Pattie – Do you read what you post?

Right let us have a little trip back to Saturday the day she blogged about the Shutters in Apartment 5A.  No point denying it Pattie, even though you changed the date of your post as reported in this blog post, nothing gets away from the fact that the Shutters COULD be opened from the outside.

So why did you say this in the Algarve123 article.

 how the shutter and window would be impossible to open from the outside;

Here is the video once again

Now Pattie if you were a true professional and you were investigating what really happened to Madeleine McCann you would have got PM to try to open those shutters as quietly as he could.  Yet there he is making the rattling those shutters to make the most noise he could.

Now one more thing, he tried those shutters, and he didn’t do it quietly but still nobody called the Police.  Nobody came out to find out what you and PM were up to.  And this was in broad daylight.

So what does that prove?  People don’t pay much attention to the sound of shutters being raised or lowered.  And your comment in the Algarve123 contradicts the very blog post where you posted that video.

So if the residents and holidaymakers there were not paying much attention to you standing on balconies snapping with a compact and PM playing with the shutters, it proves beyond a shadow of doubt, that an abductor could have tried to gain entry via that way and nobody would have known or paid much attention.

You really are being a dumb broad if you think people are going to believe your unprofessional ramblings.

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