are saying is not the same as demanding to know why a person holds that opinion.  You are questioning the points they are presenting as evidence not their beliefs.

I am a firm believer that if you change your mind and you have got things so wrong, put your hands up admit you changed your mind.  You do not have to justify your reasons for changing your opinion to anyone.

So the truth is I don’t and I won’t justify to any person who sees it fit to persecute the parents of a missing child why I changed my opinion.  If you want to continue posting myths about this case I will continue to post the facts.  Whether you change your opinion is down to you, I can’t force you but maybe if you did start to read the files and did your research you might find that you too will also change your opinion.

I am not proud of my past and the way I conducted myself but I am not going to be deterred from supporting a family who have a missing child and neither am I going to justify my reasoning for supporting this family to every person who finds it nothing but a game to persecute the parents of any missing child.

I read the files, like I said, I did my research and I read the files properly, not the bits I wanted to read but the bits that point me to the opinion that I hold today with regards to the McCann case.  Madeleine McCann is a findable missing child and I am of the firm opinion that her parents and their friends played no part in her disappearance.

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