Pattie Dear – They Never Fled


The worst thing for any high profile case is when people spread rumours, class them as fact and others believe what they write.  Yes in an ideal world, I love to ignore the likes of Pat Brown and her inaccurate ramblings, but I can’t.  Simply because to ignore her ramblings would mean that her myths and inaccurate comments are not being put right.

People unfortunately don’t do their own research, they don’t check to see if what someone is saying is true.  They just take it as fact.  And as Pat Brown appears on CNN and beside Nancy Grace (and don’t get me going about that woman after what she said about Whitney Houston and Melinda Duckett) people foolishly take their word as gospel.

Anyway in this Algarve123 article which can be read here (screenshot), she says:

We have a situation here where there are two parents who have refused to cooperate fully with a police investigation – who have refused to answer questions, who have changed their stories and fled from jurisdiction – but who have then taken their story – in the way they want us to believe it – to the media, asking people to donate money to fund a search for a child who, statistically-speaking, is almost certainly dead!

I wonder how the parents of Natascha Maria Kampusch, Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Lee Duggard, Steven Stayner  and many others feel about Pat’s words.  These are children who were abducted and were found alive.

And as for this fleeing the Country well let us put a stop to that myth once and for all.

The McCanns rented a villa from the 1st July 2007 to the 29th August 2007 from Winkwoths

On Monday the 27th August 2007 they were told that they had to vacate the villa by the 11th September, 2007, again the files confirm this because there is an invoice for those dates dated 29th August 2007.

Kate McCann writes in her book talking about what happened on Monday 27th August 2007:

As it happened, however, the very same day we learned that we would need to vacate our villa by 11 September – news that put a different complexion on matters and forced Gerry and me to tackle this difficult and emotionally charged issue.  We could have rented somewhere else in Praia da Luz, of course, but it would have been a lot of hassle for not much gain if we were intending to leave before long anyway.

So it is evident that Kate McCann and her family were talking and planning the return to their home in Rothley.  Of course they could not stay in Portugal for ever.  Gerry had a job that he had to return to some time or other and of course there was the issue of income.  Nobody can live on fresh air.  And we know from Kate’s book that as from July her and Gerry were NOT receiving any income from their employers

Kate even goes on to say that Bob Small notified the PJ that they were planning to leave and on Monday 3rd September Alan Pike was in Praia da Luz helping the McCanns with their preparations to return to the UK and how they were coping with the recent issues of what was being said in the press about Madeleine being dead etc.

Kate then tells you, this about the afternoon of the 3rd September 2007:

At 4.30pm Ricardo arrived with a female colleague and the forms Gerry needed to complete.  After his colleague left with the paperwork, Ricardo asked if we had any queries he could answer.  ‘Do you have any information for us?’ I inquried.

He clarified with us the date of our planned departure back to the UK and told us that the PJ wanted to ‘interrogate’ me on Wednesday and Gerry on Thursday.  We’d waited almost four weeks for these interviews and it was obvious they had been hastily arranged once Bob Small notified the PJ that we would be leaving the country.

Kate then tells you about what happened on the 8th September, the day after they were made Arguidos:

Saturday 8 September.  We were on tenterhooks all day, waiting to hear whether we would be allowed to go home.  Rachael had found a couple of criminal lawyers in London she was sure could help us.  Michael Caplan and Angus McBride of Kingsley Napley had worked on several high-profile cases, including the Pinochet extradition proceedings and the Stevens Inquiry.  Gerry gave them a call.  They discussed Madeleine’s case in detail, what had happened so far and how Kingsley Napley might be able to assist us.  Meanwhile, we tried to rein in family and friends from speaking any further to the press.  Enough had been said and we were very concious that we – and Madeleine- were at the mercy of the Portuguese judicial system.  Being overly critical at this delicate point could, and probably work against us all.

Late that afternoon, we were notified by Liz Dow, the British consul in Lisbon, that Luís Neves and Guilhermino Encarnação had declared us ‘free’ to leave the country whenever we wished,  Thank you, God.

On the advice of the lawyers, we decided to get out as soon as possible.  We would go the next day rather than leaving it until Monday.

So Pat Brown, they never fled the Country like criminals on the run, they were given the go-ahead by the PJ that they could leave and they used their common sense and took their lawyers advice and left as soon as they could.  Which you would have done and so would I have done if we were in their shoes.

Why Pat Brown are you spreading so much misinformation as you are about this case?

Why Pat Brown are you not using the files correctly, because if you did you would have seen the villa rental agreement for the 1st – 11th September renting was dated, before they were made arguidos?

You have stated you have read Kate McCann’s book but again you have missed the part where they sat on tenterhooks waiting to be told they could go home, why are you trying to tarnish the reputation of the parents of a missing child like you are?

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